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  1. RP Event #5

    @Faceman look a :bug:
  2. Roleplay Recruitment Drive

    I shall be returning to my native land of Heuvel.
  3. The Pizza Box

    It's because pizza places do not make enough money to afford to make a round box, which is expensive to make. Square boxes are cheaper and they work just the same, so they are square Use your head dude
  4. Does Anyone Watch These Shows?

    Why does this look like a unicorn puked on it.
  5. The Third Evernethian Expedition

    I shall take part in this expedition
  6. I nominate AmzCuriousPanda for her work in Interior and because she'd be a good fit for the position
  7. What faction should you join?

    First off, this thing is biased af towards the ISU 2nd, you refer to the ISU 50x more than Ilia in the Ilian paragraph
  8. Ultra Hardcore Season VI

    ULTRA HARDCORE SEASON VI BRING A FRIEND - Teams of 2 Saturday, May 27th | 1PM EST IP: games.everneth.com OVERVIEW ――――――――――― Ultra Hardcore is an event designed to honor the greatest warriors, the most formidable fighters, and the most clever combatants. One's skill can't be measured solely on the basis their solo performance, however; one's ability to go to battle with a partner is just as important as their individual skill. And what better partner than one that the warrior knows well? For this season of UHC, players are encouraged to invite a friend to play by their side, working together to claim victory! Players may select any teammate they please, whether that teammate is a citizen of Everneth or a friend who isn't a member of the server. We encourage you to choose outsiders as a way of introducing them to Everneth, but it isn't required by any stretch. Teams will begin the match by each others' side and allowed to communicate by any method they please, whether that is Skype, Discord, in-game text chat, or another means entirely. For those who have not had the pleasure of participating in a UHC match before, it is a PvP event in which players are spread throughout a world of naturally-generated Minecraft terrain, and natural health regeneration is turned off. The only way to regain lost health is by either eating a golden apple or drinking a Potion of Healing. The last player standing is the victor! DETAILS ――――――――――― To make sure that the match runs smoothly, players will be expected to observe the following rules: Everneth members are responsible for their partner's behavior and following the rules. If you don't think your partner will follow our rules, invite someone else! Fallen players must cut off all communication with their teammate and all other players. There are no exceptions for any reason. Potions of Regeneration are banned. All other potions are allowed. Players are safe from PvP for the first 20 minutes of the match. An automated message will be posted in the ingame chat after 20 minutes have passed. Spectators and dead players are not allowed to use the ingame chat. Mods are not allowed Exceptions: Optifine, Replay Mod, BetterFPS. Optifine's zoom function is disallowed. "Skybasing" - defined as building high up into the air to create an artificial chokepoint - is disallowed. Branch mining is disallowed. Staircasing and digging downwards is allowed. AWARDS ――――――――――― Warriors of great stature deserve to be honored for their feats. As such, there are five forum medals that can be won in a match of UHC! Champion - Awarded to the last player standing! Ironman - Awarded to the last player to receive a point of damage - including shield health. Sanguine - Awarded to the player to slay the most opponents. Midas - Awarded to the player to acquire and eat the most Golden Apples. First Blood - Awarded to the first player to kill an opponent. CLOSING AND SIGNUPS ――――――――――― This and all future seasons of UHC will be played on games.everneth.com - the server will open 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time. The game will begin at 1:05 PM, and anyone arriving later will be automatically put into spectator mode and will not be able to participate in the match. It seems like somebody always shows up late - we can't start over for you, please don't be that someone! To sign up for this season of UHC, reply to this thread! To discuss this season of UHC, go to this thread! We'd like to thank gerrybrano for his UHC BLOX module, which is the machine that runs the match.
  9. Everneth's Fifth Council Nomination

    I nominate Zieon.
  10. Boycott FearlessPie

    Seize the means of production! While we're boycotting people, you should all boycott Dauntless
  11. Goodbye, Everneth.

    It's been fun times, and I've enjoyed you being around m8. Good luck out there o/ F http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/858/776/f2e.jpg_large' alt='URL>'>
  12. (I'm not dead)

    Fire tick is off, so what rolo said is clearly a fabricated falsehood. Check your facts GT
  13. Spawn Easter Egg Hunt

    http://everneth.com/images/interior.png' alt='URL>'> HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! In the spirit of the holidays the Interior is hosting a Spawn-Wide Easter Egg Hunt. From April 15-16 (Sat-Sun) players can hunt down a plethora of Eggs hidden in various locations around spawn. These eggs are filled with lots of goodies that's sure to make any player smile. Now, we know what some of you are gonna say: "You probably just filled the eggs with crappy stacks of food or some crappy enchant books." Well worry not! In addition to the many smaller eggs you can find around spawn, there will also be 10 Golden Eggs filled with enough treasure to make even the most negative pessimist, richest Alex, loaded Daunt, or monopolizing Pleb say otherwise. Now, despite the name "Golden", these eggs can be anything but. They are shulker boxes camouflaged with their environment to distinguish them from the normal eggs and adding that much more of a challenge to find them. Due to the nature of their prizes we would also like to add that we must limit one Golden Egg per person. Those who find Golden Eggs must also claim that an egg has been found. To find regular or Golden Eggs, blocks do not and should not need to be broken. Use scaffolding if necessary. TL;DR/Rules: Don't be a jerk. If you've already found a lot of Easter Eggs, please be considerate and save some for the rest of the community.[/b] Blocks may not be broken to access an egg.[/b] Scaffolding blocks may be placed to reach eggs. Scaffolding blocks must be broken once not in use.[/b] Members in the Interior who have hidden eggs are prohibited from participating in the hunt.[/b] Limit one Golden Egg per Person[/b] Players must claim that they have found a Golden Egg[/b] To claim a Golden Egg, one must place the Golden Egg Shulker Box on a podium at spawn (-99/70/279). Place a sign on the Box with your IGN.[/b] Items from Golden Eggs may be taken by the player who found and claimed the egg. The actual Egg however must be kept on the podium and may be claimed by their respective players at the end of the Event period.[/b] Violation of any of the above rules will give Interior the right to confiscate rewards from the guilty party.[/b] Thanks to AmzCuriousPanda for the Easter Egg Hunt idea, to FearlessPie for the organization of the event, and to both of them for making the event possible!
  14. plugins?

    Let's see. We have a blocklogging plugin, for grief prevention/restoration (Coreprotect) One Player Sleep (Allows for only 1 player to sleep a night away, and is cancelable by anyone) A message revamp plugin A plugin preventing endermen griefing A plugin that drops the dragon egg every time a dragon is killed, to allow bedrock to be broken Essentials, for staff purposes (players aren't allowed to have these) A notes plugin allowing you to save notes (I use this for coords myself) And I *think* that's all. Nothing that changes anything in-game too much, and the biggest one that does something is 1 player sleep.
  15. That's the advantage of our server, my friend! We do not allow such griefing, and if it were to happen to you, staff will rollback the incident, free of charge! I'm glad that, after 3 weeks, you've come back to us, it shows us that you're still interested! Well, Everneth has this to offer: Opportunity to work side-by-side with staff members on public works projects. Community events! Including: An in-house PvP tournament, and a UHC every 2 months! Elected officials, the players get to have a direct say in Parliament's workings! Staff is held to a strict code of what they can and can't do Face is a literal god @_@