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  1. ConnorFTW

    Ultra Hardcore Season VIII Signups

    sign me up boi ^^
  2. ConnorFTW

    Minecraft Accounts

    Hey! Connor here, just wanted to ask you guys if you ever thought about buying a new Minecraft/Mojang Account. And of course how would you name your new bought MC Account. Statements and names for your Minecraft account are welcome, just write it in the comments ^^
  3. ConnorFTW

    Barad-dûr Base/Town

    Wow great idea. Good luck, as a big fan of LOTR i tried to build it myself too... didnt worked out so well i hope u do it better then i did.
  4. probably Bdubs video. I love him and just how he is and his humor and stuff. or in of Merkmusics videos.
  5. ConnorFTW

    Favorite Music? Artist? Song?

    I would say Eminem- I really love all of his song and i can see the meaning behind them, i know not everyone loves or likes rap and im fine with it i mean everyone got his own style of music and thats good! if everyone would have the same style of music it would be very lame ^^ When it comes to other music i love rock and i dont mean that new "Rock" i mean the oldies and i know im not really old (15) but i grow up with it and still my mom is listening to it and most of my friends enjoying it too! also i want to say that i love bands like Falloutboy or Panic! at the disco and My chemical Romance, i know i have a really mixed style of fav. music but i like it how it is and i dont want it to be different.
  6. ConnorFTW

    Favorite Thing to Build in Minecraft?

    When it comes to building in minecraft im very picky i think. Since i started to play minecraft i had this quite Medieval touch, but never actually build like castles and stuff just the block pattern i used and still use is very medieval-ish. something i never really tried was to build modern and im not sure if i even wanna try it. Also i love to build mobgrinders and afk-fishing farms well im not that good at it but im still enjoying it.