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  1. The Return of the Evernethian Roleplay

    where may one find this kingdom of llia, I feel I know where my allies lie.
  2. Everneth's Fifth Council Nomination

    I nominate zeion cause i think he deserves a shot
  3. mending has ruined the game
  4. Everneth Prank Wars!

    I would recommend clearing this with the prankee beforehand. ^-^ ok
  5. Boycott FearlessPie

    agreed in theory but in practice...
  6. Question Game

    How can an abstract rule change concrete topic? How can a concrete topic change rules regarding the corporation of McDonald's? How can a topic change to concrete regarding an admissibility abstract rule?
  7. 1-UP Contest!

    I was the source of the sound of the violent screaming in the Olympics.
  8. Everneth Prank Wars!

    I just wanted to clarify the part about breaking blocks. So are you allowed to mine a few blocks of someone's base to say place something underneath it and then replace them? I was just wondering if this was a thing or not
  9. Everneth Prank Wars!

    this will be a blast
  10. Iron Maiden (New Name)

    oh cool, great idea and are those the things near the end fortress?
  11. Hi I didn't know where to put this so I added it here but I recently read faceman's passed proposal about friends being recommend and whitelisted under the responsibility of the recommender and I wanted to ask about my younger brother joining the server. He is nine years old and does not have the time to complete the application process and we would both like it for him to join the server. He often watches me play and he knows and respects all of the greifing/stealing/server rules. If you want any more information that will help, just ask and please tell me if this can go ahead. HGWicks
  12. Building Concept - Serverwide Fishfarm

    I was going to build my ask fish farm and I wanted to ask this; can non stackable items be filtered? I was going to try and sort all the items into seperate chests (and have the books go in the last chest after the rest is sorted since there are so many types) but I'm not quite sure how
  13. What Instruments Does Everyone Play?

    I have played the violin for 8 years and I'm pretty good 🎻
  14. ender ender food

    yep ok!