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  1. New Project:Everneth Sign

    I am planning on making an everneth sign, like the Hollywood sign I need help and quartz and wood hopefully this works
  2. Everneth's Sixth Council Nomination

    Can i nominate myself, i don't know, i think i nominate, myself
  3. I am looking town owners to ask them a very important question and propose my very important idea. If you are a town owner pm me on discord at EhDood thanks -Ehdood
  4. Looking for town owners for my new idea

    Where should I ask
  5. [DISCUSSION] State of the Realm

    Hey face may I ask when for a timeframe of when a new everneth season is coming about?
  6. Ultra Hardcore Season VII Signups

  7. I nominate Kathi because she is a great person
  8. HAY DAY!!!! New town

    Hey there welcome to my new town and anyone is welcome as long as they abide by the set of rules that comes with the total package of a town New Town Rules -Town Square is a barn -No build theme -Must have a farm next to house -Must put crops not used for immediate food must be put in a chest in town square -Must let the town admins know what your doing and how are you doing it to cut down on space issues etc. -HAVE FUN!!!!!!! Join the official town discord as well https://discord.gg/KgdQGp We cannot wait for new people to join our town. (if u want to join tell Hellodoodgames or @ me on discord or feel free to reply)
  9. Wolf_Lyfe and I have started a new town and we need help building and getting it ready if anyone helps us we will automatically get a spot in the town. If we could get some help reply and I'll tell you what to do -Polar_Lyfe Thank you
  10. Help needed, Vacancy open

    It's on an island and it'll be beach themed so vibrant colors and I haven't really thought about roads but we can when we get more people and you may bring your own blocks because we aren't very rich yet but we will try our best to do provide. Hopefully you will join our town I will pm you coords and we dit have a nether path yet so we will need help too
  11. Ultra Hardcore Season VI Signups

    Me, PolarLyfe is looking for a teammate if my main teammate wolf_lyfe can't make it. SIGN ME UP
  12. I am a morning person
  13. I have a question about the red ear marked papers What does that mean??
  14. Questions??

    What is the discord because I'm interested in being in it my name is AlohaDood#0041
  15. What is the discord?? I want to join
  16. Pokemon or Digimon

    That is my favourite I love diamond
  17. I like living in a town because of the friendships and stuff you build while livin in a neighbourhood setting
  18. Recommended Texture Packs

    I'm in to pvp packs so the molten pack I saw it by Lemo masters and the dark purple shown by lemo masters
  19. Who's your Favorite Pokemon

    I like mega blastoise because I like it
  20. Favorite Youtuber?

    My favourite YouTuber overall is TheKingNappy. Favourite poketuber TheKingNappy. Favourite minecraft YouTuber is Grapespplesauce
  21. Favorite sports?

    I like soccer and football and an up and coming interest in basketball 🏀🏈⚽️
  22. Pokemon or Digimon

    Pokemon for sure I've been playing since I first got a game boy like 6 years ago