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  1. This or That?

    Wood tools are just to terrible, so I'l take the diamond house. Find a ocean monument or a woodland mansion.
  2. Do you guys think space should be added to minecraft

    I'm all for more biomes, but not space.
  3. What Instruments Does Everyone Play?

    Played the piano and percussion in High School. I really miss matching band. And that's sad....
  4. Youtuber/Netlfix recommendations?

    I watch Vintage Beef for all things minecraft and Achievement Hunter for everything else. Those guys are so funny.
  5. Favorite game and series?

    My favorite game at the moment is the new Zelda. Hard to pull away from it. Favorite series is Pokemon. Played all the games. So good.
  6. Question Game

    How can someone confuse a mango with a pear?
  7. Favorite Game

    My favorite block is Birch Planks. I build with it all the time. What is your favorite TV show that is still running?
  8. Would you rather?

    I would rather fly. Would you rather play a villain or a hero in a movie?