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  1. zmg2002


    Not sure if this server has a Redstone person but I'm not one but i am good at building auto sorters as well as super smelters so if i do get accepted to the community msg me lol. my discord is below.zmg2002#8041
  2. so ive been playing magic since 2012 and was wondering if anyone else played too i am currently in the beta test for magic the gathering arena and its awesome but cant talk about it signed a nondisclosure form but oof its good.
  3. zmg2002

    Favorite Hobby

    I like video games as well as reading and playing magic the gathering
  4. zmg2002

    Do you play any musical instruments?

    but my main instrument is the tuba
  5. zmg2002

    Do you play any musical instruments?

    OMG yes lol I play tuba 3 years, euphonium 5 years, trumpet 8 years, bugle 6 years, and sousaphone 2 years, all are basically the same lol but yeah i love the sousaphone we have a Holton at my school. omg it sounds amazing.
  6. zmg2002

    Embarrassing moments

    most embarrassing thing ive done was probably snore really loud during a state standardized test and then wake up to everyone staring at me
  7. zmg2002

    What is your favorite book?

    not my favorite book but my favorite series is the forgotten realms but in particular the area surrounding drizzt dourden i love drizzt.