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  1. AcuteAnimosity's Whitelist Application

    Welcome to the forums!
  2. A Much Needed Break

    Try to enjoy your break! Hopefully you feel refreshed when you get back.
  3. Info on Towns

    There's usually a few attempts to make towns, though they're not always successful. They usually work best when we have a roleplay. As far as I know, there aren't any on the server right now since we just had a reset, but you're welcome to make one.
  4. BlazeFury's Whitelist Application

    Welcome to the forums!
  5. Ultra Hardcore Season VIII Signups

    Sign me up, though I can't guarantee I'll make it
  6. Question Game

    Why not start it again?
  7. Trade Deals

    As it has been one week since the formation of Tengyre, trade deals between it's cities and Xana have now ended. This means the cities of Heuvel, Kanada, and Garmany are now all engaging in trade. These trade agreements shall exist as long all cities are part of the county of Tengyre. Signed, EarthCube, Count of Tengyre Pandeoo, Baron of Kanada Warwolf595, Baron of Heuvel DPPTheCreator, Baron of Garmany
  8. CHANCELLOR: The County of Tengyre

    The cities of Heuvel, Kanada, and Garmany have decided to fullfill this request and form the county known as Tengyre. This county will follow the standard one Baron from each city with a Count in charge structure. EarthCube has been chosen to take the position as Count. DPPTheCreator shall serve as Baron of Garmany, Warwolf595 serve as the Baron of Heuvel, and Pandeoo shall stay as Baron of Kanada. The exact details of the Tengyre government shall be kept a secret amongst its citizens and will not be made public knowledge. Free trade agreements shall take place between the current cities in Tengyre which will take effect in one week from the signing of this document. These agreements shall last as long as the county of Tengyre lives. Additionally, mutual defense and aggression packs have been established between the cities of Tengyre which have no expiration date. These pacts can only be broken by leaving Tengyre or an agreement amongst the Tengyre government. Following the creation of Tengyre, any ties (trade agreements or pacts) had between Xana and any city in Tengyre will be broken at the soonest possible date as of the signing of this document. As such the county of Xadel is no more, and we look forward to a new, bright future in Tengyre. Signed, EarthCube, Count of Tengyre Pandeoo, Baron of Kanada Warwolf595, Baron of Heuvel DPPTheCreator, Baron of Garmany
  9. He means farms for other blocks/materials. Then sell them for diamonds.
  10. Reset Discussion Thread

    For me, I feel the opposite way. I find the end-game to be the best part of the game. Instead of focusing on grinding to get good tools and armor, I can work on building my base and other fun projects. Also, I still see so much more to do on this map. Lots of people including myself still have bases to finish, and there's still spawn to do as well as the role-play. If someone is truly out of inspiration there's always the option of moving out and starting a secondary base somewhere else. There's just so many things that can be worked on, I don't see why someone would need a new map to play. Now I know a lot of people see a reset as an opportunity to cure the inactivity problem we've been having. However, I don't see this as a long-term solution. The burst in activity will likely diminish in just a few weeks like it would on any other map. There's plenty of other ways we can boost activity such as events, mini-games, and competitions. In my opinion though, the best way to boost activity is to just play. Everyone seems to have the mentality that no one else is playing so I won't either, and this has spread to the point where almost no one is playing now. But I think the opposite is also true. If more people begin to play again, the activity will catch on and others will want to join in too. So just go on and play a little. Mine for a bit or finish a house, and you'll start to see the activity come back. Anyways, those are just my thoughts. Thanks for reading. P.S. No need to write another paragraph for this, but voting helps with activity so here's the link and go do it if you haven't already today: http://minecraft-server-list.com/server/350215/vote/
  11. Everneth's Sixth Council Nomination

    I nominate lopp for his recent efforts in trying to fix spawn.
  12. Server-wide tour?

    I don't have much to show just yet, but I'd be interested in seeing what everyone else has.
  13. Temmie's House Design

    Click the choose files button shown here to add pictures: You can make a house in the Residential District as long as it fits the spawn theme of enchanted forest or you can build it anywhere outside of spawn. Also, I merged your two posts into one since you double-posted.
  14. The Third Evernethian Expedition

    Sign me up as well!