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  1. Official Museum Post

    Wooooohooo new map!! With the new map officially here, I am here to "officially" announce the building of the 1st Everneth Museum! It will be taking shape in the snowy, southern part of spawn. It will be consisting of almost every single mob in Minecraft, important Everneth artifacts, and possibly every obtainable block in the game! It is going to be a very daunting task with lots of materials required. That is why I am asking for donations. If you have any extra items to spare please drop them off in the chests labeled "Museum Donations" in spawn. Every item is appreciated! (Unless you are that one guy who decides to drop rotten flesh in there.) If you do decide to donate more than 128 (two stacks) of items, your name will be somewhere in the museum for all to see. This also goes for if someone wants to donate the beacon and the blocks and any mobs. I also will need some help getting mobs captured. If you want to help with that, please reply to this post or DM me on Discord. (Mr_Yogi_Bear) Now without further ado, here is the materials list: Dark Oak - 11,619 Black Concrete - 8,555 Cyan Terracotta - 7,925 Dark Oak Wood Slabs - 6,692 Dark Oak Wood Planks - 5,657 Dark Oak Stairs - 3,011 Stone - 2,857 Light Blue Stained Glass - 2,765 Stone Bricks - 2,724 Cobblestone - 2,211 Glowstone - 1,944 Spruce Wood Slabs - 1,502 Lime Concrete - 1,360 Black Carpet - 1,054 Green Concrete - 1,051 Spruce Wood Stairs - 938 Blue Concrete - 700 Light Blue Concrete - 543 Red Concrete - 475 Yellow Concrete - 451 Light Blue Stained Glass Panes - 441 Blue Stained Glass Panes - 417 Orange Concrete - 405 Red Carpet - 370 Light Gray Stained Glass Panes - 330 Grass Blocks - 274 Lime Carpet - 245 Gray Stained Glass - 240 White Stained Glass - 240 Dirt - 239 Light Blue Carpet - 234 Ice - 222 Water Bucket - 216 Cobblestone Wall - 211 Prismarine - 206 Netherrack - 194 Brown Stained Glass Pane - 190 Green Stained Glass Pane - 190 Dark Oak Fence - 180 Red Stained Glass Pane - 180 Pink Stained Glass Pane - 155 Gray Stained Glass Pane - 155 Orange Stained Glass Pane - 150 Black Stained Glass Pane - 150 Yellow Stained Glass Pane - 150 Black Wool - 132 Glass Pane - 126 Lime Stained Glass Pane - 125 Cobblestone Slab - 123 Snow - 106 End Stone - 98 Wooden Trapdoor - 96 Cyan Stained Glass Pane - 95 Grass - 79 Quartz Stairs - 79 Oak Wood - 65 Block of Quartz - 64 Quartz Slab - 61 Snow (Layers) - 59 Dark Prismarine - 55 Magenta Stained Glass Pane - 55 White Carpet - 55 Bookshelf - 54 Lava Bucket - 53 Sign- 51 Vines - 51 Green Carpet - 43 Cobweb - 40 Andesite - 39 Coarse Dirt - 36 Dark Oak Leaves - 36 Soul Sand - 34 Glass - 34 Oak Wood Planks - 30 Spruce Leaves - 28 Cobblestone Stairs - 28 Torch - 27 Jungle Leaves - 25 Stone Slab - 25 Gravel - 24 Sand - 24 Light Gray Carpet - 22 Nether Brick - 22 White Wool - 20 Podzol - 20 End Stone Bricks - 20 Brown Carpet - 19 Irons Bars - 18 Gray Concrete Powder - 17 Hay Bale - 16 Oak Leaves - 15 Doube Tallgrass - 14 Spruce Wood - 14 Bone Block - 14 Magma Block -13 Purple Concrete - 12 Jungle Wood - 12 Poppy - 12 Nether Brick Stairs - 11 Pink Concrete - 10 Stone Brick Stairs - 10 Nether Brick Fence - 10 Packed Ice - 9 Polished Andesite - 8 Dandelion - 8 Cocoa Beans - 7 Oak Wood Stairs - 7 Pink Terracotta - 6 Mycelium - 6 Oak Fence - 6 End Rod - 6 Green Terracotta - 6 Slime Block - 6 Obsidian - 6 Mushroom - 5 Nether Quartz Ore - 5 Purpur Stairs - 5 Gray Concrete - 5 Red Terracota - 4 White Terracota - 4 Chiseled Stone Bricks - 4 Chest - 4 Oak Wood Slab - 4 Light Grau Concrete - 4 Gray Carpet - 4 Yellow Carpet - 4 Oak Door - 3 Nether Brick Slab - 3 Dead Bush - 3 Spruce Wood Planks - 2 Red Tulip - 2 Pink Tulip - 2 Melon - 2 Seeds - 2 Red Wool - 2 Nether Wart - 2 Spruce Fence - 2 Wooden Pressure Plate - 2 Orange Tulip - 1 Lily Pad - 1 Purple Carpet - 1 Mushroom (Brown) - 1 Cauldron -1 Brewing Stand - 1 Pillar Quartz Block - 1 Beacon - 1
  2. Ultra Hardcore Season VIII Signups

    Sign me up!!!!!!
  3. The Everneth Museum

    Hey all! With the new world coming very soon, I focused on getting the Everneth Museum done. I am glad to say I have finally done that. It took a lot of time but it is basically finished minus some minuscule things. I will have a follow-up post in about a week. In it, I will be posting the number of materials it will take to build this behemoth, the location of the museum, and other things concerning the museum. Until then, here, have some eye candy! -Yogi This is what it started out as... Then it got an upgrade... Now, it's finally done!!!!
  4. The State of Xana

    With Xana officially independent from the Crown, we have now decided the following and have written a formal letter: http://bit.ly/1e1EYJv Signed, Baron of Xana, Yogi
  5. Xana Independence

    With the recent events that have just occurred, Xana has decided to declare the end of its part in the county of Xadel as well as its independence from the Crown. We wish to do this peacefully with NO bloodshed. Signed, Baron of Xana, Yogi Hand of Baron, Cookeh Commandant of Xana, MoAboss16 Representative of the People, Shawn Turtle
  6. Xana Baronship

    Greetings all! Due to recent inactivity and being too busy with other matters, Baron Cookeh of Xana has stepped down as Baron and in his place Mr_Yogi_Bear will be Baron. (Would have made a more formal declaration but don't have enough time :/) Signed, Baron Mr_Yogi_Bear Hand of Baron Cookeh
  7. Habitats

    If anyone wants to create a habitat for any of the mobs in the museum, please respond to this Topic with your name and which mob you want to do. Before you do choose a mob, please go look at the museum and the habitat boundaries of each mob before you make any decisions. Some habitats are bigger than others! The museum coords are x: 2599, y:1264. You are allowed to do how many you want.* Just be sure to tell me! Thank you all for contributing! -Yogi *If you decide to do the mobs marked with *, then you can ONLY do that one. Chicken - Cow - Pig - lopp Sheep - Mooshroom - Rabbit - Villager - Squid - Bat - MoAboss16 Wolf - Ocelot - Horse - Skeleton Horse - Donkey - Mule - Parrot - Llama - Snow Golem - Iron Golem - Polar Bear - Horseman - Spider Jockey - Chicken Jockey - Enderman - Cave Spider - Spider - Zombie Pigman - Witch - Zombie Villager - Slime - Shulker - Silverfish - Endermite - Vindicator - Evoker - Stray - Husk - Ghast - Guardian - Blaze - Wither Skeleton - Magma Cube - Baby Zombie - Skeleton - Zombie - Creeper - *Wither - *Elder Guardian -
  8. Reset Discussion Thread

    My opinion: I do believe in a reset. The reason for this is because I am just not real inspired to build anything on the server anymore. As most of you know I am building a museum. Not only will this museum take forever to build in survival and get all of the mobs, there is really no point in building it on the server. Even if the server is not reset now, it will be reset around Christmas. There is no time for the museum to achieve the appriciation that it would hold if it was built at the start of a new season. This doesn't go just for the museum however, this goes for all projects many people are wanting to build. They will not get the attention they deserve if these builds were built at the beginning of a season. More people will be on which means more attention to players' builds/projects. But, even though I want a reset, I do not think it should be done in the future. Lots of people are starting school which means they have less free time. Resettting the server will not come hang this is issue. The server will still be pretty inactive compared to if it was started in the summer or Christmas time or spring break. School will still continue. I suggest that a reset should occur during one of these three events so more players are active. Now here are things that I think would help the community some more. For one thing, I think there should be more builds near spawn/spawn should be more active. Think of Mindcrack Season 4. At the beginning, there was a World border that people could not pass which forced them to make a base near spawn,thus making spawn more active. This server is multilayered after all, Ned one who way to make it more interactive is to do this sort of concept. Also, there should NOT be theme. Themes limit what people can build to express their creativity. When someone new joins the server, the first thing they see is spawn. Spawn should be the most impressive thing on the server, a bunch of unfinished projects. Anywhooo this is just my opinion: take it or leave it. I a man interested in what people think about what I said so please discuss this below. I just hope that whatever we do further makes the community better. -Yogi
  9. After being hammered by homework and very little free time, I have officially completed the EXTERIOR of the Museum. Hooray! That's the good news. The bad news is that I still have the interior to do. Also, more bad news is considering how close the poll for a server reset is, I may have to wait until NEXT map to build it. If anyone wants to make a habitat for the mobs HMU ASAP bc I will begin work on the interior this weekend. See ya around! -Yogi (The coordinates for museum in test are x: 2599, y:1264)
  10. Mob Muesum

    Yet to be determined
  11. Mob Muesum

    Hey all! It is me, Yogi Bear here to propose an idea. As you may know I have completed all of the advancements, so there is really no challenge left for me in this game. So after thinking about about I have decided to make a new challenge: to collect EVERY mob in Minecraft! It is going to be very hard and it will take a long time, but I am confident I will do it. The Mob Museum (or Mob-seum) will be in a location nearish spawn. If ANYONE is interested in helping in any way, donating items to museum, helping me design it, helping me build it, helping me capture mobs, etc. please let me know!!! It will be much appreciated!! Thank you all!
  12. Ultra Hardcore Season VII Signups

    Sign me up
  13. The Fourth Evernethian Expedition

    What Cookeh said
  14. Server-wide tour?

    Yogi is interested
  15. A Statement

    Still love ya DPP <3