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  1. HiromiMC

    What is your favorite style of building?

    I usually like rustic stuff despite that fact that I'm pretty bad at roofs.
  2. HiromiMC

    What Minecraft Videos Do You Watch?

    I watch Grian for Evolution SMP and building tips a lot. I also really like Technoblade. He doesn't do survival, but he's really funny and it's fun for me to watch someone who's actually good at PvP.
  3. HiromiMC


    I really like the medieval city idea! I'm not the best at building, but if I get accepted I would be willing to help. Something I would like to do on the server is probably make some kind of evil lair. I've always liked doing things like that on servers.
  4. HiromiMC

    Do Any of You Have Pets?

    I have a five year old black lab, german shepherd, boxer mix named Rocco. So that's neat.
  5. HiromiMC

    Go to topping on pizza?

    I don't really like pizza that much, but when I do eat it probably pepperoni.
  6. HiromiMC

    what's your favorite soda?

    Probably Dr. Pepper, Crystal Pepsi (It feels more healthy to me for some reason), and any kind of Root Beer.