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  1. NikeNeonNitro

    Favorite Movie

    Yeah, that's probably true. Arbitrary "oh no the light must save it oh no darkness is bad." usually doesn't make for good movies.
  2. NikeNeonNitro

    What steam games do you play?

    Surprised to see nobody had replied to this thread yet... For me I play CS:GO the most, then followed by COD: BO3 and WaW (only for custom zombies though, I don't mess with cod multiplayer on pc.)
  3. NikeNeonNitro

    Favorite Movie

    Yeah, that was the last one I've watched. I've fallen out of Pokemon movies recently. Well really I guess I haven't seen a lot of them.
  4. NikeNeonNitro

    Favorite Movie

    I'm also not that into movies, (I literally only see movies when I go out with you, Bz) so because of that my favorites would probably be the movies that I enjoyed the most when I was younger. Basically that would be all the original Pokemon movies. So like Pokemon 1st movie, 2000, 3, 4-Ever. All those.