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  1. I nominate Faug for his kindness and understanding of the importance of community engagement on the large or small scale.
  2. @Faceman You silly old man, Kathi is already automatically entered as an incumbent, so you must nominate someone else for your voice to be heard.
  3. Pandeoo

    Secret Santa Signups 2018

    Secret Santa 2018 Introduction As has become tradition, the Ministry of the Interior will once again be hosting a Secret Santa gift exchange! After reading about how our Secret Santa will be working this year, you can sign up by leaving a reply to this post. How It Works Sign Up From now to a week before Christmas Eve (Monday the 17th), signups will be open for any whitelisted members who want to join the Secret Santa. Pair Everyone Up Once sign ups are closed, everyone who is signed up will be randomly mixed up and will be PMed on the forums (and discord if they have it) with the name of who they will be giving a gift to this year. Think of Gift Ideas Once you receive your person's name, you are free to start thinking of gift ideas. If you really want to break the system, you could start doing this right now! Place Gifts Under the Tree As soon as you have found the perfect gift for your person, you may place your gift in a wrapped box underneath the Christmas tree in the Winter Wonderland currently being constructed by the Ministry of the Interior. The wonderland is centered on the coordinates 400, 0, east of shopping district. Players may place gifts underneath the tree up to the end of the day Christmas Eve. Remember to label your gift with your person's name so they know which one to open. Open Your Gifts! Come Christmas morning (December 25th), players can search underneath the tree for a present with their name and open it! This should go without saying, but anything given to you is yours to keep. Reveal Yourself (Optional) After your person opens their gift, you may optionally reveal to them that you were their secret Santa. Some Santas like to keep their identities secret while others do not, it is just personal preference. Remember to sign up by replying below! List of participants: Pandeoo Beolyx Studio528 abcfree4all boofsly Kaddaschatzi AdmiralTaterz Mr_Yogi_Bear Kordon_Luis 20JPorter HGWicks Cerium Sybillian Redstonehax FlamezX13 Ajiv_
  4. Evernethian Council Nomination Nominate your choice for the next Baron here! Remember, you can only nominate ONE person, but when the polls come on the 24th, you can vote for TWO. If you need more info on how the nominations work, see HERE! ---------------------------------------------------------- Current Nominations: Faug - 5 Beolyx - 4 Mindofmental - 4 Kordon_Luis - 3 20JPorter - 1 Ajiv_ - 1 Cory_da_gamer - 1
  5. Evernethian Council Nomination Soon, our temporary Barons Sybillian and Kaddaschatzi will finish their current three month terms, so it is now time to nominate citizens to run against them in the coming election. The two winners of this election will take their place in our two temporary Baron seats and begin their terms on January 1st, 2019. According to the three month term length, those elected will end their terms on March 31st, 2019. The following is a transcript of Section 3f of the Everneth Charter for reference of the election procedure: We ask you, our whitelisted community members, to reply to the thread below with your nominations for the winners of the two open seats. Only the three players with the most nominations will make it into the election! One week before the end of the month (December 24th) the nominations will close. A separate topic will then be created with a poll including the top three nominees along with the incumbents, allowing all citizens to cast their vote during the final week of December. You may only nominate ONE person, but when the polls come, you can vote for TWO. So choose wisely! To nominate a candidate, see HERE! Good luck to all! - Chancellor Pandeoo & The Parliament of Everneth
  6. Pandeoo

    Costume Contest Signups

    I see there is a costume contest in town... Please, tell me more. IGN: Pandeoo
  7. Pandeoo

    Four Corners of The World!

    So much for each person only looting one chest
  8. Pandeoo

    Everneth Spooktacular: Trick or Treat Sign Ups

    Pandeoo -500, 1200 Tunnel is in bottom red of the nether hub. I have temporarily vacated the island, so feel free to trick it as hard as you can. I fear what I'll be moving back into 👀
  9. Pandeoo

    Ultra Hardcore Season X Signups

    Fite me
  10. Pandeoo

    8th Passing of the Blades

    Eighth Passing of the Blades Three short months have passed, and the Eighth Parliament of Everneth has come to an end! The Elections ended just a week ago, and the public has decided that Sybillian is to replace our previous temporary baron, GreasyTroll4, and Kaddaschatzi is to keep her seat for yet another term. In other news, the public mine in spawn has recently closed due to unforeseen seismic activity in the waterfront of spawn. One earthquake even opened up a gaping cave entrance at (40, 90). We sent in a sacrificial Rashe_ to explore this new cave in which he discovered a pre-built stage with a water feature! As it just so happens, this stage will now be our official spawn stage for the season. The ceremony is to be held on October 13th at 12 PM EST at our very own spawn stage. GreasyTroll4 will not be able to make it to this passing, so we have arranged for a stand-in to pass his blade to Sybillian, while Kaddaschatzi shall keep her previous blade. What is the Order of Everneth? Our community is in constant expansion, so for those who do not know what the Order is; the Order was originally founded on August 30th, 2016 at the closure of Term 1 as a means of elevating the old "Distinguished Member Medal" to something more meaningful. You may have seen people in game with the Sir or Lady titles. This is the Order's rank shown. To give a quote from the old post: The intention is that this honor is difficult to get. Much like real life honors, going above and beyond is absolutely a minimum requirement before the Order is even considered to be given to someone. Most of those who have been inducted to the Order are past and present staff. It's no secret that its skewed this way, but Staff have been given an extra opportunity to serve this community and those who have been exceptional and representing what Everneth is meant to be have been awarded appropriately. Current Members: StuartSnook GreasyTroll4 rolo_ AmzCuriousPanda Sybillian Pandeoo EarthCube FearlessPie Kaddaschatzi If you are aiming for the Order, we encourage you to aim high and don't give up. Keep in mind that you need to go beyond the lower precedence awards (King's Cross, Virtuous Medal, et al) and truly make your mark among the cornerstone of this community. This doesn't mean budding up with staff, and simply working silently away at your base. Get involved, engage with people, participate, and contribute in the best way you can. As a final note, make sure to wish Sybillian and Kaddaschatzi luck for their next three months as our new Barons! Glory to the Order!
  11. Pandeoo

    1000 Posts Game

    Questions 67 and 68: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qupeVLtXWLY (And this is how you do 2 numbers at once, the RIGHT way)
  12. Pandeoo

    About filming

    We've had a few over the seasons, but currently a citizen of our's (Sarfnic) has been running a let's play series here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdawkrw2bUpZBIx29B-GTlQ
  13. Yes, the plugin we use for the web linked maps has yet to be updated to minecraft version 1.13.
  14. Pandeoo

    About the server

    As you've probably already read about in the charter, we have these elections every 3 months for our temporary Baron positions. These 2 members are temporary staff members for the whole of their 3 month term. You can't vote in any election until you are whitelisted, but if you are accepted, I think you would be before the election ends. You can read more about it these 2 links: http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3758-ninth-parliament-election-poll/ http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3731-everneths-ninth-council-nomination/
  15. Nominations are now closed.