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    Theme Songs for Factions

    An I'm working on composing a theme for Valland.
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    Valland: Costly Profit

    The last thing a king was expected to do was go riding around the wilderness trading with whatever peasant he found. King Porter XX had come up with a long list of excuses in his mind as to why he was riding around the woods with goods. If I meet a new kingdom or village, it would be profitable. It is extra profit on top of what I already make. I’m scouting for more things to sell. But the King knew he just did it to get away every once in a while and remember his seemingly fading youth. He had taken a new path, as he always did, and saw a small pillar of smoke in the distance. This was common for a campfire, and unless it was an entire village, smoke meant profits. Jay pulled the reins and redirected his horse. Within minutes he came to a clearing with a sizable camp set up. A group of people sat around a fire. “Good afternoon, gentlemen.” Jay loudly said. “Hello There. Who are you?” asked a man. He wore a simple shirt and pants, but those were ripped and fading from the sun and the specks of ash on it. “I am King Jay Porter the Twentieth of Valland. I have come to sell goods.” “Ah, King Jay Porter, I have heard many rumors from sailors about the riches of your family. Why have you bothered to come to us?” “I- I enjoy occasionally coming out here to relax. Not to mention it brings more profits and helps diplomacy.” The men looked at Jay intently, obviously eyeing his attire. Jay wore the most well-made plate armor he could find and a special gold-weave pair of pants. “Well, Mr.King, sir,” started another man in the group, “Where are your shoes?” The King tried to hold back his blush. “Ah, my shoes, I have worn them as little as possible since my coronation.” “And why?” “Because I’m the King and I can and because I enjoy it. My father always forced me to look like royalty, even alone in the Palace. This makes me feel a bit more human. Anyways, I have plenty of varied goods. Have you heard of the Vallish Breed of Pigs?” . . . Jay looked up at the son and realized it was evening. These men had a surprisingly large amount of money, and they let him rant about the entire history of each item, including the 200-year Valland Royal Vodka that had been mass produced and stored in a vault for generations. Jay began to get back on his horse. “Well, I believe I must go.” “Wait, sir, it is getting late. Why not stay with us for the night?” “I-” Jay saw the first star pop up in the sky, even with the sun still up. “Very well, I guess there is no harm in staying. I am tired anyway.” Jay set up his tent, said goodnight, and tried to fall asleep. . . . A rustle to the right. A rustle to the left. A rustle behind him. Something was off. There was some type of animal surrounding his tent. He held his breath. Something was missing. His horse, no matter which horse he picked it always made some type of breathing noise. All there was was rustling, no howls, no snoring. Jay slowly unsheathed his sword. An ambush. Jay ran out of the tent, sword drawn, to reveal that the five men surrounded the tent, all with swords ready. One man was right out of the entrance and was taken off guard as a sword faintly orange from the distant fire appeared and cut off his right arm that held his sword. The man yelled in pain. The other four began charging Jay as Jay ran towards the fire. Find the horse. Find the horse. He saw a horse-sized figure a little ways from camp. That’s not where he had staked its lead to the ground. There’s the horse. There’s the horse. He came to it and saw that its throat had been slit. He turned behind him as one of the men came charging at him, sword up. The other two were farther behind. They must have tripped in the dark. Suddenly, the charging man fell to the ground. Horse blood is slippery, after all. Jay began slamming his sword down against the fallen man, who used both hands to hold his sword up. Suddenly, Jay jumped into the air and stabbed straight down, missing the defending blade and going through the man’s chest. The other two were close. Jay took the sword of the man whose blood was now mixed with that of a horse and began to charge at the two remaining. He held his swords straight to his sides and managed to slice both of them at the same time. Jay stared towards the fire as a warm liquid touched his feet. Wait. Jay swung his body and one of his blades directly behind him, catching another. There were 5, I killed 4. Jay swung his left blade down and his right blade to the left, the downstroke caught by the man's sword, the other cutting his abdomen. The man grunted and trusted is sword right into Jay’s chest. The sword was pushed to the side by the plate armor of Jay. Jay crossed both swords against each other and put them against the man’s neck. He dropped the sword and put his hands up. “I surrender! I surrender!” “A good choice,” Jay said. . . . The search party was small and mainly present as a precaution. Jay planned to be back two days earlier, but probably just spent a bit more time wherever he went. One group of three horsemen was traveling through the woods when they saw the gleam of gold. It was Jay and another man each carrying a large amount of bags. The man with Jay had his hands tied. The lead horseman got off his horse. “My King, let me assist you with these profits.” “Thank you very much, sir. You two, take this man to the dungeon under Conspiracy to Murder the King and Attempted Murder of the King. You, take me back to the palace and call off the search.” Jay and the horseman rode off. “So, my King, what had taken you so long?” “Well, I came across a camp of five men…”
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    Live Auction, 8/18/18 at 1 EST

    The First Everneth Auction House During this season, many have started random auctions in chat for items. For this reason, I am organizing The Evernethian Auction House! This is an event where anyone is allowed to put anything up for auction as long as they sign up the items they wish to sell. The event will take place on Saturday, August 18, 2018, at 1 PM EST at the Colleseum. To add your items to the auction, contact 20JPorter through this post or on Discord. No fees will be charged. This is a privately run event by 20JPorter and not run by Par. Current Lineup (Subject to Change) in Order: 2 Groups of 4 Protection IV books (Pie) 2 Groups of 32 Iron Blocks (Pie) 2 Groups of 55 Wee- I mean Kelp Blocks (Pie) 1 Free Redstone Device from Rex Corp. (Rex) 2 Groups of 9 Stacks of Spruce Logs (Pie) 5 Stacks of Oak Logs (Pie) 4 Shulker Boxes (Pie) 27 Mending Books (OK)
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    Live Auction, 8/18/18 at 1 EST

    Was the auction a success? We had a great number of people show up and bid and we had some fun while doing it. If you were to ask me, it was a success because more people showed up than I anticipated. However, the items themselves often did not sell at all largely due to many repeating items and bulk items. If you ask many of the people who came, they might say it was a failure because there was nothing they wanted to buy. Next time, I will be sure to put a deadline on entries and better use my right to deny entries for the sake of time and repetition. I will also seek out people with specific items to auction off in order to create a larger variety of items.
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    Valland: The Coronation

    Even with the city in rambles, almost all of the population turned up for the Coronation of King Jay Porter XX. After a week of grieving and preparations, Valland gathered together for a simple event that would bring a new era to their Kingdom. A purple carpet adorned with rubies and sapphires was laid out with guards on either side acting as a barrier between the citizens and where the future King will set foot. The crowd formed hours before noon when the Coronation would occur. But when the sun hit its peak, a rumbling in the distance was heard. It became louder until a covered chariot stopped at the beginning of the carpet. Prince Porter set foot on the carpet and began to walk slowly as the crowd around him cheered loudly. Jay was visibly attempting to not cover his ears, but halfway through, he held his hands up to his ears. The crowds quickly silenced. Sighing in relief, the Prince continued the needlessly long trek to the steps of the Throne Room. Finally, he reached the end of the carpet. Keshi Waawaashi stood there with the crown. In Valland, the only religious leader above the others is the King, so it was the custom for the second highest in command to crown the next King. His father’s Chief Economic Advisor had died in the Halvening, leaving his choice, Keshi, to crown him. The Prince looked at the crown, as he did so many times as a child. It was a very curious object, each past King adding his own unique part to it. His father had told him it was surprisingly light and suspected that the gold used was not pure. He looked at Keshi, who was nervously sweating; it was rare for even partial cervitaurs to sweat. The Prince mouthed “it’s okay” to Keshi before turning around to the thousands of people before him. The crowd remained silent. “I am Prince Jay Porter the Twentieth. My father and half of our families have tragically died to move on to Glod’s Holy Land of Profit. Chief Economic Advisor Castellano has also died, leaving my good friend Keshi to crown me today.” He looked over his shoulder and nodded to Keshi. “Profits to Glod!” Jay yelled. “Profits to Glod!” The crowd replied. The crown was now on his head. “I saw this as a new person, for I am no longer Prince but King of Valland: Profits to Glod!” “Profits to Glod!” the crowd replied. “Now let us feast!” The new King led Valland into a new era of prosperity. He was forced to rebuild a broken city and people, but they thrived. As it turns out, half the population dying helped the economy over time due to lower rent and more food. They became the greatest port in the world. That is, before the war (With Kingstone)...
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    Valland: The Halvening

    Some say a horrible disease. Others a punishment from Glod. In the twenty third year of the reign of King Jay Porter IXX, a great disease broke out in Valland, killing everyone infected after days or even weeks of suffering. The disease killed exactly half of the population of Valland and wore the city down both physically and economically. The cause is unknown, but the circumstances seem to point to a single event. Earlier that same year, King Porter IXX set off to explore new lands and profits while also letting his son, Prince Jay Porter XX, learn to rule without his guidance. The King was gone for a month, and when he returned never spoke of it, only leaving a book of his travels in the King’s Library, which may only be accessed by the King himself or anyone he specifically permits. Three days after his return, his favorite female servant was the first to become infected. She had been summoned to the King’s room the night prior. Quickly, the disease spread throughout Valland, killed half of the population, and then dissipated. The effects of the disease were horrible. The first stage was sores appearing all over the body and nausea. The second stage was indicated by bleeding all over the skin and constant vomiting. The third stage was where the person’s body collapsed into dust. This third stage is very similar to Glod’s wrath in the Ecotorah. After the plague ended, King Jay Porter IXX went to a balcony to speak to the people when suddenly he flaked into dust. Perhaps it was Glod, perhaps the disease was slower, but King Jay Porter XX was crowned King of Valland at the young age of 19.
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    Valland Applications

    Didn't get into Kingstone? Want to be rich? You have come to the right place! I am King Jay Porter XX of Valland and am here to guide you on your quest for power, glory, and most of the Land of the Glod of Profits. So, how could you profit from joining Valland? You could help make Valland great again, creating a very large amount of profit for yourself. You will work with only the second-best people in Everneth to create a glorious empire- maybe even greater than Kingstone. So how does one join? Apply! How? Here is the format to comment below! Name: Roleplay Name (Gamertag) Link to your character profile Explanation of why you should be chosen Build Screenshot Profitable Idea Once you have completed this, you will be asked a question from the Ecotorah and possibly other questions to further gauge your eligibility. If there is a question of your PvP skill, a PvP test will be planned. I'll give an example of an application of my own: King Jay Porter XX (20JPorter) My Character Profile I should be chosen due to fact that I am not only the King, but the one who chooses. I am mediocre at PvP, building, redstone but experienced. Building Valland is profitable. Duh. It literally means value land.
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    Valland Applications

    Beo has been ACCEPTED Into Valland. May we profit greatly.
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    Valland Applications

    Luvion has been ACCEPTED Into Valland. Congratulations.
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    Valland Applications

    Aguanga has been ACCEPTED Into Valland. You may choose to join now or wait for a Kingstone response. However, in order for Kingstone to respond Valland must reach 6 members.
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    1000 Posts Game

    24 Batter down the door
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    Valland: A Deer Friend

    Fire has always been a peculiar thing; in good times, it brings destruction and death, in bad times warmth, safety, survival. This was a rare instance, however, where there was a good fire in a good time. King, or rather Prince at this time, Jay Porter XX was on his horse searching for new profit with new people in the woods not too far from Valland. But in the sky, almost within a moment, a dark streak appeared, moving with the wind. Jay was soon Galloping towards definite destruction, the light of which was becoming visible. But as he reached the site of the light, he was met by a thick wall of brush. I can’t get through with a horse, Jay thought. Horse fastened to a tree, he began working through the wall between him and destruction. As he finally got through, his heart sank as he saw an entire village burn down. But the ground near the massive fire had innumerable boot prints in the mud. It rained yesterday, these are fresh. But aside from the popping of wood, it was silent. Still. Nothing stirred. “Hello?” Jay called out, “Anyone here? I have arrived in order to assist whoever is in need- for a price, of course.” A bush stirred from across the clearing. “You, in that bush, please come out, I have no intent to harm you.” Suddenly, at least 70 people came out from the bushes. But they weren’t human. One walked forwards, two other following it. Their leader. As Jay approached them, their figures became more detailed. They were like nothing Jay had seen or even heard of before. They had horns, not sharp, but smooth like that of a reindeer, and skin with light fur in other spots. Whatever they are, they have the decency to wear clothes. Jay put out a hand. Their leader, a female, shook his hand. “I am Prince Jay Porter of Valland, who may you be?” “I am Keshi Waawaash of Ishkode.” “And is this your village?” “Yes.” “Who set it on fire?” “We all did.” Jay looked to his right for a second. Keshi continued. “We needed to clear the land for a better planned village.” “If it weren’t for the fact that the smoke all appeared at once I wouldn’t believe you. But I do. Now, if you don’t mind my asking, what are you?” “We are… we don’t exactly have a real name for our race. We are partial cervitaurs, in other words, half deer-people half human.” “Ah, I see, thank you. Could I see the plans for the village?” Keshi took Porter to a small hut where she had a book containing all the plans for a city. They talked for a long while, about the city, about themselves, about their histories. But when the night came, Jay pointed out one crucial thing. “You are aware this forest can’t give you all the materials you need for this city, correct?” Keshi sighed. “There is no way we can stay secluded and have enough materials to sustain ourselves. My people are questioning if we should remain in isolation or go join a real Kingdom. We are part deer, so we are supposed to enjoy isolation.” “But you are also part man, so you enjoy company. I’ll be honest, Valland needs a decent City Planner, so I’m willing to make a deal. In exchange for your joining of Valland, I will hire you, and at good pay, as a City Planner while giving your people all the land and materials they need for this village. You will represent your people in our government, and have all the rights and protection as all Vallandians.” “I’ll- I’ll have to think on that tonight, it’s late anyways, you can stay in this hunt for the night.” “Thank you.” The sun rose, and as Jay walked out of the tent, he was met with Keshi, holding a bag. “I’ve decided to join you.”
  13. After much deliberation, it has been decided that Valland will take Project Mending as a Vassal. It has been decided mutually profitable, for Valland by expanding it’s Kingdom and population, and for Anduril, the new official name of Project Mending, joining the fame of the Ports of Valland. Momo (Pie) has been made an Admiral of Valland. An Admiral is an equivalent of a Governer. Noah Hansen (Noah) has been given the title of "Konartist" This is due to an unusual demand within the merging agreement. Admiral Momo and KHAAAAANNNArtist Noah are now official members of Valland. On other news, the new currency of Valland is the Valland Value, the value of which is held up with bluesteel.
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    Valland Applications

    Medo (OK8) has been REJECTED Sadly, due to past experience and a ban history, I must reject him. My apologies.
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    Valland Applications

    Keshi Waawaash (boofsly) has been ACCEPTED into Valland. Hopefully, she will write masterful pieces of writing that are very profitable. And don't involve Icarus and me.
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    Sign Ups: Housing District Build Comp

    20JPorter 45, 64, 300 a. 30x30 b. 8/25/18 c. Everyone active and whitelisted
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    Notice From Ghat/Valland

    Attention to all in the world, Ghat is now known as Valland according to my order, XX-42, and it shall be known that any instance of writing in which "Ghat" is used, it should be replaced or understood to be "Valland." - King Jay Porter XX of Ghat Valland
  18. (This Document will be edited over and over again.) Books: The Rules of Acquisition (From Star Trek, there is a list), Origin, Travels, Profits Rules of Acquisition: These are the holiest of the texts, although not all have been recovered. Kings may add one on their deathbeds. Origin: Chapter 1: 1 In the beggining Glod created profit and the heavens and the Earth for His profit. 2 He made the ground full of valuable ores and the oceans to travel on. 3 He then created the plants to create valuable fruits and materials and the fish of the sea to provide valuable food. 4 He then created animals for their valuable eggs and milk and skin and meat. 5 But he realized He needed something to collect these profit so he could profit glory from His work, so he began on man. 6 He made fifty men and fifty women, and they were very valuable. They collected and built and traded, profiting for themselves and for Glod's glory. 7 However, after 700 years passed, these 100 men and women became 1000, and these 1000 shared everything, making no profit. 8 Glod then was very angry and was near killing them all. 9 But Glod saw a community of 100 people who still profited, so he struck down the rest and let the others remain. However, these 100 had previously sinned and were part of the Commune, so they were cursed with mortal lives. 9 These 100 spread and filled the Earth with profits. 10 Glod then saw a group of people were settling a city and knew it would be profitable. It was led by Coinham. 11 And Glod went down to Coinham in the form of a burning donkey and said "Coinham, who am I?" And Coinham replied "A donkey speaking with tongues of fire?" 12 Glod said "No, for I am a sign from the Glod of Profits." 13 Coinham bowed and took off his sandals. 14 Glod said "You and this land are blessed with wealth, along with your sons for eternity. This entire valley is holy ground, and you may not wear shoes in it." 15 And Coinham built the city and it was profitable Chapter 2: 1 After 7 years, Glod called Coinham to the mountains and said "Coinham, rules must be made in order to further our profit. 2 First, put nothing above profit but I, Glod of Profits, for Profit is greatest and I am Profit. 3 Second, put nothing above yourself but profit, and third, put nothing above family but profit and self. 4 Fourth, do not steal another man's property or money but by means of competition and profit. 5 Fifth, one must obey their parents and elders unless it interferes with profit. 6 Sixth, do not forsake profit, for this is the only sin unable to be sacrificed away. 7 Seventh, give a tenth of your profit to the Holy Merchants, for they must spread the word of Profit. 8 Eighth, do not murder. Ninth, do not fornicate. Tenth, never leave the Glod of Profits, for he never ends." 9 So Coinham spread the word and the people rejoiced. 10 The sacrificial system was set up to forgive sins, where one sacrificed according to their profit. 11 And the City of Profitecca grew and profited greatly, along with King Coinham Chapter 3: 1 The time came that war was inevitable, and the warriors of Profitecca gathered along with King Coinham and Glod of Profits told Coinham 2 "This is the word of myself, Glod of Profits. The enemy will try to take everything you hold dear. Follow my commands and put profit first, and you will profit greatly. 3 However, if one man does not try to profit, he and two others will be struck down with the sword." 4 And Coinham told the others what Glod had said. 5 So the time came for battle, and the enemy army of 10,000 met the 1,000 warriors of Profitecca. The warriors fought and profited from the belongings of their slain enemies. 6 King Coinham himself fought and struck down 100 men, then came upon the king of the enemy who they had conquered. 7 Coinham let the King leave with all of his belongings in exchange for never returning. 8 Glod came to Coinham in a vision and asked "Why have you forsaken profit? 9 You have let their King leave without losing a dime." 10 "My Glod," said Coinham, "I have assuredly profited from that exchange." 11 "How so?" Glod asked. 12 "They would come back with 100,000 men, whose bodies would need to be disposed of, which would lose profit, for it would take the city a year to clean." 13 And the vision ended and Coinham rejoiced along with the Priests. 14 Then the profits of Profitecca increased tenfold. Chapter 4: 1 But the time came where the king of the enemy had passed away and a new king began conquering all of the lands. 2 When the men of Profitecca heard of the size of the enemy and their power, they were fearful. 3 And King Coinham said "This is the word of the Glod of profits, He will guide you and protect you as long as you put profit first." 4 And the army of the enemy arrived and the army of 1,000,000 met the army of 1,000. 5 However, 333 of the Warriors of Profitecca turned against profit and suggested surrender. 6 As the battle continued, the million were no longer a million, but the Warriors of Profitecca began to be defeated until all that was left was Coinham. 7 And for 10 days he held back and fought the enemy army away until they retreated. 8 However, Coinham returned home without profiting from the bodies of those he had slain, and as he returned home to his wife and son, he was struck by Glod. 9 And immediately, he saw a vision. 10 He saw a throne of a material he had never seen, but the glory of Glod's profit gleamed from it. 11 "You have forsaken me, Coinham." Glod said. 12 "I could not profit off all of those bodies! If my men had listened, they would do it with me!" 13 "You have made the same mistake as they. 14 However, there is hope in the future you in your profits have foreseen. 15 Your hope in this has saved you into eternal profits. 16 However, you must die, but when you die your son, Dollham will receive a book of the Rules of Acquisition. 17 He will pass these down for generations, but Profitecca will not stand, 18 for the army will return and destroy it. 19 However, your profits are in a holy place that only a king of your bloodline can open. 20 This is the Word of the Glod of Profits, and this is written in a separate page your son will receive." 21 And the Word of Glod became true, and the Royal Family of Dollham retreated with very little, forced to begin making profits with nothing. 22 And for 5 generations the Royal Family traded and sold while traveling and received the universal surname of Porter. 22 However, all of the riches had been stored in a vault that was heavily guarded with traps. 23 And with the riches was the Sword of Coinham, which he used to kill a million men. Travels: Chapter 1: 1 In the days of Joseph Porter I, the Porter family was large and rich, yet had no home. Their caravan was large, but famous. 2 So Joseph, head of the Porter Clan, asked Glod "Lord, how may we profit more for your glory? 3 For we empty the savings of entire cities and cannot profit more." 4 And this was the response of Glod of Profits: "You have followed the Rules of Acquisition and my first 10 commands. 5 You have profited greatly, and greater than any other. 6 You must build a city by the coast I will show you, making blessed profits along the way. 7 But behold, you are the holiest of your clan, and your family has not obeyed my commands. 8 Therefore, it will be 40 years of wandering before you arrive at your new city and this generation will have passed. 9 But your son, who you have named Joseph, will lead the city of Acquis to great profits. 10 the city will be flowing with gold and fruit and it will be very profitable." 11 And Joseph I told the clan, and the clan resented. 12 And Joseph I said " Is it not your sins that condemn you to not see these great riches? 13 For you have not obeyed Glod's Commands and are condemned to death!" 14 But half of the clan started a revolution against their leaders and began to attack the other half. 15 But the half that rebelled were not successful in revolting, for they never broke a twig or bone. 16 And half of the half that revolted faded away into flakes. 17 And Joseph I said "This is the word of Glod: 'Run from me, dread me, profit still arrives.' For Glod is profit, and any who oppose Him will flake away in their sins." 18 And a vortex of gold led the clan where they were to go. Chapter 2: 1 And during the travels, Joseph picked a young man, John, to be his heir. 2 And on the third year, the clan came into a city with no name. 3 And the clan profited greatly, 4 for they bought product at a tenth of the price and sold for ten times their price. 5 And the products were very valuable, including jewelry like none other and a silk as soft as air. 6 And the clan continued on. However, the clan came to a desert the next day, which Glod told them to go through. 7 But half of the Clan wished to return to the nameless city instead. 8 Then John spoke and said "This is the Word of Glod: 'All who follow my Profits even into the desert will profit greatly, 9 but all who return to the city will find but dust and become as the city.'" 9 However, half of the clan returned to the city while the other half stepped into the desert and fasted for 10 days. 10 However, on the tenth night, Glod gave Joseph and John a vision. 11 A grand city stood before them, tall with structures like no other. 12 And a voice told them "This is a city with great structures, but behold, no profit. 13 Without profit, the city will fade into dust, along with those who do great things but do not follow Me. 14 Stop fasting and continue, for the half of the clan that left has faded into dust." 15 And the clan continued into the desert, finding plentiful fruit of all sorts, jewels of immense value, and thread as thin as air. 16 And the Clan profited greatly in the desert for 10 years. Chapter 3: 1 And once the ten years ended, the Clan came to an unpassable river. 2 And Joseph and John prayed for a way across the river and fasted for three days. 3 On the third night, Glod came to Joseph and John in a vision. 4 "Behold," said Glod, "I have led you to a river that I have commanded you to pass and have not. Why?" 5 "My Glod," said Joseph, "If we were to cross the river, we would most assuredly die." 6 And Glod said "You have had no faith in Me and have failed to cross the river. I will make a way that you may have faith in, but at a cost. 7 Joseph shall never enter the land of profits." 8 And the Clan crossed the river and profited for 17 years. 8 And the Clan came to a great city named Babyland, with a great army, and Glod directed the Clan through. 9 But the guards did not let them enter the city, so Joseph asked Glod "Shall we fight?" 10 And Glod said to do so. 11 And for 10 years the Clan fought through the lands of Babyland with no fatalities. Chapter 4: 1 And then the Clan came to the entrance to the Promised Land of Profits. 2 But Joseph could not enter, and Joseph began to become sick. 3 And Joseph said to John "I don't feel so good" and faded into dust. 4 And John settled a city named Glodia, and it was very profitable. 5 And Glod came to john in a vision and said "I am Glod, and you will be the king of Glodia, but also add to the Rules of Aquisition as I direct you." 6 And John led Glodia to great profits and wrote many wise things. Profits: Chapter 1: 1 These are the words of King John I of Glodia brought to him by the Glod of Profits. 2 These are words of wisdom to help any man profit. 3 Profit is the best provision for old age, Money is best for the future. 4 Profit leads to happiness which leads to others being happy, Profit is the key to the joy of everyone. 5 More valuable is a penny today than tomorrow, money loses value but materials and gold doesn't. 6 War is good for profits, your enemy is the step to riches. 7 Peace is good for profits, trade with a friend is a step to riches. 8 For peace and war must be balanced, for too much of one makes you unprepared for the other. 9 When demand is high, raise your prices, when demand is low, raise them further. 10 A drop of water every day for a year profits more than a bucket all at once. 11 Beware of Sadin, for he is the enemy of Glod. Sadin will lead you to sin as he did even Coinham. 12 For sin is the lock of the gate to Glod's Holy Land of Profits. 13 Death is profitable, even if it is your own; risking your life for profit is a holy death. 13 And profits are the key to life, and money the open door to happiness. Chapter 2: 1 One should love profit above all else, so that they may afford to love themselves and love others. 2 For one must make himself happy in order to truly make others happy, and money is happiness; 3 profit helps everyone involved with it. 4 Hire the needy without food, shelter those without work. 5 If one is without a leg, have him cook; if one is without an arm, have him walk. 6 For all have the ability to profit, and without profit, nobody survives. 7 So if there is a beggar by the gate, beg him to plant, if there is a blind man, see that he may speak for profit. 8 For those who give force profit onto those who don't work, and without work, nobody survives. 9 For money is happiness, along with love, worship, and nature. 10 For all was made by Glod, but only Gold and Man were made in Glod's image. 11 If there is one among you who is not human, they are still a man with a soul, for Glod made them. 12 Therefore, even the faries among you must work and profit. Chapter 3: 1 Loyalty brings many profits, a good friend much gold. 2 Charge a friend no intrest on a loan, for when they profit you profit. 3 Your love for your spouse should be second only to profit, for when love is lost, profit is lost. 4 All who reject profit fall into the eternal pit, all who don't follow Glod die into eternal pain. 5 But all have sinned and fall short of the Profits of Glod. 6 But in the future Glod will send a King of all Kings to bring Profit to all who follow Him. 7 And the King will suffer greatly and die so all may profit. 8 Education is a worthy investment, for your children will bring you profit. 9 Entertain yourself with all moral things, but do not disobey the commands of Glod. 10 Take everything you enemy has if they die, for their profits have been accounted for by Glod. 11 Knowledge is the gate to wisdom, and wisdom the entrance to profits. 12 Admire nature, for the Earth is the canvas of Glod. Chapter 4: 1 If one among you commits a crime, let them work and not die. 2 For unless a man may kill another while imprisoned, it profitable to have them make you money. 3 If a foreigner comes and asks to join you, allow him and rejoice. 4 Do not let profit keep you from purchasing items, for fear of spending money ruins the economy. 5 Like honey is to a bear, sweet words are to a customer. 6 Do not advertise falsely, for a poor reputation brings no profits. 7 Rember a mortal is mortal when making a long-term investment. 8 Loyalty to your employer is profitable, loyalty to your employee brings harder work. 9 One must reap to sow, and plow to reap; Laziness prevents profits. 10
  19. Name: Jay Porter Title: King of Valland Background: Jay Porter was born to Jay Porter, son of Jay Porter, of Jay Porter, of Jay Porter; He is the twentieth Jay Porter in his family. His family ruled Valland and the seas since it's creation. The name Jay Porter holds a special significance in the world of merchants; it is estimated the King of Valland receives a quarter of all the money and goods traded in the entire Ghat Sea per year. Jay Porter was raised like any prince and was treated greatly and even had the entire collection of the Ecotorah- including the Rules of Acquisition. At 13, a great disease swept Valland, killing King Jay XVIII and then, a week later, King Jay IXX, leaving Jay Porter XX as the king. Although Horace said "Pale death beats equally at the poor man's gate and at the palaces of kings," the palace was the area of least death; exactly half of Valland's population died. For the first few years of his reign, King Jay XX quickly rebuilt the city. Although men may die, gold didn't, and Jay inherited the great Royal Treasury, that he was to make a mark on. Jay was raised to love in this order: Love profit, then self, then others. Jay always followed this idea as stated in the Ecotorah in Profit 3:1-3: "One should love profit above all else, so that they may afford to love themselves and love others. For one must make himself happy in order to truly make others happy, and money is happiness; profit helps everyone involved with it." Therefore, Jay will act according to these principles in this order. Skills: Jay can make money and convince anyone to buy anything at a reasonable price. Jay is well educated, but in a focus on the Profitical Teachings.
  20. I have, after a long break, decided to come back and join the Roleplay. Therefore, I have decided to join the Roleplay, hoping to get closer to the fun that the OG roleplay was. Jay Porter, for many years, traveled the globe to obtain riches and did so. However, even with the greatest riches, most food and drinks, and a tough little ship, he never could find true satisfaction. He came across Solis, seeing that it was in dire need of assistance. With his money, he had bought and read many books on military strategy and naval combat. He decided to ask the rulers of Solis to join them in this following letter To the Enlistment Division of Solis, from Captain Jay Porter I have, in my travels, come across your nation, which, in complete honesty, is in dire need of help. Hence, I request that I join your nation as a naval leader and leader in general. I am the captain of the Defiant, a small but powerful ship that has survived even an attack from the Great Pirate Fleet of Qih. I have great knowledge of the seas and of naval combat. Therefore, I request that I be given the title of Admiral and ships to command. I have decided to help due to the fact that I have nothing else to do; Trade by sea is monotonous. Thank you, Captain Jay Porter Jay Porter is of an unknown race, for he was dropped off at the door of a new couple anonymously. He was, at some point, given a blue suit that could never come off and sealed itself over time. (I can't change my skin). His future? It is yet to be decided. May the dice of fate roll in his favor.
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    PokeyMans, by 20Corp

    Have you ever wanted to collect PokeyMans? Now you can! At -250 60 there is the PokeyMans Store! Selling Charilards, Espios and even our Lord Buhdood, plus more! Come on down to the Pokeyball!
  22. After school has started, I have decided to step back, but also make some diamonds out of it. I will remain in Discord and may occasionally return. So now to get to the part most are curious about. I will auction off Ghat and all of the items in it on Saturday, September 16 at 3:00 EST. It will probably be held at or near Parliament. Feel free to snoop around Ghat, the city at about -250, 800, to see what it holds. Now to discuss what is in the deal for you: Ghat: This is the city I have called my base since this map first started. It consists of multiple buildings, three small boats, and a few docks. It has also been designed to be a PvP Minigame of sorts: The minigame has two teams: The Attackser and the Defenders. The Attackers sleep on an island or coast or boat just outside of Ghat and boat into battle. The goal is to capture all 5 points by replacing the orange wool with the white wool in the adjacent chest within a limited amount of time. The Defenders sleep in Ghat and defend Ghat until time runs out or all the points are captured. They can't re-capture points. Both teams have unlimited respawns, but may have limited materials. So basically, it is a good investment for a party searching for materials or a PvP Minigame.
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    Ultra Hardcore Season VII Signups

    Sign me up
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    It's my birthday!

    What the title said
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    A Survey of My Term in Par

    As many of you know, my term in Parliament is ending at the end of this month, and in a few days, I will be off on a plane to North Carolina, effectively ending my term a bit early (Also note I probably won't be able to make it to the Passing of the Blades). I want to know how well I did during this term so I can help future members of Par and/ or become a better member of Par if re-elected in the future. You may also leave comments down below on what I did well and what could be improved. Thank you, it has been a great three months.