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  • GreasyTroll4 declared King after King Faceman 'conveniently' died in potential plot for ultimate power. Warwolf595 was soon to follow. To many, 'the end of an era'.
  • Riots break out in the streets of Heuvel as many people dressed in Riot gear beat their citizens to death.
  • The resurgence of the bot 'Momo', popular among young boys, raises questions.
  • Breaking! 3 party-goers found dead in supposed Poolside Scandal.
  • P_Puddles was found strangled to death after he made one bad pun too many.
  • Aaronmango lashes out at Mojang's Lead Creative Designer, Jeb, after claiming the realm of Minecraft is headed downhill.
  • Group gathers outside town hall when city bell rings, riot then forms when they realize it's another call to vote.
  • Pandeoo caught smuggling 30 tons of shrooms, denies they belong to him.
  • Sybillian was banned from all men's bathrooms today after an alleged peeking incident.
  • DefendPopPunk has been reported missing for several months, no one has begun a search to this day.
  • Zieon was spotted cleaving watermelons on his front porch using a bush axe that eventually drew a crowd to view this spectacle.
  • Today EarthCube discovered that he had his identity stolen when reports of a "MarsCube" was arrested in Liverpool, UK and charged with 17 counts of identity fraud.
  • Pandeoo earned a place in Everneth history as his awe-inspiring account of defeating the Ender Dragon ended with his own spontaneous combustion.
  • Recent reports show that rolo_ is still not a huge can, unfortunately.
  • 20JPorter was arrested for the 18th time last night performing a ritual to resummon the demon Formitiis. Bunkmate Sybillian is not amused.
  • Parrots have been rare in the jungles lately; sources say they're hiding from Kaddaschatzi's gaze.
  • The investigation into MoAboss16's supposed "perverted nature" has hit a wall; Kaddaschatzi still swears "he made me do it!"


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  7. Please unban it was an accident I didnt mean to blow up that tower.

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  9. How did you find out about Minecraft?

    I first found out about Minecraft waaaaaay back in 2011 when I was in the Boy Scouts. A couple of my Scout friends were talking about this cool new building game that they were playing, and at first I thought it sounded incredibly stupid (yeah, ironic, I know). Some time passed and i hadn't heard from it in a while, and then one day when I was visiting another friend, he showed me this port town he was building in Minecraft, and my curiosity was piqued. Then, as soon as I got home from visiting him, I looked up Minecraft, and Paulsoaresjr's old "How To Survive and Thrive" series popped up. Ever since then I've been hooked.
  10. Community Interest in Another Build Competition?

    But this makes it no challenge and is less fun overall. The point of the original build competition was to also add life to spawn and make it look nicer while also keeping the theme of spawn (enchanted forest), as well as being a competition. There were also other factors to consider, such as environment and terraforming and whether your build could seemlessly fit in with the area around it, which is impossible on Test. Plus, the last build competition gave people weeks to get the materials they needed to build, so time is not an issue. Also, world edit in this case could be considered by some as cheating, since then it's not really "building" but rather "typing out what blocks you want to place and where in a string of commands and then hitting enter and watch your build create itself", which isn't very fun (imo).
  11. When Did You Join?

    I first started playing in 1.7.10 and haven't looked back since. Every update and adventure since then has been amazing. As for my favorite update, I would have to say 1.9 as well, for the same reasons as Kathi, but also because of Elytras, the expansion of the End, the tougher mobs, and introduction of Shulkers (which would lead to Shulker boxes in 1.11). Of course, those aren't the only reasons why I love 1.9, but those are some of the main ones.
  12. Ultra Hardcore Season VII Signups

    Name removed. Sorry buddy, maybe next time.
  13. We Have a Winner! (And Maybe a Chicken Dinner Too!) At midnight last night, our impromptu Council election - to fill an empty slot left by promoting Zieon to a permanent position, if you hadn't heard - ended, leaving us with a clear victor! Please join me in congratulating: Kaddaschatzi (Kathi) Kaddaschatzi has won the election by a whopping 13 votes, and has now earned the title and rank of Baroness! She is the second person to hold this special title, the first being sunshinemel. Make us proud, Kathi! Kaddaschatzi will be serving as a Council member from July 24th to November 30th due to the timing of the election, as stated by the Charter: Congratulations once again to our new Baroness! May she have a wondrous time serving as a Council member, and may her efforts to help make Everneth a better place be fruitful!
  14. The Pizza Box

    @Mistforts Uh, what exactly is this post, and why was it made? If you want to discuss minor things like this, we have a Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/0zdTSF2v9w0Ik1tt Otherwise, there's no need for tiny posts like this.
  15. MC Update Ideas?

    Hoooo boy. This might take a while... - A lot more structures, and not ones that are super rare like the woodland mansions, I mean like structures like the dungeons, mineshafts, or villages, where they spawn commonly and in various biomes. It would encourage a lot more exploration. - A LOT more commonly-spawning enemies (like the zombie, creeper, etc.), and not ones that are exclusive to structures, like Illagers. The current ones we have now are fine, but eventually they get boring. It would be cool to have giant scorpion mobs spawning in the deserts and mesas, or some sort of "overgrown" zombie spawning in jungles. It adds life to the world while also giving a new challenge. 1.10 sort of started doing this with the additions of Husks and Strays. - More blocks, obviously. A proper "mud" block would be cool, as would a few more prismarine variants (stone, slab, pillar, chiseled, etc.). - More tools and/or weapons. I know a trident was in the planning phase at one point as a new long-range melee weapon, but it was eventually scrapped. I think the idea still has merit. I would also love to see a "grappling hook" of some sort. Yes, I know that enderpearls exist, but I was thinking that maybe the grappling hook would allow you to stick to certain wall materials, such as wood, wool, or slime blocks (similar to the hook shot from Legend of Zelda). - LOTS of new biomes, preferably with their own unique additions (whether liquid, block, ore, mob, or structure) generating with them. it would make the world more beautiful, more alive, and would encourage exploration, especially if there's a block, ore, or mob that could only be found in that particular biome. - A few more trees. A cherry tree would be nice, and a willow tree would be right at home in a swamp. Of course, Mojang could also invent their own tree, which could look awesome. - And finally: an ocean update. As in, MASSIVE OVERHAUL. 'Nuff said.