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  1. Remy

    My Base For Next Season

    Most likely going to be separate from the RP. And true, it would be very impressive to finish something like that Japanese castle. I'm gonna go with that. Also, one more question about the rp that just sparked from your reply. Would people in Kingstone each have their own settlement (like how this rp was mostly people being vassals), or would it be just one big settlement that would eventually gain a castle and such?
  2. Waddup peeps! With just a few weeks left (hopefully) until the next season of Everneth starts, many people including myself will be planning bases and such. My idea for my base next season will be a large manor of some sort. The theme and building style of this manor is to be determined, but I have narrowed it down to two things. I am more inclined to build #1, but #2 is also still in my head, and would also be cool to build. Here are the styles: 1: A French themed manor/chateau. Could potentially be based off something like this image. 2: An oriental/Chinese/Japanese palace. Based off of something like this. These buildings would be quite large as you can see, and would require a hefty amount of work and material gathering. For that reason, I propose a team of people to help build and gather items for them. These people would have the choice to live with me in the build as well once it is finished, seeing as it would be very large just for one person. If you would like to help build and/or live in the manor with me, reply to this post or message me on discord. Thanks
  3. Remy

    Winter Build Competition Sign Ups

    1. IGN - Remyyyy, DefendPopPunk 2. Coords of Build --- -263, 64, 1554 3. Context Questions What is the maximum area allowed for you build? 50x50 When are all entries due by? December 30th What is your favorite Christmas song and why? Mine is Sleigh Ride, because we play it in band every year, and its catchy af.
  4. Remy


    Within spawn, there is four different areas for builds. Shops, housing, games, and farms. Outside of spawn, you may build wherever and however you please.
  5. Remy

    nether hub

    We do have a nether hub already actually!
  6. Remy

    Secret Santa Signups 2017!

    Sign me up fam
  7. Remy

    Related SMP's?

    I don't know if Everneth is similar to another SMP. Very unique.
  8. My favorite game would have to be Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past, or Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Those are the games that I used to play every single day when I was younger. Breath of the Wild may make that list soon enough, because of how awesome it is.
  9. Remy


    I know my way around redstone, I am definitely not an expert though. I don''t partake in doing redstone all that much, as most of my time is spent building.
  10. Remy

    What kind of base should I build?

    I always prefer a cozy base, but that could fit into all three of those types. In my opinion, I think I treehouse base would be very cool!
  11. Remy

    Letter to the Kingdom of Kingstone

    The elven archers of Mirkwood have risen and will be prepared to fight alongside the Kingstonian militia all the way to the death!
  12. Remy

    PVP and Seasons

    PvP is allowed if all players participating in the PvP have agreed to it. There is no pvp in nether or end, and if somebody says, "stop" you must stop hitting them right away.
  13. Remy

    Future Japanese Housing Community

    I would certainly be happy to help you build, but not actually be in the community.