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  1. Why are you screaming?
  2. advancements

    Congratulations man! That is one hell of an accomplishment.
  3. Welcome to Everneth! Hey! Since you have a friend here, and they have confirmed you, the usual requirements for consideration for whitelist (a 4 hour wait time and 10 posts) are lifted for you. I would expect a staff member to give you the "Requirements Waved" soon enough. That all said, I now recommend that you make an introduction in the "Introductions" forum, and still post around on the forums, such as on forum games. Try to get to know people here, and we'll try to get to know you! Now then, please read the following forum rules so that you'll be all good to go when you start posting on the forums! 1. Don't Spam. This one is most important, as we have often gotten spammers on the forums, and these are simply not people we look forward to having in our community. 2. Don't Necropost. This one is simple, don't post on forum posts that have not been posted on in a long time, generally thought of as at least a month. 3. Don't Double Post. Basically, this is when you reply to multiple posts in a thread in multiple posts within said thread. Please keep all replies in one post. This is required simply because not following it creates unnecessary posts that add to your post count, which can unfairly contribute to your amount of posts. 4. Keep Posts Meaningful. This isn't required, but it is definitely a nice trait we look for in people. It basically means put thought into your posts, don't just say the first thing that comes out of your mind, and try to use more than one sentence. 5. Be Nice & Be Respectful. This one is simple, be nice and respectful to everyone here on the forums. We all want to give you the best time we can on here, we don't want people being disrespectful and mean. 6. Discord. Please keep in mind that all of the rules found in the Charter are also in effect on our discord server (which if you haven't found it thus far, the link is on the front page of the forums). That should be it! Just be sure to follow those rules and make sure to do the things said above. As long as all of that is done well, you'll be well on your way to getting whitelisted already. I hope you enjoy being in this community as much as the rest of us do, and thanks again for choosing to join us! We are, I believe, one of the best minecraft communities out there, and hopefully soon you'll be a part of it too. Thank you for joining, and have a good time.
  4. Welcome to the forums!
  5. I will do my best to fund as many of these materials as I can to aid in the construction of this farm.
  6. Welcome to the forums!
  7. Welcome to the forums!
  8. Basically the title. I will be selling off floors of the Pagoda for people to use as shops, essentially turning the Pagoda into a mini-mall of sorts. There are three floors left in the Pagoda, and I will be selling them at 16 diamonds, 14 diamonds and 12 diamonds, with the higher floors cheaper. The top floor isn't really useful for putting anything on, but you may check it out and if you wish to buy it, make me your own offer. PM me on discord if you are interested.
  9. I've been playing Skyrim a ton lately, along with some of the other Elder Scrolls games, a great series with really deep lore, so if you haven't played that, I would recommend buying it. It more or less depends on the type of person you are, like, would you rather stay inside more or go out more? If you'd rather stay inside, TV, movies and video games are your best friend. If you'd rather go out, friends are, well, your best friend. Like bambi said, I'd recommend going out with some friends myself, but there's a lot to do. You could also try taking up a hobby, such as playing an instrument or writing or something,
  10. Located in the bottom floor of the Pagoda in the shopping district, players of Everneth can now request any job to be done by writing it down in a book and placing it in a chest at the shop for anyone to do! Full instructions on how the shop works can be found in the shop itself, but basically, you write down your job in a book, sign the book, place it in a chest with your name, and someone comes by and takes the book to do the job, then returning it to a different chest where you will then remove the book and place a payment inside. I hope that this shop will be of use to many people who have little things that they've been meaning to do around their bases or just in general, but haven't found the time or motivation to do.
  11. It's a damn tie between tacos and pizza for #1, I love both a ton. Mac and Cheese would be #2, in any variety.
  12. Yeah... This was pointed out to me after I made the shop, then I realized just how similar it was. I promise I'm not stealing your idea GT dw.
  13. I think that there is no set meaning of life, but that we have to create our own. People aren't meant to do some specific thing from birth, but rather, we are meant to do whatever we want in life, whatever makes us happy.
  14. I play bass, drums and euphonium/baritone. I aspire at some point to play the tuba at some point as well.
  15. Welcome to the forums!
  16. Welcome to the forums!
  17. Welcome to the forums!
  18. The King's Cross award couldn't have gone to anyone better than GT, very happy to see such a good person receive one of the best awards.
  19. I bid 9 stacks, or a stack of diamond blocks, or 576 diamonds.
  20. 5 and a half stacks or 352 diamonds.
  21. I'll bid 4 stacks of diamonds, or 256 diamonds.
  22. It has been four weeks since the Everneth Roleplay was revived to strike fun in the hearts of those who take part in it. Since the Roleplay was revived, much of the server has taken part in it, either in one of the two major factions or their own independent faction. For many, it may be hard to decide which faction to join, so below is a simple rundown of each faction's strengths and values, with primary reasons to join them. -Independent States of Unity - Led by Various People -AKA the ISU, it is primarily led by the Empire of New Romancia, itself led by Emperor DefendPopPunk, the ISU is a collection of various nation-states who are united in this organization to be more organized and powerful than they otherwise would be on their own. Each nation-state has it’s own government with it’s own leader, and are mostly independent on their own, while still united with other nations under one flag. A very nice reason to join the ISU is that there are a number of nations to chose from, each having it’s own values and goals, which allows you to join a faction more suited to your tastes, while still being part of the ISU as a major faction and the main storyline. The ISU in general values militarism, imperialism, wealth and power, and seeks to establish itself as the supreme entity in the world. Even though the ISU may seem strong, it does allow itself some weakness for being divided among independent nation-states, rather than being united as is its enemy, the Kingdom of Ilia. -Ilia - Led by King Sybillian -Unlike the ISU with it’s various independent nation-states, the Kingdom of Ilia is completely united as one state under one flag, with King Sybillian as it’s sole leader. The Kingdom of Ilia was established as a rival to the growing power of the ISU, and has managed to grow to successfully challenge them multiple times. The growing power of Ilia, however, has managed to convince the ISU that something must be done, and with the presentation of terms of peace to the ISU by Ilia following a battle, war was declared by the ISU on Ilia, and has since been the revolving focus of the main storyline. A very nice reason to join the ISU is that it is home of a number of welcoming members that will make you feel at home in Ilia. As previously stated, it is also a united nation unlike the ISU, which will also help to make members feel more as part of a faction and of a nation. Ilia in general values honor, friendship, opposition to tyranny and general peace. Ilia itself has few weaknesses, and for this reason, alongside it's strong and good values, it is the most popular faction in the Roleplay. -Independent Nations - Led by Various People -If one does not wish to join either of the major factions listed above, you may join an independent nation, which is generally outside of the storyline and the influence of the two major factions. There are various independent nations at the current time, the most notably of which is the Dragonhearted, led by Tex. The Dragonhearted remain completely independent of either major faction while still playing a major role in the main storyline as an acting advocate of peace between the two major factions. There are other minor factions that are independent as well, such as Puddle’s school of magic or EarthCube’s Morsulia. While we do support independent nations in the roleplay, it is recommend to consider joining an existing faction before creating your own, so as to help the current factions, especially the smaller ones, grow and become larger.
  23. If you think it's biased, then write your own description and I'll gladly replace mine with it.
  24. The story of the Roleplay began on the night of May 6th, 1750 (the roleplay itself takes place in the year 1750), when various nation-states scattered around the world decide to unite themselves under one organization and one flag to become the most powerful entity in the world. This organization was the ISU. For a time, the ISU conducted various activities around the world, such as colonizing lands and incorporating various peoples into their nations. However, this peaceful time of the ISU was not to last, for across the sea a new Kingdom had arisen, one that would soon challenge the might of the ISU. Leaders of the ISU had begun to hear rumors of a new Kingdom arising somewhere in the frozen wastelands across the sea from them, with power that was quickly growing. Many searches were conducted to locate this Kingdom, to no avail, for a time. However, after weeks of searching, naval fleets headed by the New Romancian Empire, led by Emperor DefendPopPunk, managed to locate the Kingdom, which appeared to be very powerful, with armies lined up and many ships in its docks. The New Romancian Empire, being the closest nation to this new Kingdom, organized a diplomatic mission and sent it to the new Kingdom, being greeted by it’s leader upon arrival at its docks, King Sybillian. Upon arrival at the Kingdom, revealed to be named the Kingdom of Ilia, we were met by King Sybillian, who, after a few minutes of discussion, took us into his meeting hall. We discussed establishing diplomatic relations between our two nations, and talks were going well, with the King agreeing to consider them. However, as the meeting was concluding, a rouge General ZeviVoid of Norkeep of the ISU bursted into the meeting and attempted to assassinate Queen Chiptzel of Ilia, which enraged the King, who promptly ordered us to return home, stating he would send some of his people to New Romancia for further talks. Before the Kingdom of Ilia had sent any ship, the Emperor of Romancia, along with a few other soldiers of his army, were travelling to the nation of Ghat for a meeting, where they were greeted en-route in the ocean by King Sybillian, alongside a few of his soldiers. After some light discussion, the King noticed that the rouge General Zevi was on board our ship, to which he soon demanded we hand him over, to which we denied. After the Romancian Captain FearlessPie attempted to broker peace, which failed, the gangplank between the two ships was blown up, and the first battle between the two nations had taken place. The battle was fought, long and hard, but ultimately the Kingdom of Ilia managed to win the battle. This victory displayed that the Kingdom of Ilia, previously thought to be a fledgling state of barbarians by the ISU, was truly powerful, and deserving of the title of a great power of the world. The victory also displayed their naval superiority over the naval fleets of the ISU. Those aboard the Romancian ship managed to escape back to Romancia, and there were no casualties from the battle. However, the rouge General ZeviVoid was captured by the Ilians before he could join his comrades to escape, and become a prisoner of the Ilian Kingdom. Upon returning home, Emperor DefendPopPunk summoned the rest of the leaders of the ISU to debate what should be done following the battle and establishment of the Kingdom of Ilia as a world power. During this meeting, the emperor was notified that a foreign envoy had arrived in New Romancia. Upon their arrival at the town hall, it was revealed to be an Ilian envoy, headed by the cousin of King Sybillian, Lady Kass. She and her envoy had been sent by the King to deliver a document containing terms for peace between the ISU and Ilia. She was sent to wait in the Ghat Embassy while we read and debated the terms. Upon reading them, we all realized that the terms were far too extensive to agree to, and unanimously agreed to decline them. However, the emperor decided that simply declining the terms was not enough. This was a kingdom to be wiped off the earth, he thought, and so wrote a Declaration of War against the Ilian Kingdom. This document was displayed to the rest of the leaders, who all agreed to it. Upon this decision to declare war, the Lady Kass was brought back into the meeting room. We promptly told her that the King’s terms were declined, and then presented her with the Declaration of War, to which she read and simply laughed at. The fair Lord Porter of Ghat, tired of this sarcastic and narcissistic attitude from the Lady, sliced her arm open and cut off one of her fingers as a punishment, and as a message to the King and Ilia. She was then bound and boarded upon one of our ships, to be delivered back to Ilia alongside the Emperor and his generals. Upon arriving in Ilia, we were greeted by the King himself, who was visibly disturbed upon seeing his cousin in such a condition. We made sure that he knew of what had happened in the meeting, and before leaving, the Emperor pulled him aside and cut off one of his fingers as well. After the return to Romancia, war continued on for weeks, with scattered battles happening across the Realm. However, nothing large-scale happened for a while. After a couple weeks, however, the King of Ilia sent a document to Romancia dictating a challenge to the Emperor. They were to duel alongside another, and if Romancia won, Ilia would return the rouge General ZeviVoid. If they were to lose, Romancia would have to pay a large sum of minerals to Ilia. This duel was conducted the following day, to a Romancian victory. True to their word, the Ilian Kingdom returned the rouge General ZeviVoid to Romancia, after which he was returned to his homeland of Norkeep. Following this, not much has yet happened.Recently, the Dragonhearted, an independent nation led by Knight-Commender Tex, has become a neutral ground for both warring nations to meet with each other diplomatically. Also recently, both leaders of Romancia and Ilia have shown interest in holding a parley at the Dragonhearted, and it will be interesting to see where this leads in the Roleplay if it does indeed happen.
  25. Me and Moab would like to sign up as partners.