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  1. Brenegan

    What's the most under-rated block

    Normal brick. Use some dark oak logs and some spuce wood. Put it in a dark colored grass biome. Mui bueno
  2. Brenegan

    What's the most under-rated block

    Red brick boi
  3. Brenegan

    Everneth's Fifth Council Nomination

    I vote for Sybbles.
  4. Brenegan

    Name change to BrenCarpenter

    Full disclosure i have changed my name so that it is easier to pronounce. Brenegan is now BrenCarpenter.
  5. Brenegan

    Favorite Music? Artist? Song?

    Avenged Sevenfold. A Little Piece of Heaven. lyrics are messed up but I still love it.
  6. Brenegan

    Build Inspiration

    I start by making a design in a neutral block. like cobblestone. it can be any block as long as it has stairs and slabs. so i make the shape with this neutral block until the form is rite. then i just replace the blocks with logs or wooden stairs or stone brick or whatever until it looks good. the hardest part is coming up with the color pallet.
  7. Brenegan

    Raven's Reach

    Hey i saw you got on the server! Ill be on in a few. This town will be built near -4000x -1000y. Its turning into more of a chines/asian port town. Still going to use a dark color pallete. Trying to make it look dingy. Think pirates of the carribean at worlds end opening scene.
  8. Brenegan

    Raven's Reach

    Raven's Reach will be the town for all those in the Dark Coven. I'm thinking of a dark and sinister theme. Very tall buildings. Slightly overgrown and untended landscaping. I'm looking for ideas on a color pallet. I need a group of blocks to work with in vanilla and a biome to support ced color pallet. Thanks for any input! -Brenegan Blackwing The Raven King
  9. Brenegan

    My old empire

    That is amazing! I love huge builds like that. And freaking boats man! Boats are hard. Can you post more pictures of the boats lol
  10. Brenegan

    Oakstead Tavern [ONE STOP SHOP][WIP]

    It looks like faithful 64 to me? lol I may be wrong though. And very nice build!
  11. Brenegan

    When did you first start playing minecraft

    I thought I had started around 1.4 but I was a junior in high school when i started and that was 5 years ago so I must have started around what? 1.2? something like that lol is there a timeline somewhere for their updates that anyone knows about? edit: I found a timeline. I joined in august of 2012 at update 1.3.1
  12. Brenegan

    Season III Dragon Fight!

    This sounds awesome! I hope I am white listed by then lol. I have been playing since 1.4.7 and I've never fought the dragon with a group. Plus my name is Brenegan Blackwing so I gotta be there to get myself some elytra wings lol. What kind of Raven King would I be if I couldn't fly!?
  13. Brenegan

    Wood shop: Accept orders?

    Maybe have a book in your shop for orders and just erase the ones you are done filling. then people who want to order can just write their order down in the book and it will all be in chronological order. Also maybe you could contract out some help? edit: I mean hire someone to help you fill the orders. a wood shop apprentice lol
  14. Brenegan

    What Texture/Resource Pack?

    I rotate between Bdubs, Fathful+HalcyonDays/better skies, and Scar's. When I'm feeling gloomy I use John Smith Legacy smooth
  15. Brenegan


    I play WoW and Planetside2. I also just backed Star Citizen and holy cow man. When that game is fully released it's going to take over my whole life.