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  1. Plug in suggestion

    I am not one to ultimately answer this suggestion, but i would have to assume, and also speak for myself, that i think the answer is no.
  2. Reset Discussion Thread

    Like you said, it will give people inspiration again. I most definitely cannot speak for everyone, but i find that once a player has everything, god gear, a great base, etc. It kind of gets boring. That is just my opinion though.
  3. Everneth's Sixth Council Nomination

    I nominate lopp aswell for his great efforts in making spawn a very nice place.
  4. My New Idea! Hogwarts, complete recreation.

    I hope mine will take off, i have designed a large portion in test and i just need to make a schematic of it.
  5. So I have recently thought of an idea that would be awesome to build. I want to completely recreate Hogwarts from the Harry Potter book series, (and ew the movies too). I am a big fan of Harry Potter, I had started reading the Sorcerers Stone in fourth grade, and then I read the whole book series that year. I have now read all seven books 5 times over, and still am in love with them. I always wanted to go to school at Hogwarts, so building it on the server is probably as close to that as I can get. If any of you are interested in helping me, please message me on discord.
  6. Temmie's House Design

    I have also wondered this. It shoudn't be that you aren't whitelisted, as i have been whitelisted for quite a while, and i also do not have the option to upload photos.
  7. The Third Evernethian Expedition

    I will also join!
  8. I nominate Kaddaschatzi (Kathi), because she is super nice and is very helpful at all times.
  9. Underground mall

    I may be able to help a little, not sure how much though... I am very busy on the server right now, but if my schedule opens up, I will be sure to help
  10. Screenshots with shaders!

    What shader pack is that? I'd really love to try it out
  11. Public Wither Skeleton Farm Building!

    I am obviously helping, I have a lot of slabs currently that I will be able to donate.
  12. As many of you know, I am starting an oriental town on the server. I just recently tried to make a Chinese dragon statue, but it failed miserably. I want it to be small enough to fit in a public area, like the center of a park or something. And not too big either. I have a picture of the one I tried to make, but i hope you guys can help, critique, or make some of your own designs. Any of those would help me a lot, Thanks -Remy Here is the one I tried to make. (Keyword- tried lol)
  13. Any Musicians here, what instruments and how long?

    I play decent at piano, which I have been playing for about a year. I play the clarinet in my band class at school, which I have played for 3 years now. And I play the guitar which I have been playing for about 2 years now I think.
  14. To go along with my last post, I will show where I am building this town. It will be located all over the island at -2600, -7000. I am just saying this to let people know not to build there. Thanks! As another quick note, I do not know what I should call my town, so if you have any suggestions, please tell them to me! -Remy Here is a picture of the island:
  15. New Town/City/Village!

    That is fine! All the help I can get is much appreciated