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  1. EspioEclipse

    Secret Santa Signups 2017!

    I'm up for it
  2. EspioEclipse

    Leif Erikson Day

    hinga dinga durgen
  3. EspioEclipse

    Reset Discussion Thread

    would be great if we would have the entire map data before the reset so that the memories would be saved
  4. As the title says, what would you change in Minecraft? For me I would change the melee settings to before the way you can just spam attacks and not wait for timings and cooldowns, for facing mobs of course and it would be more easier than a task in my opinion, so what about you?, what would you change?
  5. EspioEclipse

    What's your dream job?

    I know the risk and I'm willing to do it, but it's always a gamble
  6. I'm suggesting in application threads while if they have multiple questions then add a single thread if possible to where they can go to, so that there's less hassle for both parties. Or if it's a specific question they should message a mod or higher so it would go smoothly And if the people who are reviewing asking the applicant why/how/what then they can reply, I think that won't lessen the communication between the player and staff.
  7. Just a suggestion maybe if there's a rule where the applicant can only reply to the thread if asked so there's no uncesarry replies which fills up the application so that it would look clean and professional, just suggesting.
  8. EspioEclipse

    What's your dream job?

    As the title said, what's your dream job? For me my idea of a dream job is having a job that I would enjoy and Excell at and that being a Professional E-sports player on League Of Legends, I've been thinking this for a while and came to a conclusion to what a dream job for me so yeah an Pro LoL player
  9. EspioEclipse

    Favorite Youtuber?

    To be honest this is hard it's Either ChilledChaos or GalmHD they both tend to collaborate and is in the same group known as the Derp crew ChilledChaos is known for his way on how to spice things up, even in a very normal game and how Diabolical he is and is very funny, While Galm is a very skilled gamer and has a great personality.
  10. EspioEclipse


    I usually play League Of Legends and Warframe, and I occasionally play Don't Starve Together with friends, when there's no internet I pop up my old PS2 and play some Dynasty or Samurai Warriors.
  11. EspioEclipse

    What Instruments Does Everyone Play?

    I used to play the Violin when I was at the 2nd-3rd grade, but now I barely know how to play it know, probably me forgetting how to play it and its notes. sad enough I want to know how to use the violin again, but I'm too lazy, I'll try to pick it up again when I can.
  12. EspioEclipse

    Rate the avatar above

    5/10 Very simple and fancy, looking but It would look better with added details. I drawn my avatar so yea and here's a bigger and HD pic of it
  13. EspioEclipse

    Would you rather?

    I would go without music for 1 day as much I really enjoy music, not having internet will get me bored and will annoy me a lot Would you rather Be blind but have heightened sense or be Deaf but is know to be the one that cured Cancer.
  14. EspioEclipse

    Favorite Game

    I can if I know how to drive but sadly I don't yet and will probably learn in the future Can you play and finish Dark Souls with only 10 lives and there's no easy mode.
  15. EspioEclipse

    Best Anime

    I have multiple Anime's in mind but if it's the best on my opinion it would probably be Corey in the House, I'm kidding I'm kidding To be real Kuroko No Basket takes the cake for me, it has a great story and amazing visuals as well the show keeps you on edge while watching it, and yes it's based around basketball with special moves and stuff, overall it's great to watch and re-watch in my opinion.