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  1. FormingSky00

    Dk's Redstone Shop

    Hello Everneth! It's been a while Last time I said that I would try to restock the redstone shop every week, but that's not working out for me... I don't know if there's a new redstone shop in town or not, but I'd like to propose something... I would like to sell/rent the redstone shop to someone. I would take 10% (open to negotiate) of all profits. Since I'm not able to make it on the server very often, the restocking of the shop would be up to you. Anyways there's probably a redstone shop in town so I imagine that no one will take this deal, but I'm posting this anyways That's all I have to say, so I'll (hopefully) see ya'll soon! ~DK (←not dead)
  2. FormingSky00

    (I'm not dead)

    Ello Everneth, Just making this post to make sure no one claims my stuff because I've been gone for a while... Recently I started playing other games and school is taking more of my time so I won't be able to play as frequently as I did before. I'll be on sometime soon so don't claim anything of mine! (→ → Redstone shop ← ←). I'll see you all in a bit! ~DK P.S. I will try to stock the redstone shop once a week, but it's not a guarantee :3
  3. FormingSky00

    Ultra Hardcore Season V Signups

    Sign me up!
  4. FormingSky00

    Follow My Design Process

    I think the second design is a little "overkill"... you should remove stuff and make it a bit more... simple.
  5. FormingSky00

    Ultra Hardcore Season IV Signups

    eyeyey DK signing up!
  6. FormingSky00

    Rate the avatar above

    CTRL + C CTRL + V 6/10 you look kind of disjointed and maimed.
  7. FormingSky00

    Oh God, yet another useless project...

    Lol have you seen my arena? pathetic against yours (and all others for that matter) Its really cool! Like GT said, don't lisen to imgur comments. It's epic!
  8. FormingSky00

    Rate the avatar above

    8/10 pwetty chill but kinda normal
  9. FormingSky00

    If you could annoy the MC community in 1 sentence

    Oak is better than spruce.
  10. FormingSky00

    This or That?

    Ahhh this is so hard I love RPGs but I have to say platformers... They're fun, easy to play and not too complicated. It's not like you have to learn new mechanics every new Mario game (well you kinda do with power-ups but thats not the point). Stealth shooters or fast paste shooters (CoD, Battlefield, etc.)?
  11. FormingSky00

    Secret Santa signups!

    Signing up!
  12. FormingSky00

    Ultra Hardcore Season III Signups

    lil bit late, but sign me up!
  13. FormingSky00

    This or That?

    Pizza, you just take an other piece and eat it. Forever. Blue or red slushie?
  14. FormingSky00

    A confession

    Rip aaron... I hope you get your PC back ASAP! good luck
  15. FormingSky00

    Building the ARENA

    I've decided to end the poll, and the winner is IN THE SKY! I'm gonna start working!