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  1. nomination goes to steel/kordon
  2. boofsly

    let’s make some music

    i have upright bass, keyboard mallets (marimba, xylophone, bells, vibes), and access to all the odd percussion doodads and possibly a violin if need be, oh and soprano recorder:)
  3. boofsly

    Do you have a go-to biome?

    swamp is my 100% favorite, but will settle for taiga sorts
  4. boofsly

    1000 Posts Game

    26, 2.6% of the way there!
  5. boofsly

    1000 Posts Game

    21? *hic* wait what are we doing?
  6. boofsly

    1000 Posts Game

    19, literally nothing is cool with this number it sucks
  7. boofsly

    1000 Posts Game

    11 seven
  8. boofsly

    Valland Applications

    Keshi Waawaash (boofsly) http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3437-character-profile-keshi-waawaash/ Valland > Kingstone. Awful at PvP, but I like to build. I am very dedicated to who I belong to, and will take great lengths to allow them to succeed to the top. https://photos.app.goo.gl/DHoK33JYFzQjjiNv9 (don't judge my gmail account thanks) I will literally mine, sit afk, farm, or be as cheap as I need to be ;). Get enough resources to make the biggest, and best shop in town.
  9. Keshi will be my season 5, and possibly further on as well, roleplay character. dont make fun of her thx *(picture accurate as of season 5) In an unknown secluded forest somewhere near Vennterria, a population of white-tailed deer were thriving. With the breaking of Vennterria spliting the land, the deer population was divided into two halves. Being split in the forest, the populations roamed further from each other, separating by continents. As the mantisphere leaked radiation into the atmosphere, changes were oddly being found within each new generation of the regrowing deer population on a new continent, later called Everneth. As time went on, the deer evolved to be able to walk on their hind legs and grow digits instead of hooves. With time, the deer strengthened their vocal cords enough to a new level to form more pure sounds. Eventually, the inevitable arrival of humans along with the similar DNA in the deer led to the creation of a new unnamed species. This new species was looked up upon, leading them to have enough funds and resources to start their own colony. Taking advantage of the land and it's resources, the new hybrids built a small village. However, due to an unforeseen circumstance, the village burned down. With nothing left, the few survivors scavenged to survive. For a few years they lived off the land yet again. Some previous citizens tried to clear up what was left of the previous charred village, earning the nickname Ishkode (eesh-koh-day), meaning fire. However, their efforts went to no avail, with the lack of proper instruction and planning. Enter Keshi Waawaash (keh-shi wah-wash), a small young girl with a knack for architecture and construction. With knowledge of her skill, but hesitant with her age, the previous village put her in charge of the project. Led under the gamble of Keshi, Project Ishkode was set ablaze. #1 professional deer furry
  10. boofsly

    hi can you answer this

    hi can you answer this
  11. boofsly

    what's your favorite soda?

    root beer and ginger ale
  12. boofsly

    All Time Favorite Video Game (Excluding MC)

    mario sunshine is still the best mario game imo
  13. boofsly

    Do you play any musical instruments?

    double bass - 3 years violin - 5 years various percussion stuff too i guess because im also in percussion
  14. boofsly

    Go to topping on pizza?

    pineapple, ham, pepperoni, and pork are perfect
  15. boofsly


    i like making small towns, ports, and bridges, with the occasional terraforming plus i do a lot of lighting stuff