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  1. SH4D0W


    I am a builder, I was apart of several build teams until my build work was done and wasn't needed anymore.
  2. SH4D0W

    Favorite Movie

    My personal favorite movie would have to be The Hit-man's Bodyguard. I'm not too big on movies, i mostly enjoy videos, but i did go see this movie when it came out and i would have to say that it was hilarious!
  3. SH4D0W

    Record noteblocks onto record discs?

    I think it's a great idea! In the past i tried to automate jukeboxes by making them play the same disc over and over, but hoppers don't seem to work with jukeboxes since i last tested them. Maybe a way for us to automate jukeboxes would be a pretty neat idea?
  4. My favorite version is 1.5, it added a ton of redstone options and new concepts. My least favorite is probably 1.3, i feel it didn't really add anything too exciting.
  5. SH4D0W

    Go to topping on pizza?

    I like a good old fashioned pepperoni, but sometimes i like a meat lover's pizza with mushrooms added on.
  6. SH4D0W

    Breakfast Foods

    Breakfast is kind of a hard choice, I suppose waffles and chicken is pretty good.
  7. SH4D0W

    All Time Favorite Video Game (Excluding MC)

    My favorite video game would have to be Pokemon Red, as that was the very first video game that i ever played.
  8. You don't have to label every game in your library, just your most played games. for me i'd have to go with, PUBG, CS:GO, 7 days to die, and ARK.
  9. SH4D0W

    Do you play any musical instruments?

    I've been playing the drums since i was around 4, and play almost everyday if I can.