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  1. Adriano1804

    Everneth's Seventh Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    I vote for Puddles!
  2. Adriano1804

    A Much Needed Break

    Hope you manage to survive... lol. Anyways have fun
  3. Adriano1804

    A Problem I've Been Seeing Lately

    aaaaahhh... I am mumbo spoon 2.0
  4. Adriano1804

    A Problem I've Been Seeing Lately

    Not sure if diamond farms exist
  5. Adriano1804

    A Problem I've Been Seeing Lately

    Yes, competition from time to time is fun. But after a while, going to a mine and repeating the same actions over, and over, and over, gets waaay too boring in my opinion.
  6. Adriano1804

    A Problem I've Been Seeing Lately

    I agree. One thing I wanna add on to, is the 2nd thing. Not many have ideas, true. But maybe we could come together and talk about it. Bit by bit we can think of a solution. Of course the answer may not be simple. But you of course gotta try hard
  7. First of all, this is all my opinion. I am not saying this IS the problem, I am just saying that I think this may be a problem/is the cause of the inactivity. I really like this community. Lots of fun, tight friendships, etc. It seems like a good idea, but I notice that only main players, such as pande, GT, kathi, basically staff and old players, stay on this server. I basically never see any new players. Most of them end up quitting. Why? I aren't exactly a big member of the community, so I kinda see why. You see, it doesn't feel welcoming enough to new players. There are a lot of ways how it isn't welcoming, and it may take a while to list, but, of course, Whatevet I find that I easily feel left out. Like, all the (mains lol) staff and old players have a lot they know about each other, they remember their past experiences, but when newbies come join, they see all this stuff going on, and they wish they could know about what is happening there. I still feel that. Another thing I find, is the surrounding isn't so, welcoming. I personally think a lot more work should be put into that, since it gives a first impression. I also think it should be a community project, not just for the interior department. I would also love a lot more diversity in the map. The current map is simply: Build a base, visit shops for resources with diamonds from your mine, which to me is all boring. I mean at first it feels new, but it does become quite boring after a while. I'd love more fun! Some more twists, more permanent activities! Shops seem like a lazy way to play. I wish we shared more, and not for some boring diamonds. I wish we helped each other instead for free, not for diamonds. That also gets annoying. Basically there are a lot of things I think cause the inactivity lately. One main thing is school. But overall, I still think these things may help the community, and may help future maps live on... I may build my tree again, who knows? Welp, if you wanna add on to this, or state your opinion, then go do so! Nothing's stoppi- wait there is? what is it? Wh- oh you need to go feed your cats. K do so then state your opinion pls. hlelh sos snans Edit: Apperantly I am longer here than kathi
  8. Adriano1804

    Reset Discussion Thread

    I like playing on the server, but the thought that whatever I build will disappear after a while no matter what is sad. I can't make a big project without it being a few weeks before reset. I'd like many more people to experience what it is like, but I can't. I don't see a point to play if a big project needs to be worked on a lot to be done before a reset, which eats up a lot of time. This is one of the reasons I don't play anymore. I think a good idea would be to have a map that lasts a long time, and by long I mean a few years possibly. Sounds dumb, since the map will just get ruined, but at least I won't have to worry about my build being gone after some time. And to prevent making the land unclean, we could have a team that removes creeper holes, terraforms places destroyed by players that aren't even being used, for example a big crater from an explosion could use with a hill or plains there. ETC. This is my opinion tho. But I think this would do quite well. Please consider this.
  9. Adriano1804

    Everneth's Fifth Council Nomination

    Did you mean "Syb"? Yeah sorry about my mistake
  10. Adriano1804

    Everneth's Fifth Council Nomination

    IDEK who to vote for. I have a few cobwebs, some air, and stuff in that head of mine ATM, lol. Ima vote for sub, cause why not lol Edit: Syb, not sub
  11. Adriano1804

    Favorite Game

    My favourite MC mob must be the creeper, which is also the mob I hate the most, cause I hate those creeper holes showing up everywhere!!! What did your first Minecraft house look like? Like, which block did you use, what shape, etc.
  12. Adriano1804

    Favorite Youtuber?

    My favourite youtubers are Mumbo, Antvenom, Xisuma, Ssundee, Stampy, ChippyGaming (Terraria youtuber, cause I really like Terraria ), And probs somebody I forgot My favourite YT group is Hermitcraft, as of most people.
  13. Adriano1804

    Would you rather?

    I would rather die by drowning, cause it is a quicker death than having to take days to die of starvation. Yes, both are horrible, and you die either way, so it is better to die quickly, right? Would you rather buy a black cat, or a white cat?
  14. Uh, I was fighting the ender dragon, when suddenly the server crashed. It takes like 1-2 mins to fix, but then when someone joins, it just crashes again! (AKA says "Disconnected") I can't even join. What do I do? Pikahans can't join either, we were fighting the dragon together. Nobody can join! It is so bad... What do we do!? (I also had the same problem in singleplayer. IDK why it happens ) EDIT: Yeah, it has been like an hour or two, and it still isn't working... R.I.P (Good luck, staff, hope to get it working soon. )
  15. Adriano1804

    Mine and Remy's secret idea..

    Nope! Keep trying tho : )