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  • Infamous fiend and 'go-getter' MoAboss16 was exiled into the realm of Ban this last week. Festivals are held in honor of this wondrous event.
  • A group of cultists say the world will end on October 31st. Threats are being taken lightly.
  • There have been claims that an old, dead-looking man has been seen strolling about the Parliament gardens. Many claim it to be the Dead King Faceman, Usurper GreasyTroll4 denies claims.
  • A recent report abc has shown that the ABCs are abc starting to flood the abc forums. Technicians are abc stumped, and Warwolf595 is laughing.
  • Joseph_Hazel was fortunate enough to receive a small loan of way too much money from his parents. Complains that he is fighting the urge to not complain.
  • Stock prices rise as illegal glitch operatives are taken into custody!
  • Sybillian transcended among the clouds this past Friday, likely to never be seen again.
  • Recent climate changes show that Winter is in fact coming.
  • Crowd gathers as LARP'ers in the middle of field keep shouting 'Xanada reigns supreme!' Assumed crazy.
  • First showing of new series 'Pimp my tower' is huge success!
  • rolo_ found snorting redstone behind Parliament building after a stress-inducing item insufficiency.
  • Riots break out in the streets of Heuvel as many people dressed in Riot gear beat their citizens to death.
  • The resurgence of the bot 'Momo', popular among young boys, raises questions.
  • Breaking! 3 party-goers found dead in supposed Poolside Scandal.
  • Group gathers outside town hall when city bell rings, riot then forms when they realize it's another call to vote.
  • Pandeoo caught smuggling 30 tons of shrooms, denies they belong to him.
  • Zieon was spotted cleaving watermelons on his front porch using a bush axe that eventually drew a crowd to view this spectacle.
  • Today EarthCube discovered that he had his identity stolen when reports of a "MarsCube" was arrested in Liverpool, UK and charged with 17 counts of identity fraud.
  • Pandeoo earned a place in Everneth history as his awe-inspiring account of defeating the Ender Dragon ended with his own spontaneous combustion.
  • 20JPorter was arrested for the 18th time last night performing a ritual to resummon the demon Formitiis. Bunkmate Sybillian is not amused.


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  1. A Reset and a New Chapter

    A Reset and a New Chapter It seems like only yesterday that we started this current map. We've had some great times, shared a lot of laughs, seen a lot of members (new and old) come and go, and have seen cities and bases rise and fall. But now it's time for the next chapter. Citizens of Everneth, it is my duty as King to inform you that on October 1st, we shall be resetting the map. I know I said before that we would be making a second vote for this, but after Parliament discussed the issue and after seeing overwhelming support for the idea, we felt it was necessary to go ahead with the reset plans. Of course, there are still many things to be discussed and sorted out before the deadline hits, so until then, prepare yourself for news/rikileaks, and some public discussions on how we will proceed. I can tell you the theme for the next spawn though. That theme shall be...NO THEME! That's right, we're going back to the good ol' days of Everneth, and going back to our roots with a free-building theme for spawn. Let your imagination run wild, and may your hands make wonderfully unique buildings for Spawn City. ---<>--- ---<>--- ---<>--- Now that the reset has been announced, there is one other thing that needs to be said. When October 1st and the reset arrives, I will be effectively stepping down as King, and Faceman will be reinstated as King. I know this announcement may come to a shock for a lot of you, but I feel that while I've had a good run, leading a server just isn't my thing. However, this does not mean I will be leaving Staff behind. Face has offered me the position of Duke, and I have accepted. Until the reset arrives, however, I will remain King and will be helping Parliament in the reset planning. Do not think that I was pressured into this by anyone. This is a decision I have made on my own. While I do wish in some ways that I could continue to be your King, I think that for now, the role is better suited for someone who is simply more experienced than me. Until then, I shall remain your King and do everything in my power to make this transition as easy as possible for everyone. GLORY TO EVERNETH! --King GreasyTroll4
  2. This or That?

    I'd live underground, since being in a Hobbit hole is still technically underground. Honey or jam?
  3. RP 1.2: The Construction Update It's been a while since the last update, but this one will hopefully be far more interesting. Something I've noticed lately is that all five factions in the RP have started getting burnt out due to having nothing to build once they've reached the City status. As such, I've decided to make this update post a little earlier than I originally planned, especially since the burnout is...quite real. Now then, first things first, the main point of this update is not to give a lot of major "fixes", but mostly to give people a goal or something to accomplish in the RP. With that out of the way, let's see what this new expansion has in store! Buildings: (Please note that these buildings are all optional and are not required to advance the settlement status progression.) Added Water Tower: Income - 0 ---<>--- Building Cap - 1 ---<>--- Specials: 70% protects against all income damages done in RP fire events, at the cost of 2 gold to refill the tower after the fire event. Added Docks: Income - 0.5 ---<>--- Building Cap - 1 ---<>--- Specials: Allows gold <-> item trades with all settlements with docks. (E.G.: One stack of dark oak wood for 2 gold.) Requires Market. At least 1 Market, 1 watch tower, and several storage facilities must be placed near the docks along the shores of the ocean nearest to the settlement, and the docks must have at least 1 ship built on the water. Added Temples: Income - 1 ---<>--- Building Cap - 1 ---<>--- Specials: Temples have three aspects, but only one can be chosen for a settlement: Weather-Weaver (Khoth, Dragon of Nature), Prosperity (Tabitha, the Golden Goddess), and Diplomacy (Ahrath, Archangel of Peace). The Weather-Weaver aspect gives a settlement an immunity to all weather-based events, but reduces the defense against raid events by 25% (including City status immunity). The Prosperity aspect increases the income of all buildings by 0.1 and allows an extra Gold Mine and Farm to be built, but disallows the use of the Gambler's Den and reduces the defense against famines and plagues by 20%. The Diplomacy aspect gives a settlement with the Town status an immunity to all raid events, makes raiders actually share some of their loot with you if your settlement has a City status, and increases the defensive grace period during wartimes for that settlement only from 2 to 3 days, but disallows the use of the Mercenary Camp and all potions that deal any sort of damage. Requires Town status. Added Infirmary: Income - 0.3 ---<>--- Building Cap - 1 ---<>--- Specials: Reduces damages done by the new plague events by 20% at the cost of 2 gold for medication. If a physician (cleric) villager is inside the infirmary, the reduction value is increased to 30%. Requires Mage Guild and Arcane Magic I. Added Gambler's Den: Income - 0.2 ---<>--- Building Cap - 1 ---<>--- Specials: At the cost of 15 gold, a settlement has a 25% chance to receive free, in-game items (such as wood, iron, stone, etc) from the King (me), or nothing at all. If you're willing to pay 300 gold for it, you can also buy an Elytra from the shady dealers that do business here. It's all in how you roll the dice! Add-on to Tavern, requires Tavern. Added Mercenary Camp: Income - 0.4 ---<>--- Building Cap - 1 ---<>--- Specials: Allows mercenaries (extra, permanent soldiers per player) to be bought for wartime (5 soldiers per player for 2 gold, but cannot be used if soldier count per player is already above 150). Requires Village status. Building additions listed here for convenience. New Random RP Events: Plagues ("kills" 20% of soldiers attached to a random person in a settlement; fatality rate decreased by having an infirmary, physician, and/or Arcane Magic) [Mentioned, but never implemented until now.] Fires (damages 1 random building and stops income from it for two days; repairs for the building will take 2 days to complete, and if the building has an attribute or ability (such as a blacksmith), that attribute/ability is delayed until repairs are complete; income reduction 70% negated with a Water Tower, at the cost of 2 gold to refill the Tower) Zombie Sieges (damages crops and buildings, causing an immediate 10-15 gold loss; affected the same way as raider events, but not affected by the Temple Diplomacy gold-gaining ability for Cities) Villager Visits (a villager visits the settlement, and buys some items from you; random immediate increase in gold, from either 1.5 to 4) Tourists (your settlement has attracted some tourists, who are eager to see the sights; an immediate increase of 2 gold) Good Fortune (your settlement has discovered a small vein of diamonds; gain 4 diamonds) Desertion (bad morale and poor treatment has hurt your troops, causing many to be AWOL; lose 10 troops per person in a settlement) [Mentioned, but never implemented until now.] Building Neglect (whether it was bad tenants or lazy landowners, some of your buildings have become neglected; lose 5 gold for repairs; gold loss affected by Reconstruction specialization) [Mentioned, but never implemented until now.] Famine (a drought has caused a severe famine throughout your settlement, killing crops and starving animals alike; all farms cannot produce income for 4 days) Clarification on RP events: Plagues and fires are not counted under the "weather-based" events (realism be damned in this case). Zombie siege events are counted under the "raid" events.
  4. RP Event #5

    RP Event #5 Kanada had no report. Income unchanged. Garmany had a small storm blow over them. Luckily, only minor damages were inflicted. -2 Gold lost - 30%, -1.4 Gold lost Xana helped a caravan of merchants escape some bandits, and was rewarded for their troubles. +3 Gold Heuvel found an abandoned troll lair, and raided it for leftover treasures. +4.5 Gold Glitnor had no report. Income unchanged. Notes: Events are generated at random with "No report" set to the highest single chance of 40%. No events are generated for settlements issued manual penalty.
  5. Roleplay Recruitment Drive

    Well, all the positions have been filled out! That's it for this recruitment drive, I'll see you on the next one whenever it arrives or is needed! Post locked.
  6. RP Event #4

    RP Event #4 Kanada experienced flooding and their crops were damaged. -4 Gold lost - 30%, -2.8 Gold lost. Garmany discovered a small vein of emeralds, which are highly prized by the nearby villages. +3 Gold Xana had no report. Income unchanged. Heuvel found a small goose that lays golden eggs. +2 Gold per day for 2 days. Glitnor's miners found an unusually large gold vein. +1.5 Gold Notes: Events are generated at random with "No report" set to the highest single chance of 40%. No events are generated for settlements issued manual penalty.
  7. Roleplay Recruitment Drive

    Not too long ago, four expeditions set out to explore strange new lands, to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before in the Kingdom. All four expeditions eventually settled in various lands, and became known as Kanada, Garmany, Xana, and Heuvel. But before they came to be known by those names, while they were still the four expeditions, 4 other groups had set out privately in the expeditions' footsteps, in search of glory and treasure. One by one, each of these groups found the cities they were looking for, and offered up their services to the cities in exchange for citizenship. The cities all agreed, and these new people soon found themselves a new home. ------<--->------ (OOC) The recruitment drive for the RP is at hand! All four expeditions are in dire need of new members to help flesh out the RP, and to remove inactive members currently not contributing. This is your chance, new players, to join in on the fun and to see what's so great about this "RP"! There are currently 10 positions available, but there's a catch. Each city needs only a few members each to reach 6 active members, which is the goal of the drive. Thus, when you sign up, you must say what city you are willing to join. Remember that there are only so many spots available in each city, so you have to keep track of who wants to go to which city, because it's first come, first serve! The cities and positions available are: Kanada: OutKast_ and ConnorFTW have joined; positions now closed Xana: Shawn_Turtle and LieutenantChip and Jtm12 have joined; positions now closed Garmany: J_gaming645 and EspioEclipse have joined; positions now closed Heuvel: Warwolf595, Rolo_, and AmzCuriousPanda have joined; positions now closed That means that a whopping 10 people can sign up! But remember, you have to put down the name of the city you want to join when you sign up, and once the positions are filled for each city, the city names will be scratched out, so be quick and get 'em while they're there!
  8. Sixth Parliament Election - Poll

    Evernethian Council Election Nominations for the elected Council members have closed - we have our finalists, and hence, we begin the final vote! Our finalists for this seat are as follows: lopp AmzCuriousPanda EarthCube (Incumbent) Our anonymous polls will be open until 11:59 PM EST on August 31st (Thursday), at which point votes will no longer be able to be cast. Until then, however, you are free to cast your votes as you please. The winners' term as Council members will begin on September 1st 2017 and last until November 31st 2017. As the purpose of these elections are to give Evernethian Citizens a voice in the management of the server, we strongly encourage each and every one of you to cast your votes and let your voice be heard. Thank you, and as for the candidates: good luck!
  9. Everneth's Sixth Council Nomination

    @AlohaDood First of all, previously banned players cannot run for an election, even though you have been unbanned since then. Sorry! Second, now that the time has passed,t he nominations are now closed. Good luck in the polls, Amz/lopp/Earth!
  10. Reset Discussion Thread

    Now, before we kick things off here, I want to apologize if I came off as biased against a reset in the reset poll. In a way, I actually am, since I really do not want to give up this map (my love for the city I worked so hard to build comes to mind). However, it was not my intention to force people to vote against a reset. If my wording made it look that way, I truly am sorry. Now then, there are many good reasons why people want a reset or don't want a reset. There are also many good reasons why a reset is both good and bad. In my point of view, a reset can cause a huge increase in activity and will inspire people again. However, on the flip side, the current map may still have life in it if you try your best to get that spark of inspiration again, and some awesome, astonishing projects may forever be left unfinished if you don't. I'm not here to say what to think or what not to think. The point of this post is for you all to discuss your reasons for why you want/don't want a reset, and why you think it would be beneficial for the community as a whole. Remember, whether to have a reset or not is a huge community decision, and all of your voices must be heard. You can speak for yourself, but keep that in mind when you type. Now that that's finished, let the discussion begin!
  11. Everneth's Sixth Council Nomination

    (Totally did not forget to nominate someone. Nope. Not me. Not at all. Never. Not ever...) I nominate lopp!
  12. RP 1.1: The War and Peace Update After a week-long hiatus (and a few days of resettling in), the RP is finally back, and after the disastrous battle at Heuvel, I believe it's time the RP got some well-deserved and much-needed changes and additions to its rules and way of playing. These changes are not game-breaking, so each RP player shouldn't have a hard time at adjusting to them. First off, regarding the situation at Heuvel, at some point there will be a meeting held between the Xana/Kanada alliance and some of the remaining members of Heuvel to discuss Heuvel's future. If everything works out well enough, Heuvel should be ready to receive new recruits (post hopefully coming soon on that after said meeting) and a less rocky future in the RP as a whole. Do not worry, Heuvellians, I will not let Heuvel die out so easily, not after only one battle. You guys can't quit, the fun is just getting started. Now then, let's look at the changelog for this update, shall we? Buildings: Added Gold Mine: Income - 0.5 ---<>--- Building cap - 2 Building changes War and Politics: Added a 2-day grace period when war is declared so that both sides can prepare (during which neither side can attack the other) Added restrictions on PvP during wartime (no fire or lava during PvP and no breaking beds; anyone in clear violation of this rule will have their whole city penalized by 10 gold per day for 5 days; no exceptions) Clarified and reaffirmed a previously unwritten rule which states that the defeated town's income will still go to said town, not the conquering town. War and Politics changes I know it is not a whole lot for now, and I'm sorry if you were expecting a lot more, but it does fix a few major problems that we've encountered in the past (namely with wars) and will most likely help us all to dodge some salt. Don't worry, minor updates will be made along the course of the RP to further increase the players' enjoyment and to fix any unforeseen problems or mistakes that might occur. Let's try to keep the RP a happy, fair, fun-filled place for everyone, shall we? It's not just about expanding and conquering, but also about politics and negotiation. Keep things civil, and hopefully nothing should go wrong. See you guys on the next update! I'm also always willing to receive some feedback, so if you have any questions or problems you might see, be sure to let me know and I'll see what fixes and/or clarifications can be made. Happy roleplaying! Signed King GreasyTroll4
  13. Community Poll: A Reset?

    To Reset, or not reset? That is the question. It has come to my attention that a reset has been called for by several people. To some, this is the worst news in a long time, but to others, this is possibly a dream come true. I am not here to debate whether or not this is a good idea. The purpose of this post is to gauge public opinion and to see what people really want. Personally, I think that this map still has life in it, and would love to see it continue for at least a few more months. However, if the majority thinks otherwise, then we shall decide what to do and where to go from there. Until then, please vote now. The future of Everneth will depend on what you decide. I only ask that you think very carefully about your decision before you make it. Remember, this isn't just for you, but for the community as a whole. Glory to the Order, and long live Everneth! Signed, King GreasyTroll4
  14. Everneth's Sixth Council Nomination

    Evernethian Council Nomination As per Sections 3a and 3f of the Everneth Charter, the time has come for the citizens of Everneth to nominate one new Council member. The winner of the election will replace EarthCube, who began his term on June 1st and will step down on August 31st. The following is a transcript of Section 3f of the Everneth Charter: Therefore, the newly elected will begin their term on September 1st. We ask you, our whitelisted community members, to reply to this thread with your nominations for the winner of the one open seat. Unfortunately, due to some schedule slippage which I admit was my own fault for forgetting, we don't have much time before the term ends. Thus, three days from now, nominations will close (on this Friday). A separate topic will then be created with a poll including the top nominees, allowing the Evernethian citizenship to cast their final vote during the final week of August. Thank you! CURRENT TALLY: lopp - 9 AmzCuriousPanda - 1
  15. Please unban it was an accident I didnt mean to blow up that tower.