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  1. Favorite Movie

    Your Name is currently my favorite. Previous title-holders have been The Quiet Ones, The Wind Rises, and Taegukgi. I like movies that take you on an emotional rollercoaster, which usually means heavily relationship or plot driven. I've always really disliked a number of common favorites like Blade Runner, Zombieland, and Fargo. I have a huge problem with predictable movies and ones which try to do commentary on humanity. Stick to books for that latter one, please.
  2. Secret Santa Signups 2017!

    I volunteer as tribute
  3. How Long is a season?

    No snarkiness intended, quoting is just convenient.
  4. World reset

    For reference, a good place to see a summarized history of the server is to scroll through the News & Updates subforum. This map started on October 1st, and will likely continue until March if not later. If the Update Aquatic happens before then there may be an early reset.
  5. Redstone

    We have a Test server full of redstone contraptions and "attempted contraptions". Definitely practice things you want to build in Survival on there and don't be afraid to post to the Discord asking if someone can help you fix things that don't end up working as you plan.
  6. Favorite Song At this Moment

    Chasing Twisters by Delta Rae is my current favorite song, but nothing will ever beat 3055 by Ólafur Arnalds (listen all the way through at high volume) for my all time favorite. I don't think I have a least favorite as I just don't listen to things I don't enjoy.
  7. Evernethian Council Nominations All nominations for the Midterm July election should go here. Announcement: (A note to all members: DefendPopPunk is not allowed to be nominated due to the conditions of his previous ban appeal listing that he may not run for Parliament until Staff says so.) CURRENT TALLY ----- Kaddaschatzi - 11 DauntlessFive513 - 5 Sybillian - 2 AmzCuriousPanda - 1
  8. Question Game

    Would that really have been too difficult to phrase as a question?
  9. The Wall

    I like the shape a lot, but the quartz seems slightly out of place. Also, does it have a walkway up top?
  10. A PvE Event?

    Hi! You should be my friend- I have a couple of dungeon designs for Survival worlds that I've been looking for help building and running on the server. They're just unfortunately low on my task list at the moment.
  11. Ultra Hardcore Season VI Signups

    Zieeeeon* *doesn't have a partner
  12. Suggestion: The End

    I wouldn't be too upset by an End reset.
  13. What's the most under-rated block

    I never see anyone incorporate coal blocks, but I see obsidian all the time even when the purplish tint on the obsidian doesn't look as good as the straight black of coal.
  14. Go to topping on pizza?

    Broccoli; problem is not many places serve it.