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    King's Cup II Signups

    I wish to prove my value to my King as a fighter by participating in this tournament. I will use the Kingstonian Shield to represent what I fight for. Glory to Kingstone!
  2. 20JPorter

    Everneth Spooktacular: Trick or Treat Sign Ups

    Sign me up! 20JPorter Base coords: -3000, 1520
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    Ultra Hardcore Season X Signups

    Sign me up as a free agent. Thx
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    Is This the End? Yes AND No.

    GT, you have always been a valuable member to the community. Your charity towards others, your architectural marks on the face of the server, and your mark on all of us, wether that be as a friend or as inspiration, allow me to reassure this: You will not be forgotten. We will be with you through every trial. We will welcome you back when the time comes. Thank you for all you have done for everyone in the community. It is because of people like you Everneth or VanEvo ever existed. Until later, 20JPorter
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    Kingstone Entry Examinations

    I wish to apply to be a Vassal of Kingstone IGN: 20JPorter RP Name: Jay Porter XX Character Profile: http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3402-character-profile-king-jay-porter-xx/ Character Description: Jay is a rich man who only desires to become richer and to fix whatever mistakes his father made that led to Valland being quartered and ultimately Royalty losing its meaning. Jay, however, will have trouble trusting anyone after his entire group of advisors, including his long-time best friend, left him. Empty and alone, Jay wants to find some purpose in the world and make life greater for whoever he can. Jay does not care about his outward appearance or how others interpret it (His clothes don't work, he goes barefoot, etc.) and is beginning to isolate himself. He would need a psychologist if they existed. Build: Valland: Nearly anyone who has traveled by sea has at the very least dreamed of going to Valland. It is a city in itself, although now half empty, that has a wide variety of grand buildings and art. The Town Hall and Tavern are the largest and most important completed builds, with the Porter House in construction. Valland is planned to grow and economically support Kingstone. (Above is the ex-Noble Hosue design [Now Called the Porter House], now partially complete in Valland) Lore: http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3403-the-ecotorah-vallands-holy-text/ http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3594-valland-a-deer-friend/ http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3637-valland-the-halvening/ http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3640-valland-the-coronation/ http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3657-valland-costly-profit/ http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3699-kingstone-and-valland-the-intruder/ http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3712-valland-a-perspective-of-the-jailbreak/ http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3734-valland-unrighteous-treason/ http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3738-valland-flakes-away/ A Letter to King Icarus Forde of Kingstone From Jay Porter XX of Valland Great King, the people of Valland are at constant risk of rebellion. With no leader that they trust, they may soon feel abused and unrepresented. With half of the people of Valland already gone, you are at risk of losing more potentially loyal citizens. Therefore I urge you to put a man of Valland in command of Valland, while still under your command; give Valland a vassal they trust. Therefore, I humbly present the logical solution to our dilemma. I ask that you consider vassalising me in order to keep Valland in obedience. While many, or if I were to be honest, half of the people of Valland did not trust me, the ones who stayed did. Therefore, the best solution to keep public tranquility is to give them the leader they know and trust. Again, I must point out that the people of Valland are capable of rebellion and damage; my own home is mostly destroyed because of this. I am also obligated to point out other qualities of myself in order to prove my worthiness of vassalship. First, and most obvious, I am a man with experience in power, albeit a few years cut short by distrust in the actions of my father. My experience in domestic, foreign, and economic aspects of government is unmatched, and I also possess experience in war. Second, I am a man who is loyal. In no circumstance have I abandoned a friend for power or profit, abandoned my values for a quick coin, nor made any action with intent, direct or not, to damage Valland. Third, I have immense experience in architecture and civil engineering, having to rebuild Valland after the Halvening. May I also remind you of my apparent connection to Loden, which may lead to a solution to what my father created. It would be profitable for all of us- You, I, the Kingsglaive, Kingstone, Valland- to make me a vassal to keep order in Valland and make Valland contribute to the glory or Kingstone. By using my skills and lineage, we will also bring vengeance on those who died at the hands of Loden. Jay Porter XX of Valland
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    Character Profile: King Jay Porter XX

    This has been updated.
  7. 20JPorter

    Valland Flakes Away

    Valland is no longer a faction. Its land is now owned by Kingstone. Valland may no longer exist, but the dream of profit and the Word of Glod will never die. I, King Jay Porter XX of Valland, abdicate the throne and now am an ordinary citizen.
  8. 20JPorter

    Valland: Unrighteous Treason

    “Wait, so not only did we fail in even causing damage to a single building, they took the fort, too?” Jay said, tapping his finger on the table. “Yes, sir.” one of the generals said. Jay’s finger tapped faster until he slammed his fist on the table and stood up. “What the Sadin went wrong?” Jay yelled. “They were too powerful.” “I fail to believe we could lose so easily merely due to the, what is it you said, power of an enemy. We outnumbered them, but someone down there failed to use proper strategy, even losing a well-defended fort to a smaller force! I need every officer under your command to retake their strategy tests immediately. Tell our men to avoid conflict while moving back to twenty miles from the City of Valland. Dismissed, but feel free to stay and look at this map.” Jay walked out. Jay was in his library, reading through the book Kordon had open when he attacked Jay. Suddenly, he heard a loud voice coming through the open balcony and through the house. Jay put a mark in the book, put it in a pack, and walked out to the balcony. A group of people gathered around the town square. Jay rushed down. “Do you not see that your King is abusing you? Using your lives for his profit? Follow me to Hero's Village, where none are oppressed!” Jay walked through the crowd. “Who are you, exactly?” Jay asked. “The bringer of peace, the savior of the oppressed.” “I urge you to stop speaking for a moment so I may give my case. What have I done to oppress you?” “Forced men to die for your selfish causes.” “I have done none of that! War is profitable for the warrior but not the King. Every attack I have made was to defend us from an angry enemy!” “You gave those men no choice. At Hero’s Village, we give choice.” “They have choice! They volunteered for the army and militia in order to profit and protect! I have in no way had any intention of harming any citizen of Valland!” “You are an oppressive King.” “What have I done to oppress anyone? Rebuild from ashes? Provide well-paying jobs? Quite simply every act I have made was for the benefit of the people or for my profit without harming anyone.” “Look, look at their hunger! They eat little while you sit under a crown bigger than their houses!” “They hunger not, they are paid and fed!” “All you care about is power, yourself.” “Have I not been where they are? I have wandered the wilderness barefoot to profit as they do, I am not an average king!” “That is correct; you are below average.” Jay put this hand on his halberd. Jay shook, then stopped and sighed. “I have made my case. Now leave.” “As long as I may take my followers with me.” “No. Leave, now.” A couple of guards drew their weapons. Admiral Momo stepped in the way. “Aye, we don’t want another war, do we?” Momo said. “If they make o- no. We do not. Could everyone who wishes to leave go to my right, and everyone who wishes to stay to my left.” The crowd split in half, but in the center were some deciding. Reaneal went to the left, but Momo and Noah went to the right. In the center was a few citizens, Keshi, and Beo stayed in the center. Jay gulped. “Momo, Noah, are you sure you wish to break from Valland?” “Yes.” “Keshi, Beo, please, I can’t have you leave.” “I’m sorry.” Beo went to the right. Keshi began to cry. “Keshi, I need you, remember all those years? Our childhoods?” “But… bu-but Kordon! You are why this happened!” Keshi moved to the right. “Fine. Fine. Go, leave, but be aware, the second you leave the territory of Valland all of you will be denied the right to enter Valland unless you agree to go through three years of prision.” “So be it.” The unknown man said. They walked off as the sun set on Valland. Jay sat on the throne staring at the floor. A man walked in. “Let me guess,” Jay said, “Half of Valland left.” “Exactly, my King.” He said. “Matthew, what have I done wrong?” “Been a king. Without you, they would be in worse condition.” “But with me now, they feel worse.” “But they doom themselves.” “I need someone I can trust to be in charge while I’m gone.” “I’m sure I can find you a replacement, but where are you going?” “To Kingstone to arrange our surrender. If I am captured, I need you to avoid further conflict with Kingstone.” “Or whoever I find to put in charge.” “That person in charge is you, Matthew. You are the only person left who I can trust. I have everything packed.” “Are you sure about this, Jay?” “Of course.” Jay stood up and handed Matthew a book. “This is what I think happened that made Kordon so angry.” They hugged. “Profit well, for both you and Valland.” “And to you and your endeavors, Jay.” Jay walked out and towards the mountains.
  9. I shall nominate Kordon.
  10. A bell rung. More bells rung. Every bell in Valland rung. Jay sat up, and listened for a moment. Then he realized that the bells we not just an annoyance, but a serious alarm. He got up and ran to a lit candle. “Matthew,” Jay yelled, “Get me my spyglass! Now!” Jay ran to his balcony and a cold breeze made him shiver. He looked out over the city and saw a spot of light. The Prison Tower was lit. Matthew ran up behind him and handed Jay the telescope. “Thank you, could you retrieve my Halberd?” Jay looked through the telescope. “My Glod. There’s five dead men at the gates. How did this happen? Enough men to kill them would be quickly spotted!” Jay felt the handle of crystalized bluesteel. Jay put down the telescope and put on his gloves. He looked back through the spyglass. An explosion of flame set three men burning, one in two pieces. A giant hammer floated out of the prison. And Kordon. Suddenly, they began to run towards the West. “It’s the treasury!” “Shall I send for more troops?” “No! These are not normal men, these are- I believe Kordon called them- the Kingsglaive, of which he is a member. Icarus is among them, their King, this cannot be forgiven!” The ‘glaive entered the mines. Jay stood there for a minute, wondering how many were being sent to have Glod evaluate their profits. Jay felt a vibration in his hand. The Halberd began to glow a light blue. “We lost. Let them leave so nobody else dies. Today will be held in infamy.”
  11. It is my solemn duty to report to Valland and its citizens that we have been attacked by Kingstone. In the midst of night, they successfully attempted to rescue Kordon, leaving 36 dead and none with injuries. I must request that the Militia assemble and the Army and Navy prepare for war. As for Kingstone, the next is obvious. Kingstone has illegally made an incursion into Valland, killed 36 men with no mercy whatsoever, all for a single man and a sword. It is the logical and obvious course of action to name this incident an act of war. Therefore, we of Valland, in order to bring profits and justice to Glod and ourselves, formally declare war against Kingstone and its vassals. We will consistently strive for peace, for peace is good for profits. We will not welcome any ambassadors due to the fact that the last one attempted murder. As the Rules of Acquisition state, war is good for profits. Signed, King Jay Porter XX of Valland
  12. 20JPorter

    Valland Applications

    Reneal has been ACCEPTED Into Valland.
  13. Jay sat on his throne facepalming as the man before him tried to explain why he tried to explain why he dumped all of the goods of a foreign vessel into the harbor. “So you're telling me,” Jay said, “that you committed piracy, assault- and you’re lucky it’s not attempted murder- but worse of all wasting the profits of another man? At the very least I’d expect you to, oh, I don’t know, keep their gold and not throw it overboard? I’m paying for this, you know.” “My King,” the man said, “They ravage villages and enslave innocent people! It was a form of pro-” A door slammed open. One of Jay’s servants stood on the other side of the doorway. “Sir,” he said, “Keshi has returned, and returned with the discovery of a new Kingdom to the East called Kingstone. She has brought a delegate named Kordon.” “Prepare a meal, the spare embassy, all the formalities. As for this man here, I find you guilty of all charges, and you will be sentenced to ten years of prison work.” Guards dragged the man out. Jay stood up and walked to his public dining table. “Oh, Matthew, one more thing,” Jay said, “Prepare a path for a tour of Valland.” Keshi and Kordon walked in. Jay stood up and walked towards them. Jay held out a hand. “Kordon, I assume?” “Yes, and my apologies, but what is your name, sir?” “Jay Porter, more specifically King Jay Porter the Twentieth of Valland. Please, take a seat, let us talk over a warm meal.” As Jay and the others sat down, food was rolled in on carts. “So, tell me more about Kingstone.” Jay, Kordon, and Keshi walked down the streets of Valland talking. “And that’s the famous tavern.” Jay said. “Plenty of alcohol,” Kordon said, “I’m sure this is an attraction for sailors, to make more money.” “Of course, why wouldn’t it be?” They walked a few steps further. “Wait, with your Prismarine Blade, I know you can’t turn water into vodka, but can you turn vodka into water?” They all laughed. Jay looked towards the other two, both very obviously blushing even while the sun was retreating. “Well, King,” Kordon said, “Isn’t the path getting a bit too cold for your feet?” “No, I once had to go two miles through three foot snow to get to- actually, it is getting late. The embassy in which you will stay is actually right here. A building with two flagpoles, one empty, stood there. “Thank you King” Kordon said. “Jay,” Keshi asked, “May I assist him in, um, making the embassy to his liking?” “Of course. I must also retire, a profitable night you two.” Jay walked off, and Matthew caught up to him. “There goes my first choice for Queen.” “What, my King?” “You heard nothing!” Jay said waving his hand towards Matthew as they laughed. After a long day of meeting with this advisor and that advisor about profits and expansion and diplomacy, Jay was glad to finally retire to his home- more specifically his private library. He began walking upstairs with a lit candle, the wooden steps underneath his feet creaking with every step. He had a small guard of three men behind him, each loudly creaking the steps with the weight of their armor that clattered. Jay stepped onto solid floor and looked to the library. “Did I leave a candle on?” Jay thought as he put out his hand to tell the guard to stop. He then looked at the men and waved two fingers of his right hand and patted and his left patted down on the air. Jay slowly sneaked towards the library. The most prized records and secret documents were mere feet away, lit up by the light that was not meant to be there. The rest of the floor was open and well lit with chandeliers, but the library was dark unless the King was present in it. Jay felt the hilt of his throwing knife as he peeked into the door of the library. Inside was a figure, and one he recognized. “Kordon? What the h- Why are you here?” Jay nearly yelled as Kordon jumped. “I was just- just reading. What’s wrong with that?” “This is my private study that only I and guests attended by me may enter. How did you get in?” “The guard let me in.” “I demand that you leave imme-” “I’ve learned your secret, and you will not prevent me from telling my King.” “What secret? I’m allergic to nuts? Because I have no secrets to keep from nuts I avoid like you.” Jay stretched his arms by moving his hands up his back. Kordon’s hand slowly moved to the scabbard that held the most valuable blade Jay had ever seen. Jay knew it was the most powerful blade he had seen, too. They looked each other in the eye. A knife flew through the air, shining like gold. A blade sliced through the air, blue as the sea, and extinguished the flying fire. Jay stepped back as he put on his gloves and went into the open room where his three guards stood. Jay emptied his scabbard. “You know good and well this isn’t worth it.” Jay said. “I know that it is worth avenging the lives of my fallen brethren.” Kordon rushed towards the King, blade glowing blue. Jay’s bluesteel-edged sword stood pointed at the approaching enemy. Jay blocked the attack, sending a shockwave through the room that put out all the candles, the only light being the Prismarine Blade and the Library. All of the combatants were pushed away from one another. “What do you mean your fallen brethren?” “The ones you killed!” Kordon again charged at Jay, and the blade that appeared to be made of light was blocked by the bluesteel edge of the sword. Blue sparks fell to the ground as Kordon doged the attack of two swords and a diamond halberd. Jay swung towards Kordon as the guards flanked him and more sparks fell to the floor. Jay immediately swung again. A broken piece of steel fell to the ground surrounded by blue sparks. Jay immediately stepped back to allow his guards to cover for him. The two swordsmen charged at Kordon and swung at the same time, both swings being blocked by the blue light. Kordon set his blade behind his back as the halberd struck it and swung towards one of the swordsman, skillfully blocking the attack. Kordon turned around and swung the light at the Halberdier. The blade missed the weapon and sliced off the arm holding the weapon, not bleeding because the blade sautered the arm. Kordon swung around and caught the blade of one of the swordsmen. Kordon blocked stroke after stroke of the swordsmen, moving away from the 3-limbed man and his valuable halberd. “Listen,” Jay whispered, “Everything will be fine.” He bent down and picked up the halberd. The head was made up of a pure bluesteel spear and double-bit axe, all together in one piece. The handle was made of steel and finely tuned to the human hand. He looked towards the fight. One of the guards was missing his legs and the other was struggling to block the repeated strokes from the light. Jay ran towards Kordon, and the swordsman looked towards him. His arm was gone. Kordon put his blade up to block the stroke of the halberd. A flurry of blue sparks fell to the floor. Jay swung from the side, and again was blocked. Even more sparks began to fall. The light approached the King but was pushed away in a cloud of sparks. The bluesteel fell towards the prismarine, creating sparks for a full second. Jay pulled back and thrusted the point to Kordon, who parried the bluesteel upwards. Jay swung down as Kordon went to block, but pulled the weapon back as it fell. He stabbed, taking Kordon off guard. The prismarine blade blocked the halberd inches from his face. Sparks flew from the curve of the halberd. The room was lit a bright blue. As the bluesteel put pressure against the prismarine, the point inched towards Kordon’s face. Move the sword and the doesn’t have a face anymore. The halberd began to glow, and Jay watched in surprise as the steel handle began to grow crystals. Bluesteel crystals. As the will pushed against will, the power against power, the glowing crystals moved towards Jay’s gloved hand. As the crystallization reached the gloves, Jay felt the fibers of the glove turn into a flexible yet strong material. His hands were fine. Jay began shaking. He couldn’t hold this for much longer. The crystallization reached the other glove. Woosh. Kordon fell to the floor, dozing off, a dart lodged in the back of his neck. The light began to fade into darkness and sword became normal again. As Kordon slipped further into sleep, Jay whispered in his ear “Power is no replacement for practice.” “Take the blade to the Treasury along with that medallion made of gold." “Yes, my King.” “Be sure Kordon is taken care of. I plan on profiting from this.” “Yes, my King.” “One more thing. Bring me Ke- actually, I’ll do it myself.” Jay walked up to the room in which his Chief Economic Advisor (Second in Command) resided. Sobs spilled through the hallway. The sobs were like human sobs, but more constant. As he knocked on the door, a servant passed. “Matthew, get us tea immediately. Preferably the lemongrass tea.” The servant rushed off. The King looked back at the door as it creaked open. Jay stepped inside and was immediately embraced by Keshi, weeping loudly. Jay put his arms around her. “S- sorry this happened. I tried to deal with this peacefully, but- but-” Keshi kept crying. “He said something about a secret and began to pull his sword. It was too late. After a few minutes of silence- or rather crying- Keshi finally slightly calmed down. They sat down at a table as tea was brought down. “Where is he?” Keshi asked, still whimpering. “In our prison.” “But-” Keshi sniffled. “But does he get a trial?” “Not from us.” Jay gulped to try to keep from crying. Keshi’s sensitive emotions always got to him. “We are holding him- holding him until Kingstone retrieves him with 5000 crowns to pay for damages.” “D-damages?” “Three broken bluesteel-edged blades, two missing legs, two missing arms. He attempted to kill me.” “Only because you forced him too!” Keshi began to sob harder. “Just g-g-go! I need to be a-lo-lone.” “I hear you like chess, Kordon.” “All I would like is to see Keshi or one of the ‘Glaive” “Please, you will, just sit, let’s discuss what happened over chess.” Kordon and Jay sat at a chess table, guards to the side of the room. Kordon had no restraints but the inability to exit the large room in the Palace. “Prepared to lose? I’ll let you play white.” “I’m better than you may believe, Kordon, but I will play white.” Jay moved the pawn in front of the King two spaces forwards. “I am a diplomat, you know, I’m not supposed to be imprisoned.” Kordon moved his King’s pawn two spaces, meeting the other in the center. “Even Icarus would agree attempting to murder me is proper justification.” Jay moved his kingside knight in front of the rank his bishop was on. “Not after your murd- Never mind, actually, it was indeed my fault.” Kordon moved the pawn in front of his Queen one space. “Sounds like you know something even I don’t.” Jay moved his other knight in front of his other bishop. “The book I read talks about Kingstone.” Kordon moved his queenside knight the same way Jay did. “Really? I have never been there. We haven’t even had any past contact.” Jay moved his bishop in front of his queenside knight. “I know things that I know you know but won’t admit.” Kordon moved his bishop diagonal to Jay’s kingside knight. If Jay moved the knight, the bishop could take Jay’s Queen. “I see you are behaving well to tell Icarus about this. I will defend it properly and all will be taken care of in a proper manner.” Jay moved his kingside knight, taking the pawn in front of Kordon’s King. The Queen was open. “Quite a blunder, Jay.” Kordon said as he took the Queen. “Actually, it was your blunder.” Jay said as he took the pawn in front of Kordon’s kingside bishop. The kingside knight protected the bishop. “Check. One move.” Kordon moved his King one space forwards, nowhere else to go. Jay moved his queenside knight next to his other knight. “Checkmate.” Jay sat in his library, reading a book. A knock percussed through the room. “Come in.” Jay replied as he looked towards the door. Keshi came in, still sniffling. “I am glad you decided to come up here and help me find out what exactly he read to make him try to kill me.” “He tried to kill you because of a book?” “I believe so, he made it obvious. I need to know what to expect when he tells Forde about whatever it it.” A few books sat on the reading desk, all open. “These are the books he had open when I arrived.” “What- what are they?” “The Incomplete History of Valland Ships, The Economic Handbook, and, I believe this is what he read, The Adventures of King Jay Porter. My father wrote this but never specified he was the nineteenth except in a few spots.” Keshi stared at the book for a moment. “What does it say?” “Do you remember the strange trip he took for a month right before his death?” “Of course, I practically had to run the place when you were busy.” “These are the records of his travels. He never specified any names of Kingdoms, but the whole book is so ridiculous I never took it seriously.” Jay looked at the book again. “He mentioned a city of dwarves and tunnels upon tunnels upon tunnels. I knew Icarus’ description of Solis was familiar.” “What did-” Keshi sniffed. “What did he say he did?” “There is quite a bit, I’m writing specific quotes down to summarize what he did in Solis. I believe Kordon is not aware that it was my father who wrote this, not him.” “So why did you call me here?” “I just wanted to let you know Kordon has some justification. The attack was unnecessary, but he most likely had a legitimate reason to attack me.” Jay resumed reading, the book open about two thirds of the way through. Excerpts from “The Adventures of King Jay Porter” by King Jay Porter IXX With commentary from King Jay Porter XX “The land was like nothing I had ever seen, mountains pierced with pores the led everywhere. A city of dwarves. However, they worshipped Glod not, yet still I could profit from them.” This quote matches the description of King Forde and his conquering of Solis. He obviously intended to extend the size of Valland, but later will prove to fail. I believe he intended to become important enough to convince their King to join him. “However, soon after my arrival, the dwarves began a war with a great power. Even their small frontal army was nothing compared to that of the entire dwarven army. Loss after loss, death after death, I needed a way to save my investment.” He was willing to do anything for profit, even if it would cost most more. He began to study books of religion and war and magic, until he came across a record that proved worthwhile. “I read a book named ‘The Magic of Days Past’ and it read: ‘There was a great demon named Formitiis who once every few hundred years would make a portal and plague the world. A group of great heroes would close the portal every time. Formitiis learned patience and struck as a land named Magvel and another named Neganland were warring with one another and a group of pirates. As the three worked together and attempted to freeze the portal, it was too late. However, they were partially successful, and the world collapsed and began again, the people with faint memories of their past existence. Formitiis was sealed back into his dimension, unable to break through, although help from our dimension may break the barrier. However, his summoning spell still works, but only summons Formitiis’ powerful second hand: The Desolate One. The Desolate One strikes a deal with whoever summons him to destroy a target.’” He later went on to summon the Desolate One, but it only made matters worse. The Desolate One hurt Solis even more, and was not even successful. “The time has come to run. The armies, although at great cost, have almost subdued the army of The Desolate One and will soon attack us yet again. I have begun my voyage home.” King Jay Porter IXX unleashed a great evil that killed many upon Kingstone. This is most likely the reason why Kordon attempted to murder me, believing that I was the one who did this, not my father. The Desolate One may have something to do with the halvening, but I am not sure. THIS IS A LETTER TO KINGSTONE SEND DIRECTLY TO KING FORDE FROM KING JAY PORTER XX OF VALLAND Kordon has attempted to murder myself in my private library. Three of my men are missing limbs due to his actions. The library was only meant to be accessible to me and anyone I supervise, but Kordon got in. He believes I am responsible for a great tragedy when I am not. However, Kordon sadly must be executed because he is dangerous. Tommorow morning, he will be executed unless you pay 1,000,000 Crowns. We will then discuss the specifics of what occured. However, the crowns must be paid before we will be able to let him go. My Apologies, King Jay Porter XX
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    let’s make some music

    I can do a clarinet and piano. And write the actual music.
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    Theme Songs for Factions

    An I'm working on composing a theme for Valland.