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  1. How Will I Be Helping

    Yes! That's exactly it!
  2. Cool MC PFP Maker

    Hi, I found this really cool website on which you can make a Minecraft PFP. I recommend you check it out here: http://minecraftskinavatar.com/ Exemples of PFPs:
  3. QnA

    Hey! I will be doing a small QnA. Just comment your questions and I will answer them in the next post.
  4. Redstone

    I am quite good at redstone but I do have good ideas. I know how to make lots of stuff with redstone.
  5. My RP character Bio

    Name: Bianca Age: 19 Hobbies: Drawing, playing minecraft, reading, pranking, crafting... Does not like: Unrespectful people, annoying people... Likes: Her friends, school, her mini-job...
  6. Steam Sunday

    I have a few questions about steam sunday. - How Does It work? - I have steam, do I need to re apply to join the steam group?
  7. Resource Packs

    Hey I just found this really cool website that gives us acces to resource packs. If any of you are interested, here is the link: https://www.topminecraftmods.com/resource-packs/
  8. How Will I Be Helping

    Well, I will be helping in a lot of stuff. I will probably make a train station that travels in all the world and I will also do things for users. I will maybe do pranks (if it is allowed) but that dont include TNT, unless it is very far away from any bases.
  9. Building Plans

    So I am a really great builder and redstoner and I have plenty of ideas for the servers. Ideas such as: - Shops - Appartments or Hotels - A survival Bunker (just for fun) - A Community Bank Or Storage - More that i am going to think of So yeah again I hope that i will get accepted into the SMP. Goooodbyyyyye!!!!!