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  1. Vennterrian Magic and the Kingsglaive Curse

    This made me understand a lot.
  2. Dreams?

    Thanks! I'm glad You like it! Your dreams sound really nice! I hope You get them all to become a reality.
  3. Something I wanted to say :)

    Same! I love medieval servers, I used to actually work for one, That was my all time favorite server, it sadly shut down, So since then, (3 years) I've been looking off and on for a server kind've like it. Then I found an add for this server, and I was like, "Oh my goodness!" and I knew I had to apply.
  4. Dreams?

    What are Your dreams? 1: Dream car? 2: Dream house? 3: Dream job? 4: Dream vacation? 5: Dream luxury? (My answers) 1: Chevy silverado 2014, zt1 extended cab, lift kit, black with chrome features. Black leather interior. 2: A big farmhouse, with a wrap around porch, That has a swing on it, with a perch somewhere I can read books. 3: A published author/stay at home mom/wife 4: England. 5: ultimate gaming/office set up. -
  5. What are your favourite games besides Minecraft?

    Skyrim. When I was younger I'd play Fable, or watch my brothers play it, I liked that you could choose whatever you wanted to do, it didn't necessarily have to be in the storyline, and that the storyline could change with the choices You make. (though I'm horrible at it, I like borderlands)
  6. What is your favorite book?

    Oh boy... I have so many, My all time favorite is probably Little house on the prairie books, Then the hunger games, and Everything Everything.
  7. what's your favorite soda?

    I seem to go through fazes, of which is my favorite, -Dr. Pepper -Orange Fanta -Pepsi, And mnt. dew voltage.
  8. How many years have you guys been playing games?

    My family and I are very.. geeky. So, um. My family and I (When I was legit a year old) Went to a raffle, the prize was a PS2, Somehow, One year old little munchii won. Even if it was just me ramming a car into the curb of a racetrack, or squirttles tetris. I've been playing video games for 15 years. I started PC gaming when I was 6 though.
  9. Embarrassing moments

    So, I Have social anxiety. -sometimes when I'm nervous, It makes me do silly things, So I'll tell You guys a funny story, But I want to hear your embarrassing moments too! So, At my Church We have missionaries come in sometimes. One particular Sunday, We had a missionary come in, and some new people as well. So I was already nervous. (I get nervous when I'm around people I don't know) Well, My friend's mom, decided to introduce, herself, my friend, and me. I thought my friends mom was done speaking, So I bit the bullet. and I stuck my hand out, and started to talk, But... My friends mom began to talk again. Meanwhile My hand was still midair. One of the new people turned around, (a nice guy) He looked at me, then at my hand, and my awkward set in. I looked at him, (Obviously not knowing what to do with my hand) I lifted my other, flapped my arms like a bird flying. and yelled. "I'm a bird." And ran away. That is by far, the most embarrassing thing I've EVERRR done. By the way. Those people (The nice guy) Didn't come back after that sunday..
  10. Do you play any musical instruments?

    I play the guitar! I've been playing for around 3 years now, I can also read music, -Even though I've tried and tried, I just can't seem to be able to play the piano.