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  1. Birgutter

    Favorite Movie

    Probably one of the Star Wars films, I really can't pick between any one of them. (except for the prequels)
  2. Birgutter

    What steam games do you play?

    I play alot of different games but I often play Brawlhalla, a platform fighter like Smash Bros. I play some CS:GO but I'm terrible at it.. I also play alot of singleplayer games.
  3. Birgutter

    All Time Favorite Video Game (Excluding MC)

    That would be Breath of the Wild, but there's so much more I could pick! Hollow Knight, Mother 3, Mario Galaxy, these are all amazing!
  4. Birgutter

    What are your favourite games besides Minecraft?

    Oh, sorry about that!
  5. Birgutter

    How long have you been playing Minecraft.

    I started playing at Beta 1.8. I think he meant Beta 1.5.
  6. Birgutter

    The Hunger Bar

    What do you think?