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  1. What steam games do you play?

    @RashE (IrashiHeart) damn now im a little bit jealous
  2. What steam games do you play?

    @RashE (IrashiHeart) yesss rash you my smite buddy mkay thats like one of my fav games just i play it on consol not pc
  3. Favorite Movie

    @AverySD i completely forgot i wanted to see dope! thanks for the reminder :3 do you recommend it?

    this is awesome everyone ^^ as soon as i finish building a little starter base i cant wait to start building with other players too ooo man im so excited!
  5. Apply to join the Kingdom of Kingstone!

    awesome! thanks a lot vluxed very helpful <3
  6. as you can tell by my profile... i like cats :3

  7. Apply to join the Kingdom of Kingstone!

    i havent yet been accepted to the server but i was wondering if theres other kingdoms like this? does the community do this often, creating smaller communities within itself? if so i think thatd be very fun with opportunities for kingdoms to battle each other and otherwise compete in competitions. if not, you can bet im making my own kingdom with myself as queen!

    hi guys! i myself very much enjoy the building gameplay within minecraft, and i was wondering who in this community is a builder as well i especially love terraforming, sky islands, castles, and cozy cabins ^^ let me know what yall have to say id love to learn more about this community <3
  9. All Time Favorite Video Game (Excluding MC)

    how could anyone pick just one?!? ill just say what ive been playing the most lately tho- smite i really love how smite uses deities, gods, as well as other important people/animals within different cultures religions and regions to fight as. currently my best character is Arachne, just got a godlike achievement with her! other games i like are warframe and i just finished pokemon moon, but these are just a few games out of so many i love!
  10. Go to topping on pizza?

    ive gotta say a little bit of cheese, some cheese, some extra cheese and maybe some cheese. ...oh and pineapple
  11. What steam games do you play?

    i dont play too often on my steam simply because i dont have the best wifi neither do i have the best laptop but some of my more often played games are the forest, niche, and the left for dead games. i used to play warframe a lot but i found i enjoy it more when im playing it on my xbox
  12. Favorite Movie

    fantastic mr fox ^^ interesting animation style with jokes that work perfect with my humor, a movie all can enjoy :3