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  1. Studio528

    Ultra Hardcore Season X Signups

    Can I sign up as solo? I gtg about an hour and a half in. thx, Spookio528
  2. Studio528

    Everneth Spooktacular: Trick or Treat Sign Ups

    Spookio528 (Studio528) 200ish 4261 are my base coords. Dont mess with my farms and stuff. Otherwise build whatever you want nearish to my island. Nether tunnel is top purple. I would recommend being careful tho. Ghasts might be a bit of a problem
  3. Studio528

    1000 Posts Game

    Eiffel 65
  4. Studio528

    The start of an Elf

    Lindsey was raised by loving parents in a nice little village near the water. She was a Water Elf. She had minor magic, Making plants grow underwater and next to rivers and streams. Minor water movement, meaning if there was water nearby she could pick up some and move it. Water Elves were very useful when it came to farming and fishing. She is also really good at boat navigation and other water type magic. Water Elves are very nice and kind creatures and are mainly pacifists. When she was 5 she went to school. When she was 14 she had finished school and decided to travel. She follows a path through many villages and because she is of legal age to drink, elf age, She stopped at many taverns. She found her way to Kingstone but didn’t realize this was Kingstone and thought it was a walled village. She decided to stay here, her parents had given her enough money to be able to buy a small house. She went to the fishers in Kingstone and asked if she could help them. Eventually she picked it up as her job and excelled better than the best fisher woman. She enjoyed her job as a fisher woman but she also wanted to battle. So she enrolled in the Kingstone army. She still hasn’t gotten in but Lindsey has taught herself the basics of battle. How to hold a sword comfortably, Sneaking in to somewhere. That somewhere was the battle lessons, of course she stayed hidden, but it told her a lot of how to do basic battle. She had a little dummy she made to try her skills. It fell apart a lot because of how hard she hit it. She wasn’t that good at fighting but she knew some moves to help in self defense if it came to that. Otherwise she was peaceful being a fisher woman. Not many people bought fish as steak was much more common. She always kept some fish for herself. She didn’t like steak much. She also liked to think she helped the community a lot, which she did. She helped pick up litter and help people out. After a few weeks of being in Kingstone she enjoyed it there. It was sad to not be near her parents anymore but when you are an elf stuff happens. She hoped that she could get a different job. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Human to Water Elf years: 1 Human Year = 5 elf years (2 Human years = 10 Elf years) All ages in this are in elf. (14 in elf is legal drinking age)
  5. Studio528

    1000 Posts Game

  6. Studio528

    Kingstone Entry Examinations

    Kingsglaive/Vassal IGN: Studio528 RP name: Lindsey Waterdale (water-dale) Character Profile: http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3736-lindsey-character-profile/?tab=comments#comment-19371 Lore: Lindsey is seeking to be in a higher job than a Fletcher. She wants to be part of this "Glaive" she keeps hearing about. She hopes she can make it! If not she may just keep working as a Fletcher and keep her current home. That would make her a tad bit sad but she could live with it. She is a water elf that wants to be near water a lot. Her abilities are making plants grow underwater, Minor water movement, fishing, boat navigation, and other similar water things. Lindsey is very nice but get on her nerves to much and she will get mean. Notes: I have wanted to join Kingstone since Season 4 (near the end) Reaneal was not what i really wanted him to be. It just kept falling apart, and i had to end it. I hope this new start will go more the way I want it to lore wise and not fall apart. I also don't want to try and spend 3 days trying to write like 3 sentences I can't think of so I will be on my lore game a lot. that is mainly so I can get better at writing lore. I am still pretty trash at it. I will also make a base farther away from the RP area and stay away from building for a bit. It will be a pain to move but even if I don't get in I will still have to move. Build: A water castle near Kingstone, not to big and will not have much purpose than being a decoration, might have more lore to it later. It will be a little underwater thing that will be mainly in ruins as i am not into building much. It will be about a 50x50 area maybe smaller.
  7. Studio528

    Lindsey Character Profile

    Lindsey was raised by parents in an elf village that were loving but they could be very serious and demanding if she was slacking off on her job. She went to school when she was 5 and had a good education. When she was 14 Lindsey decided to leave and travel. Lindsey traveled many villages and stopped at many taverns. Eventually a big wall like thing stood in her way, it had banners so it must be important. Of course she did not know it was Kingstone and wandered right in, not that anything bad was going to happen, and it was beautiful. She had enough money from her parents to buy a small home there. She lived there and loved it, After a while it began to dull a bit. Her job was being a Fletcher and getting fish , she got this job at age 17. She is now 19 and is an experienced Fletcher and has a very good technique for catching fish. She hopes she can get a better job but this one still pays well. Now of course being a water elf Footnote: Her Weapons will be a sword named "Rainslash", a bow named "Snowshot", and a trident named "Aureille" Race: Water Elf (Has water magic) Age: 19 Human Years, 50 Elf years (very young water elf, they can live up to 900 years) Semi Strong, Is nice but don't get her riled up or she gets real mad, Has not had or does not plan having sexual relations ever. If you try and flirt with her be careful, She get find out quick and deny you.
  8. Studio528

    The End of Reaneal

    Reaneal was out doing his normal thing when a messenger hurried after him down the streets of Valland. The messenger handed him a paper with a royal seal of Valland on it. "Must be important" , he mumbled to himself. The letter said: You are requested to go to the fort near Kuiken. We are attacking Kuiken. - King J Porter Reaneal made it there as quick as he could to the armory and suit up, He made it just in time to leave with the others that were going there. A few days after the battle a mysterious man came to Valland and said to join him and that King J Porter was abusive. Reaneal did not think of him this way. Porter came out and gave his view, Reaneal agreed and went to the left to stay with Valland. Two night later he thought he heard something, but he went back to sleep. He heard it again but louder and stayed up but pretended to stay asleep. He saw a shape in all black holding an object that glinted in the moonlight. The shape slowly moved to him. Slowly, so slow that it was creepy and scary at the same time, he came up to Reaneal. When they realized he was awake they said, "How could you not see that the king has abused us?". Since Reaneal could do nothing he let himself be killed. The next morning Porter came to visit Reaneal and saw that he was not doing his normal morning routines, whatever those were. He knocked on his door and heard nothing answer. It was a special knock, and Reaneal knew Porter was coming. He looked closer and saw that the lock was busted, He went in silently and went upstairs to where Reaneal's bedroom was. He quickly entered and saw he was still in bed. Only when porter came closer he realized something was wrong. He went even closer and saw blood on the sheets, he proceeded to go to the other side and saw what happened. Reaneal had been killed in his sleep.
  9. I nominate Steel/Kordong Luisville
  10. Studio528

    1000 Posts Game

  11. Studio528

    Valland Applications

    RP Name: Reaneal (no last name) IGN: Studio528 http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3374-character-profile-reaneal/?tab=comments#comment-17920 (is heavily Kingstone based but I'm thinking of making lore to make it into Valland if accepted.) Why to be chosen? Here's why: I will collect materials that are needed. Give me guidelines on what to build and i will do it the best i can. I am good at pvp if there is no lag (*cough* 1.13.1 *cough*). I am thinking of changing my current builds a bit to fit Valland a bit better. I will put pics of what they currently look like.
  12. Studio528

    1000 Posts Game

    45, (had to be done)
  13. Studio528

    Reaneal Lore

    Reaneal was a peaceful lumberjack looking for work. As he was out travelling and a man from this place called Solis, He did not know who this man was or where he was from, asked what he was doing in their territory. He said "Well sir, I'm a lumberjack looking for someone to buy my wares". "Well, we might have the place for you, its that way.", said the man. "Why thank you, sir", Reaneal said. Later that day a different man showed Reaneal where he could live and cut trees. He made barely enough profit to live. All he could buy was bread and pay his rent. he was not happy but it was better than living 7 miles from the closest town. One day he woke up and no one was around. Even at the market there was no one there. From far off he could here the sound of horns going off. He went to go investigate. He saw there was people charging at each other. "What could this possibly be?", he thought aloud. After walking around a little bit like the man who had found him or someone who looked like him saw Reaneal. "Why aren't you in the lines?", the man said. "I was just looking at what is going on, I never was told that there would be battles." "Well if you are as big as us, then there will be battles." "I will hurry" "You better!" Reaneal had his ax that he carried with him. It was small and dull but could hurt. as he ran into battle he saw many people riding horses at each other. He also saw many, many, many people behind the 8 people riding horses. As he charged he got close to one of the horses. They slashed out to him and barely missed. He hid behind a small cover wall. He had his ax ready if anyone got near him. after the battle seemed over he got out from behind the cover. he saw one of the horse men draw their bow. he quickly went under the cover again. He was scared. There were lots of dead bodies around. He didn't think anyone survived. he came up again a minute later to see only 3 of the 8 were still there. The one he saw leading the battle, a wizard looking man, and a almost pitch black blue haired female. Little did he know this was a King and his 2 most trusted members. The man that lead the charge called out, "Come out! We mean no harm". Reaneal came more into view. He saw that the man who had swung out at him was the man that had lead the charge. The man then said, "Come with us, I saw that you had dodged my sword. you are worthy to join us, but in the lowest ranks.". Reaneal then thought, "I did not dodge anything. i do not know what he is saying, he missed me." After the battle he was taken to this castle in construction named "Kingstone". The man introduced himself as "Icarus", the Black colored and blue haired female introduced herself as "Nicku the shade", and the wizard man introduced himself as "Alfrety the mage". Reaneal said he did not like it in "Solis" as he had heard it called. He explained that he was a lumberjack that had wandered into battle and a general or admiral had said go into battle not realizing it was not one his own men. He then hid under cover after Icarus has slashed at him. Icarus said then, "You can be a lumberjack for us. We will give you land just outside the wall. We will pay you well and supply you with enough food to live but let you get as much food as you can yourself." Reaneal spent the rest of construction of Kingstone gathering wood and getting payed for it by the king himself. They became good friends. Reaneal hoped one day he would learn how to battle and fight the kingdom's enemies as he was treated him poorly and he wanted revenge for that. He knew it would be a while before he would be able to learn battle. Icarus did supply him with an ax that would always stay sharp. He loved it because he could cut trees a lot faster. He knew it might be useful in battle one day. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To be continued should I be promoted or i think of more stuff. Hope it was good!
  14. Studio528

    Kingstone Entry Examinations

    Post is no longer valid. Reaneal has been accepted into Valland. Reaneal has died, RIP
  15. Studio528

    Character Profile: Reaneal

    This is my character that I came up with for Season 5: Born in a little hut near what would become known as Kingstone. Reaneal was taught to be a Forester's apprentice. When he went to Kingstone for the first time he was so awestruck by it that he wanted to work in Kingstone one day. When he got to 15 King Icarus Ford presented him with the job as being a lumberjack for Kingstone. As Kingstone did not have a lumberjack in the new settlement he accepted the job. He was so grateful that he got asked. He knew it would be hard work as Kingstone would require lots of wood but this was to be expected as there would be lots of buildings that required wood. Tons upon tons of logs and planks were sold by Reaneal. He did his work as he was told and any specific orders for wood he took. His parents were proud of him, very proud. They were in the old settlement (now a kingdom) but they sent him letters occasionally and he sent them back a response.He left the old Kingstone at age 15 and made the 3 month long journey to the new settlement. he got there when he was almost 16. It was 2 more months before he was 16. it was almost winter to, 4 more months to be exact. Reaneal was proud to living his childhood dream of working for Kingstone. Villagers, Guards, and the King himself asked for wood from him and he supplied. When building his place before he was asked to supply lots of wood for Kingstone he used lots of wood and cobble he got to build his hut. He later built his mill that took the bark of blocks and sold bark and stripped logs. He also supplied all types wood, planks, logs, bark, and stripped logs. When he was asked to go on adventure to explore or to spy on the enemies for intel he would. He would also go into battle as asked. He was good at commanding but refused any guard or general positions as he liked being a lumberjack. He was proud to serve his country, but only took the field when the ongoing battle got tough. When it came to being in Kingstone it was not often. He would be there for meetings that required him or for deliveries. He would go there to shop or trade at times if he needed something. He would always help Kingstone even if it was a log stack at a time. The Realm of Everneth was so expansive he would not begin to understand it even a fraction of a bit. He had an decent education in Kingstone when he was a kid. His parents had lots of money to pay for his education. But never was in school after the age of 12. This was because the age of doing work for males in the village he was in was 12. He helped out before then but when he got 12 it was full time work for Reaneal. It was at age 15 he was asked by the King to work for Kingstone. He became a lumberjack at age 16, the working age.