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  1. sam8ddd

    Public Wither Skeleton Farm Building!

    Donated some resources, and will be willing the assist with construction
  2. sam8ddd

    Build Competition Awards Announcement

    I would agree that we need some more competitions like these. Actually, what might be cool is some mini-building competitions. Like, 1 designated hour to build. That way people like me don't spend nearly the whole time on the server for the month on one build. Stark, what I meant by "crushing" is that you won both 1st place and community fave. You should not try as hard next time.
  3. sam8ddd

    Build Competition Awards Announcement

    I'm personally really happy with second. Lots of work went into each of these builds, and they all turned out wonderfully! Man, Stark, why is your interior so beautiful! Oh, and GG for crushing the rest of us XD.
  4. sam8ddd

    So, what have you guys been playing other than Minecraft?

    I play primarily Minecraft, with Clash Royale coming in second. I really don't have a lot of time to play video games during my life, but I do play Summoner's War on occasion. Within Minecraft I usually play Everneth (about 95% of the time), and Super Smash Mobs on the server Mineplex for the other 5%.
  5. sam8ddd

    Any Musicians here, what instruments and how long?

    I played drums for a year or 2, but I am no longer playing it. Concerning Piano I received lessons twice a month for a few months, and now I have been self-teaching myself since this December (roughly 5 months now). I have a long way to go but am excited to really get good at the Piano!
  6. sam8ddd

    1-UP Contest!

    We all know this one. Start with something small, and gradually 1-up the previous one, until you have ridiculous things happening! This time, the theme is 'achievement'. I blinked (I have to start small!)
  7. sam8ddd

    Everneth's Fifth Council Nomination

    I nominate Zieon!
  8. sam8ddd

    What other games do you play??

    I usually play Clash Royale and Super Smash Brothers for 3DS a lot (Kirby main here), and I play Terraria and Summoner's War on occasion.
  9. sam8ddd

    1-UP Contest!

    I yelled so loud while watching the Olympics at home, you could hear it at the actual Olympics.
  10. sam8ddd The area's limit is 30 blocks wide by 30 blocks long. The height of the build is irrelevant
  11. If you could could add 1 of each of the following into minecraft, what would it be, and how would it work? Block Mob Item Enchantment Dimension Redstone Item Mechanic/Feature (In general) Any (1) thing else!
  12. sam8ddd

    What will you change in Minecraft?

    I wouldn't want to make minecraft like a mod, but I would like to add more to DO in the game. In the first few days you could be decked out in full diamond gear, enchanted, and killing the ender dragon. The woodland mansion was a step in the right direction, but I think that there needs to be higher-tier dungeons, as well as gear stronger than diamond to meet the challenge of these dungeons. I want a dungeon ( end-game, ofc) that has enemies so strong that a single hit will deal 2+ hearts to someone fully decked out in prot 4 dia gear. Consider Terraria. There is so much progress that you make from when you spawn, it's amazing. But in minecraft stuff like that doesn't happen. They have expert mode, if you want a challenge, and 10+ bosses, some of which give huge satisfaction when you slay them. I dunno, currently on the server we have mending elytras o' plenty, full dia gear o' plenty, and such. All you can do now is farm and build. I would like more of an adventurous appeal, in addition to creative appeal. Oh, and vertical slabs too
  13. Remove redstone; It's pretty useless.
  14. sam8ddd

    Would you rather?

    I can see how both options would be cool. However, considering the fact that both options would create a paradox, I would probably say from the future, just to see how I would turn out. Would you rather be forced to tread water for 15 minutes, or run for 45 minutes?
  15. sam8ddd

    Season III Dragon Fight!

    Been waiting for this event ever since I joined (about 2.5 weeks ago)! This is gonna be epic!
  16. sam8ddd

    Horse Prices?

    After some thought I concluded what I was going to do for a living: Stables! I am currently in the process of breeding, but would like to know some costs. What would each of you pay for the following horses (assuming that you didn't have one)? 1. Speed: 13 m/s | Jump: 3 m | HP: 22 (11 hearts) 2. Speed 14 m/s | Jump: 3.5 m | HP: 24 (12 hearts) 3. Speed 15 m/s (MAX) | Jump: 5 (MAX) | HP: 30 (15 hearts) (MAX)
  17. sam8ddd

    Notch Apples?

    I have recently gained possession of a Notch Apple for the price of 40 diamonds. This begs the question: How many Notch Apples have been found, and by who (and by what method)?
  18. sam8ddd

    When did you first start playing minecraft

    I don't quite remember exactly when, but it was around beta 1.4. Ever since, this game was always something that I played. I played other games from time to time, but Minecraft was always there.
  19. sam8ddd

    This or That?

    Don't know if you mean games in general, or just video games, but either way I'd choose games over music. Would you rather be instantly proficient at every language and instrument, or be able to run 200 mph and jump 30 ft (and not get hurt when you fall)?
  20. sam8ddd

    Would you rather?

    Only listen to the same one once, that way I get more diversity. The same 3 would get old fast. Would you rather only be able to eat the same meal for the rest of your life, or be able to eat anything you wanted, but you have to eat a quarter-pounder dog poo sandwich once a week?
  21. sam8ddd

    1-UP Contest!

    (The pace is a lil' slow...) I heard of in the Olympics.
  22. sam8ddd

    Would you rather?

    (Yeah, I noticed the wrong page after posting ) Gourmet meal, definitely. Who gives a crap about what GR thinks, I'm not a chef. I would take his assault. Then enjoy some ice cream afterwards. Would you rather be able to travel through time (1 hour at a time, 1 day cooldown), or teleport (1 mile max, 2 hour cooldown)?
  23. sam8ddd

    Would you rather?

    Cockroach, probably in little bites Would you rather 50/50 die/$1,000,000 or leave it?
  24. sam8ddd

    Punny Pun Puns

    The following puns were all original. None of them were researched from the internet. (Two men, named Lance and Tyler, is trying to convince another man, Nick, to cut down some trees) Nick: But I'm a twig! Lance: These trees have done some shady things, causing much pine (pain). Don't leaf them alone, wood you please cut them down. I may be barking up the wrong tree. Tyler: I'm lichen this! Got any more? Lance: Nah, I'm stumped. Nick: All these puns are sapping my strength. How're those for size?
  25. sam8ddd

    Notch Apples?

    Not sure if you can find notch apples in villages. Were they normal golden apples, or enchanted golden apples?