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  1. miraxtseos

    card games

    i am playing with my friedns board games and stuff like that so this will be fun too i think so !
  2. miraxtseos


    what type of biomes are u found about now ?
  3. miraxtseos

    outdoors activites

    what u are used to do in your free time (exept minecraft) i used to go fro swim in a pool near my house!
  4. miraxtseos


    i think that must be fun .I would love to check it out from close
  5. miraxtseos


    i would love to play minigames and UHC i love uhc and its very fun
  6. miraxtseos

    nether hub

    are u guys intersted for a nether hub?
  7. miraxtseos


    i have a question what type of buildings are the server intresting for and also can we make like markets in the "hub" if its one?