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  1. FearlessPie121


    1) Choco Zucaritas con Malvaviscos (Mexican Frosted Flakes w/ Marshmallows :P) 2) Chocolate Chex Mix 3) Koko Crunch Get your silly American non-chocolate cereals out of here.
  2. FearlessPie121

    Season 5 Base Update!

    that looks amazing. What blocks are you using?
  3. FearlessPie121

    Kingstone Quest: Board 1

    These still viable or nah?
  4. FearlessPie121

    Everneth's Eighth Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    I nominate that Sybillian guy
  5. FearlessPie121

    Favorite Coffee Place?

    I like Starbucks because I get lots of gift cards from it. My favorite is the [anything that isn't coffee or a cup of ice].
  6. FearlessPie121

    Minecraft update 1.13

    I like the new blocks. Lots of opportunity with them
  7. FearlessPie121

    Icarus recalls the past... [Season 4]

    World Tour video when?
  8. FearlessPie121

    The Unofficial Official Everneth Prank War is About to Begin!

    asking for a friend, but where does Yogi live on the server?
  9. FearlessPie121


    We actually do have several fortresses optimized for skull farming and wither killing. They're just not advertised as well.
  10. FearlessPie121

    Why the Disorder?

    This is a necro I know, but we tried order and it devolved to what we have now. The current system is less of a headache to everyone and allows for more creativity. We will definitely try for better roads tho so we can avoid cramped areas
  11. FearlessPie121

    A Great Empire Expands into Everneth.

    I like how we have to Roleplay an actual castle as well! In all seriousness I actually cant wait to see what the final product in 1.13 will be. I see lots of thought put in.
  12. FearlessPie121

    In game shopping center?

    Our trading center is manual and built on community trust. It's rather populated with anything from Fireworks, mending, mob deliveries, to upskirts
  13. FearlessPie121

    1000 Posts Game

    Forums have been slightly dead for a while so let's try to revive them a little as we anticipate for 1.13. You've all heard the song 12 Days of Christmas, well let's try to do something similar with 1000 posts! Rules of the Game: We start with the number 0 and slowly post our way down to 1000. You reply in the format "(Number)[Phrase]" Try to make them catchy or at the very least not too boring. Only game posts only please. ie: Pie- 0 to Hero Ajit_Pie- 1 We are Number One Let's Start ========================================================== 0 to Hero
  14. FearlessPie121

    Loden and the Desolate One

    They say the Desolate One did not fully act alone. Many moons ago, he made a pact with Lord Porter of Ghat. Lord Porter was an ambitious man who had powers that that rivaled the daemon king. When they didn't, he would soon find a reason to add upon his multitude to strengths and become godlike. Thirsty for more power, he led the Desolate One to the land of Everneth to reap the land of its riches. Porter had taken the responsibility of summoning the daemon Formitiis during preparations for the spawn attack. Halfway through building the magic circle, he decided to take a break. No one knows why but immediately he began construction of another project: The Enterprise. It was a large vessel that he praised many uses for. Alas, this too he grew slack on and never finished. Lord Porter suddenly renounced his Lordship over Ghat and disappeared, leaving his many commitments unfinished. The Enterprise grew to be an eyesore and was smelted down for metal in the daemon armory. No one knows where Lord Porter is now. Some say he died. Others say he found a woman at a literature club and eloped. His legacy however has gone to where all the great antagonists have gone, the Recycle Bin. With his absence, the daemon Formitiis withered away in the void and the Desolate Two became the Desolate One.
  15. FearlessPie121

    Winter Build Competition

    The intent for this one was for people to have fun building and get recognized/rewarded for it. I kept the theme specific enough for the holiday season, but broad enough so I wouldn't get several renditions of Christmas trees. Winter/Christmas/(other Holidays like Hanukkah) is generally what the theme entails.