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  1. thetitan555


    My teacher eats a whole box of cereal FOR DINNER on weekend nights. By comparison, your buddy is incredibly normal.
  2. thetitan555

    What is it you love most about minecraft?

    I enjoy the idea that if I log out looking at a mountain one day, the next someone might have built a house on top of it. The environment is never really still, but not because of any game mechanic, but because of the human desire to expand and build. That's what makes it special in my eyes.
  3. thetitan555

    What is your favorite book?

    Mine is Cryptonomicon. Three generations of mathematicians and codebreakers work from the end of World War Two to 1999 to find gold buried by the Japanese in a bid to continue the war after the peace treaty is signed. It has treasure hunting, cryptography, math, architecture, lawyers, philosophy, debate, romance, and it's over a thousand pages long. I read it over the course of a week during a camping trip. Runner-up is Ender's Game for accurate portrayal of intelligent children.
  4. thetitan555

    Favorite Hobby

    I enjoy dissecting stories and worldbuilding. Looking at how every piece of a puzzle fits together without wasting anything lets you appreciate the media so much more!
  5. thetitan555

    Whats your favourite Artist/Musician? Any Genre.

    I enjoy good wordplay, storytelling, and/or a good beat. These seem to occur most often in the Alternative genre. Owl City - Beautiful Times Lorde - Ribs Panic! At the Disco - Hurricane Fall Out Boys - Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea AJR - Big Idea Klaus Veen - Ordinary Days (Lethal League OST) Jon Bellion - The Good In Me Duke Special - Salvation Tambourine Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Victory Lap