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  1. abcfree4all

    Samson gets a demon

    Many months after the skirmish, Samson was doing great. He'd gained quite a bit of popularity from the event but things had settled down, and life was back to normal. He'd just dropped off a broken chair at the carpenter's to be fixed, and he ran into someone on the street. He recognized them, but didn't know from where. He had no bad feelings, but a small feeling of nostalgia. He carried on home. Once he walked into the house, he greeted his brother, suddenly, with Spanish. Peter was utterly confused. Nobody in his family even spoke a language other than English. Well, maybe a little Dutch, but none otherwise. Samson kept talking as if he didn't realize he wasn't making sense to him. Is he speaking German now? Or is that gibberish? Peter interrupts, "I can't understand you. Are you speaking English? More importantly, where's Grier's chair?" Now it was Samson's turn to be confused. They try for another few minutes to communicate. Samson gets more and more upset, thinking Peter is trying to trick him. Word spreads around Ralae of the family's predicament. By the end of the evening, there are a few theories about what has happened. A few bilinguals have gathered as well, trying to decipher his words. They say that he is speaking nonsense, talking about the latest raids on the city, the many dead and the many more he's killed. There hasn't been a bandit raid on Ralae in years. Some think he's simply gone insane. Maybe he's just saying all the words he's learned in other languages even if he doesn't know what they mean. Maybe it's a demon. Samson is getting more and more frustrated at his inability to communicate. The next day, they have called a translator in from the nearby village. Samson is now lashing out at his friends, and his eyes have gone a deep glowing maroon color. They've restrained him to a chair with chains, and people are trying to calm him down. He sometimes makes animal noises instead of speaking now, shrieks and grunts replacing words and meaning. The translator comes into the small room, and Samson quiets, marveling. The translator comes into the small room, and Samson quiets, marveling. The woman introduces herself as Emily. He takes a moment, then repeats her name thoughtfully. "Emily." She asks, "Have you had any sleep?" Samson is confused again, and says... Something. Emily says, "He's speaking Old Norse now. He said, surprisingly, that he doesn't understand me." People laugh nervously. Emily then asks again, in Old Norse. Samson replies, and Emily translates. "He said he hasn't slept, and wants to know why we're pulling this trick on him." Peter says, "Tell him what language he's speaking, and show him this mirror." Peter hands her a small, but polished mirror. Samson reaches out for it, and studies himself. He mutters, by Emily's translation, "My eyes look awesome." Emily asks him if his vision is impaired, and he says that it is not. She asks him if he knows that he is speaking Greek. He seems confused by that as well, and repeats her question to her rhetorically. She asks him of his latest memories. He says, "I remember war. These fools don't know who I am. They try to mock me, but I know who they are. I will kill them soon. I am Valefar." Emily adds, "I don't know, but I think it's a demon." At this point most people have quickly, and quietly, left the house. His close friends remain. Emily asks him about Samson's memories. He says he remembers them too. She politely asks him to leave. He grins and says, "It doesn't work like that... I'll be with him for a while. He's made a deal with the devil, whether he realizes it or not. But I think I've gotten the better deal." Peter asks a question now. "Why are you speaking Old Norse now rather than other languages, and WHAT is your DEAL?!?!" Samson laughs, "I give him his power in fights. I feed off his anger in his quarrels. I shorten his temper in turn. Try to get on his bad side if you want to see me again. He's given me control for now, but I've forgotten how tiring it is to manifest. I don't want him to die from exhaustion, but he'll be sleeping for a while now. Bye!" Samson promptly fell asleep, and Valefar goes idle. Emily leaves at that with 20 gold pieces. Peter insisted on paying her, although he could practically hear Samson groaning about it in his sleep. By this time rumors have spread around Ralae of Samson being the devil himself, and Peter quickly saves his reputation by stomping out the rumors. When he woke up, he thought he had slept an awful long time, as the sun was already coming up. Or was it going down? He sat for a moment looking at the incredible sight. Peter came out of the door. "Hey man, good afternoon" Samson said over his shoulder, "Already? I've just woke up." "Nah, you've got some catching up to do." "Really? Any new rumors come through?"
  2. abcfree4all

    Secret Santa Signups 2018

    Sign me up scotty
  3. abcfree4all


    Seeing as Everneth is so diverse, how many of you speak another language? What language? Note if English is not your first language. I know some of you speak another language, but I figure there are more of you out there. By the way, I speak an absolutely minuscule amount of Spanish. Like more broken than Terminus.
  4. abcfree4all

    King's Cup II Signups

    yeet hope its not too late abcfree4all
  5. abcfree4all

    Building style

    mate this might be the best project ever for ya then. It's an underground city beneath a fort. There are hundreds of thousands of blocks that need to be mined out for it, but once it's done it should look just absolutely magnificent. If you join Maphya I could kit you out and whatnot.
  6. abcfree4all

    Building style

    FineBricks if you like building underground boy do I have the project for you
  7. abcfree4all

    Ultra Hardcore Season X Signups

    Sign me up as a free agent pls
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    Character Profile- Samson Brink

    Race: Unknown (Human? Elf?) Age: 25 years Weighs 190 pounds, and towers at 6'5 feet tall. Has orange/hazel eyes, red hair and lean build, fighting style is berserker, due to incredible healing ability. However, cannot fight very long without becoming exhausted. When not an absolute madman, has great stamina and can run long distances. Character card coming soon Samson was jogging home on a road from the market, on a day that was filled with coins clinking, the din of voices speaking, and the smell of baked bread and flowers. He was carrying a sack of bread, gold, and animal furs, bringing them back to his town, Ralae, to sell and distribute. He was sweating and breathing heavily, as it was unusually warm, even for a summer day. He stopped at the fork between the road home, and the road north, farther away towards land cold and unforgiving. He stopped for a breath, looking around. The landscape was beautiful, with grass waving in the wind, the earth warmed by the sun, and the nearby river lazily running downhill. But he also knew of the dangers of the land, snakes looking for prey hidden in the grass, hawks calling above, looking over the land. And of course the bandits, running straight at him. Samson picked up his bag and sprinted towards home, trying to outdistance them. He looked behind himself, and counted 5 people, covered in light armor and carrying daggers and hatchets. They began to catch up, Samson slowing down from his burden of goods. He turned around, dropping his bag behind him and raising his fists in front of him. They stopped running 20 feet away from him. They spread out, jeering at him and laughing with each other. The miscreants stalked forward, all eyes trained on his stuff. Samson stomped his foot on the ground in front of himself, feinting a charge. The sound of his foot slamming into the hard packed earth and his seeming advance made them jump. One particular coward fell backwards, his friends laughing at him as well as he got back up. Samson took their distraction and ran forward, punching one in the face, and lunged at another with a powerful punch, one that would surely fall him unconscious and take him out of the fight. He ducked, leaving Samson tumbling forward. Enraged, Samson ran at another, punching towards his stomach. The bandit fell backwards, and feebly kicked upwards at Samson as he moved towards his evasive enemy, this time running a bit slower, and being more cautious with his attack. The bandit was on the ground in seconds. He turned around, seeing only one left. Some of the smarter fools had run away, but this one had an evil glint in his eye. Samson ran towards him, but the bandit ran as well. They met in the middle, Samson with his shoulder ready for a bash, the bandit with his knife in his hand. It happened quickly after that. Samson was sure he was about to win the fight, until the knife entered his chest. His eyes unfocused, pain shooting throughout his torso, and his breath turned ragged. Did it puncture his lung? Was it in his stomach? He wasn't sure. He heard faintly the thugs yelling at their successful friend, screaming that they weren't supposed to kill him. Suddenly the pain didn't matter. He was furious, and he got up from his knees, His breathing got better, and the pain ebbed away. His eyes were still fuzzy, his vision shaking around. He screamed, and the world went black. He had no idea what happened. He was standing over the bodies of 3 dead- No, he thought, unconscious bandits, standing in front of his bag of goodies. He cautiously checked his chest, finding a bloody hole in his clothes, and a soreness beneath. He checked his wound. There was no sign of his stabbing but the dried blood on his stomach. Shaken, he picked up his bag and sprinted home. He reached Ralae in a personal record time, just as the sun was setting. His friends ran towards him as Samson lay down. He told them of his wild tale, some in disbelief, but they believed him for the ragged tear in his clothes. He was told guards were being sent up to pick up the unconscious thugs and throw them in prison. He fell asleep that night without a thought, dropping into unconsciousness like those idiots on the street.
  9. abcfree4all

    Everneth's Ninth Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    I nominate Beolyx
  10. abcfree4all

    Maphya's Start

    Maphya was created when several groups of bandits decided to band together in an attempt to take over one of Kingstone's holds. They made a huge & organized effort to break through their defenses and take as much stuff as possible. They failed nonetheless, but the alliance lived on, the war-camp they started turning into a fortress. Their numbers fluctuate, as there are many members that travel around pillaging or trading with random Evernethians. Their races are extremely diverse, ranging from elves to dwarves to literal tree spirits. This is mostly because their requirements for joining are somewhat low, requiring mostly an ability to work with thieves, and to be useful. There are no laws set in stone, and their peace between each other relies mostly on a thieves' honor, meaning that most of the time the only way to be exiled completely is by treason against Maphya. They are organized enough to band together for intense and intermittent raids of Kingstone & Valland, and disorganized enough so that past alliances are not permanent. When they are hired as mercenaries, they usually don Maphya's shield, sometimes even fighting alongside the other side as well. In such a case of disorganization, they silently agree to not kill each other (not really that's for lore, in an event it doesn't matter) and don the shields of their client. In an event of a bandit raid, it's usually pretty obvious they will attack, as war-camps are set up outside the holds. Those who wish to hold a prejudice based on appearance or belief, and not deeds or character, are looked down upon. While the belief of equality is high on their list, leaders and higher-ups are chosen by skill, merit, and intelligence. The powerful families don't always stay powerful, as a core belief is that people have to prove their own worth as they mature and work. Maphya has it's main base hidden & protected by mountains, and also sits in a natural valley. There is a stone fortress with some houses and tents outside that house the people who are stopping by. Their numbers can never truly be counted, but it's rumored they are in the thousands across the lands of Everneth. There is also an underground city built by the dwarves among them, housing even more people than that are seen in the day. But those not members of Maphya usually never see it unless they are on diplomatic missions, and it is locked down entirely in the case of a raid. Food is made underground using artificial sunlight, and animals are raised as well. Much is still to be learned about Maphya, as it's recognition grows, as it's battles are fought, and as it's lore is written!
  11. abcfree4all

    Character Profile: Rhextel Rayydark

    A very good character, I really like the lore!
  12. abcfree4all

    Theme Songs for Factions

    Valland's theme song would be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXE_n2q08Yw For The Love of Money
  13. abcfree4all

    Theme Songs for Factions

    If each RP faction had a theme song, what do you think it would be? Factions currently in place, ones not currently official, and ones built in the past can be used.
  14. abcfree4all

    Dog or cat?

    I have a shorthair tabby that I am allergic to but I still have because I love cats :3 Shorthairs as well as longhairs leave a lor of fur around, it depends on how well they're groomed that they leave a ton of fur.