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  1. ==================================================================== That's right. It's what you've all been waiting for (Mostly Stark)! Pie's second 1.12 Build Competition! I've constantly been asked when I'd make this post and I've only just found the time to do so. Without further adeu, the theme for this competition is... Sky Islands Sign up here! ==================================================================== "Wait what?" I hear you asking. "You promised us a surprise twist! Islands in the air aren't very surprising or all that challenging," you probably screamed into your mom's computer screen. Well that's not the special rule I mentioned. The special twist is that you are not allowed to use green grass blocks. To clarify, here is a picture of what block I'm exactly talking about. It's not a 'major' twist if you are still disappointed, buut it is guaranteed to challenge many of our builders as it seems almost everyone chooses to build in forested grass areas. By taking out this staple block that many take for granted, it could heavily change the flora and fauna of your island. Podzol, Mycelium, Sand, Netherrack, End Stone, or maybe something else; use whatever substitute block you can find! I can't wait to see what applicants can come up with! ==================================================================== Location This competition will take place on the very barren and very empty ocean that is found West of Spawn. Builds must be placed at least 100 blocks away from the shore of spawn or else Int will have permission to cut off blocks until the distance is met. Builds must have an X-value no farther than X:-900 Builds must have a Z-value in between Z: -100 and Z: 300 Builds must have a Y-value greater than Y:64 to qualify as an island For reference, the westernmost block on spawn's shore is X: -322/ Y:63/ Z: 200 ==================================================================== Rules You must sign up to enter the competition Interior will be allowed to chop blocks off of builds until they meet the 100 block distance requirements Builders will not be allowed to use Grass Blocks. (Other dirt variants are okay) Builds have a 50x50 (X/Z) size limit. Height (given it stays above water level) is irrelevant. Follow the guidelines written in the "Location" section above. Keep it friendly Do not grief Do not plagiarize (this includes using Schematica to copy builds not originally made by the applicant) * Pie has absolute and final say in all and any arguments or questions that occur in the competition. The competition starts the moment this entire post is posted. Build Competition will end on September 30 and voting will be available shortly after People who vote more than twice will have all previous votes voided. Post-Competition, incomplete entries deemed as "ugly for the ocean's environment" are allowed to be taken down by Int given Pie's permission and notice. Completed entries are not subject to this rule. Do not break the Everneth Charter Blatantly breaking the above rules will result in disqualification and the build may be taken down as consequence. Exploitation of loopholes will be counted as 'blatant'. *a 15 diamond reward will be awarded to anyone who PMs me on discord @CowardlyCake212 with substantial proof for any violations to Rule 8 ==================================================================== Judging Unlike past competitions that were hosted by Interior, this one is hosted wholly by me so the judging for builds this time around will most likely be done by both myself and the community. The scores will be the average judge score added to the community votes. Community: Everyone gets two votes To vote, sign a book and quill and place it inside a voting chest in front of the build (will be placed after Sept 30) All who vote once will receive a 5 diamond refund from Pie himself after the competition You may vote for the same person twice Judge Rubric: (Currently I'm the only Judge. Subject to change) Island Structure- (2 Points) It looks like an actual floating island that was ripped out of the ground. Has a detailed under-section as well as a detailed surface (2 points) It's a flat floating disk when seen from below. There is no under-section and the surface is just blocks placed in the air to build on (0 Points) Surface Structure- (2 points) It looks like an actual biome. It has a dynamic landscape that piques interest and begs to be explored (2 points) It's a hunk of blocks that look like an island. Landscape is very static and/or doesn't make sense with the block choice and is also boring (0 points) Pizzaz (2 points) The island has actual "stuff" on it that make it alive! Buildings, flora, details, etc, wow the viewer at the creativity taken into the theme of the build (2 points) There is no difference between the island and what one might find out in the wild in vanilla survival (0 points) Life (1 point) There is at least one live mob on the island [and it makes sense to be there] (1 point) Judge's Opinion (3 points) ==================================================================== Prizes** 3st Place- 64 Diamond Blocks 2st Place- 65 Diamond Blocks 1st Place- 128 Diamond Blocks **subject to increase at any time during the competition without notice ==================================================================== TL;DR NO SCROLL UP AND READ IT ALL YOU LAZY BUM ==================================================================== Disclaimer I do not own the Everneth logo nor do I like creepers. This is a completely independent event not sponsored by Parliament or any of the Ministries. Despite the tags under the title, there are no Loli's nor are there Tentacles guaranteed to be in this competition. Hope y'all have fun in the next month and a half btw
  2. Sky Island Build Competition Sign Ups

    READ ALL ABOUT THE COMPETITION HERE! To sign up just post a reply that answers the following in this format- Minecraft Username: Coordinates of Build: What is is the largest size your build can be? What block are you not allowed to use on your build? How far away from spawn's shore do you have to be to build? Do you unquestionably agree to all the rules? (Yes/No) *you must say "yes" to enter
  3. As the title said I just want to gauge the community if there's any interest in another build competition. The last one took off rather well and those that participated had a rather swell time. It's been a while since then and we have had a great many newcomers. I know there are things like the RP that most of the server is focused on right now so this proposed competition that I will be hosting won't be until August. After being asked to start another by my anonymous Porkacheez friend, I have several ideas and twists to this new one if people are interested. It won't be too different from the run of the mill "build this and hope to win" competitions, but don't expect me to be boring and just give a theme and coordinates to build a house/terraform. There's gonna be enough uniqueness to give even our veteran builders something they may not have done before. Oh, and did I mention the prize for winning 3rd place is planned to be a stack of Diamond Blocks!!!
  4. Build Competition Awards Announcement

    Several ties across the board with judging actually.
  5. Build Competition Awards Announcement

    Build Competition Awards ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once again, I'd like to commend all our incredible builders who signed up. We had six amazing builders in the district and all of their builds turned out spectacular! Now, I know you all didn't come here to watch me ramble again about the competition so let's just cut to the chase! Community Favorite: LadyStark [141, 65, 288] Third Runner-Up: Kaddaschatzi (Kathi) [60, 190] Second Runner Up: sam8ddd [170,70, 237] First Place: LadyStark [141, 65, 288] Congratulations to all of our winners! While all of the entries were superb, these few in particular managed to blow away both the Judges and myself. Your respective prizes have been placed at your builds. To all of the Contestants: Thank you for showing such great support and enthusiasm for this event and I hope to see you all (and hopefully even more people) in the next one! To the General Public: If you haven't yet, I HEAVILY encourage you to walk around in-game and experience these amazing builds. Kathi's exterior is just [spoilers] and Sam's underground even has a [spoilers]!!!! Don't even get me started on the Interior of Stark's which is just [spoilers]. If you want the coordinates of all the other contestants they are: sam8ddd- 170 70 237 (X Y Z) Yogi- 9 64 239 Korbin- 159 64 288 Pande- 126 220 Stark- 141 65 288 Kaddaschatzi- 60 190 Until next time, FearlessPie P.S. Special thanks have to go out to _Pande_, EarthCube, GreasyTroll, Sybian, and Morgoth_LotR for being such great judges! Oh and NextelChirp too for doing that one thing.
  6. Spawner Creation Build

    How to find unloaded chunks: 1) Ignore Dynmap. It's slow to update. 2)Fly to the world border. 3) Look right or left. 4)Pick right or left. 5) Build and go.
  7. Residential Build Competition Community Voting Poll -------------------------------------------------------------------------- First off I'd like to commend all our amazing builders who signed up. We had six amazing builders in the district and all of their builds turned out amazing! Now, because of everyone's busy schedules including mine, I regrettably did not foresee the limited time people would have to vote for their favorite build. Therefore I'm extending the due date for community votes from June 5th to June 10th (Next Saturday). Please only vote once and please vote for builds you believe are actually amazing, not just your friend's build If you are not a whitelisted please do not vote. Below are screenshots submitted by our contestants: Please know that with all of our contestants entries, there is more than meets the eye. Please be encouraged to visit their builds in-game as they are much more impressive when thoroughly explored inside and out! IGN- (Coords X/[Y]/Z) sam8ddd- 170 70 237 Yogi- 9 64 239 Korbin- 159 64 288 Pande- 126 220 Stark- 141 65 288 Kaddaschatzi- 60 190
  8. The Haulani (FearlessPie's Faction)

    My faction is dead and I am the only known survivor. My goal is to assist Ilia in removing Romancia so that my people can be avenged. I am siding with Ilia because reasons that you'll have to go to the library and read my Captain's Logs about.
  9. May I ask what community farms we "lack"?
  10. The Haulani (FearlessPie's Faction)

    FearlessPie has a long novella of Captain's Logs published at the Roleplay's local libraries. I recommend hitting those up for a good enticing read but for those who just want the basic gist of who I am and what I'm doing, here it is:
  11. The Return of the Evernethian Roleplay

    I would like to contradict Governor Porter. I officially have sworn loyalty to the Emperor DPP. I have no plans whatsoever to defect. The Setreip shall remain loyal to the Romancian Empire and have no affiliation with these "Pierates". Ha! What a silly name!
  12. Residential District Build Competition

    As the rules state judges have the right to give zero points if they deem a category to be not met. As the rule/game master of this event I would say that having no interior would grant Zero points across the judges in the Interior category. We would like to see builds completed in every aspect. We would prefer not to have ornately decorated mansions that are hollow inside and vice versa.
  13. Everneth's Fifth Council Nomination

    I want to nominate chiptzel cause why not have Syb fight her waifu?
  14. The X-Farm

    Pray tell may I see what this design looks like? I doubt it will be as hyped up as you make it seem but everyday is a learning experience!
  15. Double Blaze Spawner XP Farm

    I used Nim's slime pushing blaze farm to collect the blazes. The actual on/off/kill switch was me tho. And yes it's public and VERY fast