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  • GreasyTroll4 declared King after King Faceman 'conveniently' died in potential plot for ultimate power. Warwolf595 was soon to follow. To many, 'the end of an era'.
  • Riots break out in the streets of Heuvel as many people dressed in Riot gear beat their citizens to death.
  • The resurgence of the bot 'Momo', popular among young boys, raises questions.
  • Breaking! 3 party-goers found dead in supposed Poolside Scandal.
  • P_Puddles was found strangled to death after he made one bad pun too many.
  • Aaronmango lashes out at Mojang's Lead Creative Designer, Jeb, after claiming the realm of Minecraft is headed downhill.
  • Group gathers outside town hall when city bell rings, riot then forms when they realize it's another call to vote.
  • Pandeoo caught smuggling 30 tons of shrooms, denies they belong to him.
  • Sybillian was banned from all men's bathrooms today after an alleged peeking incident.
  • DefendPopPunk has been reported missing for several months, no one has begun a search to this day.
  • Zieon was spotted cleaving watermelons on his front porch using a bush axe that eventually drew a crowd to view this spectacle.
  • Today EarthCube discovered that he had his identity stolen when reports of a "MarsCube" was arrested in Liverpool, UK and charged with 17 counts of identity fraud.
  • Pandeoo earned a place in Everneth history as his awe-inspiring account of defeating the Ender Dragon ended with his own spontaneous combustion.
  • Recent reports show that rolo_ is still not a huge can, unfortunately.
  • 20JPorter was arrested for the 18th time last night performing a ritual to resummon the demon Formitiis. Bunkmate Sybillian is not amused.
  • Parrots have been rare in the jungles lately; sources say they're hiding from Kaddaschatzi's gaze.
  • The investigation into MoAboss16's supposed "perverted nature" has hit a wall; Kaddaschatzi still swears "he made me do it!"


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  1. Question: RP

    The RP is by no means required, and personal bases/homes remain unaffected by it and its rules. It's something you can elect to take part in, though it's currently on break due to recent events.
  2. Do you play any musical instruments?

    I've been playing the guitar for around 8 years now, so I play that on a fairly regular basis. I also play the piano, but that's less consistently and I'm not quite as good at it.
  3. A lot of people assume I'm Mexican based off of my name, but realistically it came about because I was 12 years old at the time and was eating Rolos. However, my original name was a lot cringier: 'R0L02734'
  4. I made you famous. You're a star, boy!
  5. Zieon you traitor fool! How could you do this to me?
  6. How did you find out about Minecraft?

    I found out about the game by my older brother, who was actually one of the original alpha players of the game. Back then all you could do was literally mine and place a very limited amount of blocks offered in the game's palette. Ironically, he doesn't play anymore but now I play it fairly regularly.
  7. Steam Sunday Week 7!

    What is Steam Sunday? Steam Sunday is a weekly event that ventures outside the realm of Minecraft, and into the wonderful world of Steam Games. Featuring several multiplayer experiences, we take the opportunity to play various in both competitive and co-operative playstyles. The idea was initially brought up by none other than Face, and through weeks of planning, debating, and logo-creationing (Yes, that's a word), Steam Sunday was surfaced as another Evernethian event. Current games in the roster include Age of Empires II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Don't Starve: Together, Screencheat, Terraria, and Tabletop Simulator; but of course this list is capable of expansion at any time! How Do I Participate? Well, the first (hopefully obvious) step would be to have a Steam account. You'll also need to be friends with one or several people who are likely to partake in the games often. The easiest way to do this would be to friend me (link here!), and then I can add you to the Everneth Steam Group! Likely the most tragic part of this whole tale, is that you will of course need to have the steam games that we will be playing. Not all of them, of course, but you'll want at least one or two. Luckily, Steam is a platform that often puts games on sale for great deals, often following the changing of seasons. You may also be fortunate enough to grab an extra copy from someone else. It's no guarantee that someone will have one, but if they do they might just be willing to hand it over to the first comer. On a final note, please join the Steam Sunday Discord to keep up-to-date on all weekly events. When Are These Games Scheduled For? We try to decide the best time for everyone by Saturday night through a strawpoll, so anywhere between 2pm and 8pm EST. It's likely you'll be able to join late or leave and come back later if we are still playing, so don't feel bad for not being there for the full duration or not being there at the start (Age of Empires II may be the exception to this, as the games are longer and it lacks a late-join feature). Replayability It was decided, to avoid monotonous gameplay, that we would sort the games into two lists: Games that could be played more than once consecutively, and games that were 'One and Done'. We made this decision based off the session length and playability. For example, Age of Empires II only requires one game, and needs no continuation of its session once a game is over; however, Don't Starve: Together can't really be 'completed' in one reasonably lengthened session, so if you should choose, you can vote on it again in the next week. Replayable Games: Don't Starve: Together Terraria 'One and Done' Games: Age of Empires II Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Screencheat Tabletop Simulator Wrap-Up Please note, that should Terraria be selected again this week, and nobody shows up I might just be tempted to remove it from the roster. This sort of an organized game group can't continue if nobody chooses to participate.
  8. UHC Season X

    Players are pitted against one another in an extreme survival PvP challenge!
  9. Steam Sunday

    Every Sunday we take a vote on which game to play through the Steam platform, and then gather for a few hours to just kick back and enjoy some casual mockery. We will take a vote each week to see what time works best for everyone!
  10. UHC Season IX

    Players are pitted against one another in an extreme survival PvP challenge!
  11. UHC Season VIII

    Players are pitted against one another in an extreme survival PvP challenge!
  12. UHC Season VII

    Players are pitted against one another in an extreme survival PvP challenge!
  13. Ultra Hardcore Season VII Signups

    I'm afraid you have to be a whitelisted member before you can have your name put down on the list for UHC!
  14. The Third Evernethian Expedition

    Aye, it appears ye be needing another man on 'yer expedition. I'd be happy to join!
  15. Ultra Hardcore Season VII Signups

    @Kaddaschatzi I mean, if you want to believe in things that aren't true, that's none of my concern.