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  1. Ultra Hardcore Season IX Signups

    Sign me up
  2. Secret Santa Signups 2017!

    Thank you all for signing up, because sign ups are now CLOSED! All who have signed up will soon receive PMs on the forums or discord (or both) with who they will be giving their gifts to. If you don't receive a PM within the next 5 hours and you have signed up, just PM me on discord or the forums. - Pandeoo
  3. Rank Differences?

    The reason for having both applicant and pending is for logical progression in application. The applicant rank is given once you make an application and will then allow you to make an introduction. Once you make your introduction, you receive the pending rank. I hope this clears it up for you!
  4. Yes we do to conserve on world size. It is currently at 10k blocks in each direction, but we often expand it whenever there is a new update.
  5. Inactivity

    You'll be just fine, the only inactivity related thing is abandoning builds. This means that if you are offline for 25 days or more, any builds you started but haven't finished within the spawn area may be taken down. Since the end of November is in just a couple weeks, you have nothing to worry about!
  6. I Found a Stronghold .. Second :(

    Yeah, that's the one nearest my base. I need the spawner for a secret project of mine I hope to do this map. Feel free to use any other part of the stronghold though!
  7. Election System

    This section of the charter quoted below explains the election process for the baron position: To answer your secondary questions, all votes are created equal, but you are not allowed to vote unless you a whitelisted member of the community. This means that banned or pending members cannot vote in elections.
  8. This has been discussed before, but there are a couple reasons we keep it the way it is. It would be awesome if everyone read all of the rules, even the ones that might never apply to them (like ones involved in elections and staff structure or amending the charter). Hiding the secret word deeper would only lead to confusion for applicants that did read the charter but missed the word and would only deter those who are only looking for the word slightly. The main reason we have the secret word at all is to make sure all applicants have gotten a chance to read the rules, not to make sure they have read them in full. I like to think of it as a lot like a Terms of Service. You should read it and there is some good information within it, but you can go ahead and click agree without reading. If you choose not to read, you are only harming yourself. If you still have a better idea for hiding the secret word without causing problems, feel free to submit a draft of a new location in PM to any staff member.
  9. What you just did is called necro-posting. Basically, you are bringing a dead topic (any topic that hasn't been posted on in the past 3 weeks) back to life. Please avoid doing this on the forums. This thread will now be locked.
  10. Everneth's Seventh Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    You can't nominate anyone unless you are whitelisted! If you get whitelisted before the nominations end, your nomination will be added.
  11. It has to be done manually by a staff member. I have now updated your forums display name to Xmplary!
  12. Everneth's Seventh Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    I nominate Warwolf595 for his experience in the ranks of staff and his devotion to the server.
  13. As I have already posted multiple times on your application, your brother must first post his confirmation of knowing you on your application. After that is complete, you will receive a "Requirements Waived" post and staff will hold a maximum 24 hour vote on your approval or denial.
  14. Ultra Hardcore Season VIII Signups

    Put my name in there.