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  1. PokeyMans, by 20Corp

    Have you ever wanted to collect PokeyMans? Now you can! At -250 60 there is the PokeyMans Store! Selling Charilards, Espios and even our Lord Buhdood, plus more! Come on down to the Pokeyball!
  2. After school has started, I have decided to step back, but also make some diamonds out of it. I will remain in Discord and may occasionally return. So now to get to the part most are curious about. I will auction off Ghat and all of the items in it on Saturday, September 16 at 3:00 EST. It will probably be held at or near Parliament. Feel free to snoop around Ghat, the city at about -250, 800, to see what it holds. Now to discuss what is in the deal for you: Ghat: This is the city I have called my base since this map first started. It consists of multiple buildings, three small boats, and a few docks. It has also been designed to be a PvP Minigame of sorts: The minigame has two teams: The Attackser and the Defenders. The Attackers sleep on an island or coast or boat just outside of Ghat and boat into battle. The goal is to capture all 5 points by replacing the orange wool with the white wool in the adjacent chest within a limited amount of time. The Defenders sleep in Ghat and defend Ghat until time runs out or all the points are captured. They can't re-capture points. Both teams have unlimited respawns, but may have limited materials. So basically, it is a good investment for a party searching for materials or a PvP Minigame.
  3. A Formal Response to Garmany from the Crown

    King Face of the Great Kingdom of Everneth or His Advisers, Garmany has decided to stand with the crown in these matters. The People have decided that I, Porter, should be their leader. We will have a similar structure, but with one leader; I will lead, the council will exist as before, but there will be a Head of Council, chosen by me to be DPP, who will be the High General of our Military, but not be able to make non-military decisions. He can suggest ideas to the King and Council and can veto the actions of the Leader. A veto from either the Leader or Head can be negated by the council with a 2/3 majority. As for the past system, it was I who suggested it and I who take responsibility for the problems it caused. I, along with the entire Council, were not aware that it would cause such problems. May something like this not happen again. From Porter and the Council of Garmany
  4. Garmany's Government

    King Face, or one of his Advisors We, the People of Garmany, are happy to inform you we have started an official system of government. After much less debate than expected, we decided on the following system based on an ancient civilization: There will be two leaders, addressed as Barons, who will direct and decide on most decisions. There will be a Council that will vote on major policy changes, war declarations, and replacing the Barons. We also quickly got a two-thirds majority voting on the two Barons, DPP and Myself (Porter). These leaders can be replaced if the Council decides so by 2/3 Majority or Direction by the King. From Lord Porter and the People of Garmany TL;DR: DPP and I are co-leaders of the new Garmanian Government
  5. Ultra Hardcore Season VII Signups

    Sign me up
  6. The Second Evernethian Expedition

    I shall be the first to join this expedition to go where no Evernethian has gone before!
  7. It's my birthday!

    What the title said
  8. A Survey of My Term in Par

    As many of you know, my term in Parliament is ending at the end of this month, and in a few days, I will be off on a plane to North Carolina, effectively ending my term a bit early (Also note I probably won't be able to make it to the Passing of the Blades). I want to know how well I did during this term so I can help future members of Par and/ or become a better member of Par if re-elected in the future. You may also leave comments down below on what I did well and what could be improved. Thank you, it has been a great three months.
  9. Ultra Hardcore Season VI Signups

    It is unlikely I'll be able to make it but just in case: Sign me up
  10. The Ghat Backstory

    The following is the backstory of the City of Ghat, an RP faction:
  11. Everneth's Fifth Council Nomination

    I nominate Syb
  12. The Return of the Evernethian Roleplay

    Yes, it is back! There are a few things that will probably happen in the future of the RP: Syb is working on something, probably Magvel Pie and I will probably break off from the ISU to form the Pierates with War I'll lose a lot of chest plates.
  13. Probable Break

    As some may know, my term in Staff is ending soon. I most likely will be busy in North Carlina visiting family, etc., during the last few days of my term. After I get back, I will be taking an official break from Minecraft; I will probably be joining every once in a while, probably to check on spawn and the casino. Because of this, on June 1st, the first floor of Porter Tree will be open for claim. It is obvious what I don't want you to do in the next few weeks: DON'T vote for me. The break will probably be short, but I need a break for the reasons of the trip and returning from the trip and a creativity break. I will probably be back on for the purposes of events and comms, so by the end of next month, I will definitely be back on. I will also be on discord, too. Thank you, 20.
  14. This or That?

    Fascism, slightly better than Communism. 3 Word Story or Acronym Game?
  15. About the Par Treasury Charity

    Right off the bat, I need to clear something up: The charity is run privately and not by Par or Int. This means that this is not a tax, but a charity. So for those of you unaware, the Par Treasury Charity is a charity run in the Shopping District of Spawn that encourages shops to donate a percentage of their profits to Par; whether it is 100% or 1%, or even random donations. The charity will now be run on the second floor of the 20 Corp. Tree, with info and a diamond collection center. All shops that donate get a sign on the side of the 20 Corp. Tree. Thank you for your time.