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  1. Welcome to the forums!
  2. ...Actually, most players do agree that it does look awesome, it's just that we already had shaders on Java long before console did, sooo, yeah. As for the game: "The Java edition is being killed and Mojang is covering it up!"
  3. advancements

    I recognize those textures. Bdoubleo? Also, nice job!
  4. Welcome to the forums!
  5. Very soon, actually. Every Tuesday night we have what we call a Tuesday Update (at 11:59 PM EST), and for the next update (today's), we will be changing quite a few things, including (but not limited to) updating Dynmap to a newer build. You can read more about it here!
  6. Welcome to the forums!
  7. Welcome to the forums!
  8. Nah, it's fine.
  9. Just so you know, @Xen_, I've talked to the members of the Interior, and we agree with quite a few of your points and will be doing some clean up in the near future, not just in the Residential district, but also throughout Spawn in general. Half-chopped trees will be taken down, creeper holes will be fixed, floating blocks will be taken out, dirt pillars will be removed, decorations will be made, unused plots will be checked and, if the owner doesn't want them anymore, reopened for everyone else, and any other such eye-sores will be examined and investigated thoroughly to make sure that they are not being used for something. Rest assured, Spawn will be made great again.
  10. This sound oddly familiar......... ... ...Very familiar.
  11. Have fun! We'll still be here when you get back.
  12. Welcome to the forums!
  13. Welcome to the forums!
  14. Well, being humble helps, but so does impressing several people who saw your town and subsequently voted for you getting the award.
  15. Congratulations, @LadyStark!