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  1. IamSlylent1

    Favorite Food of all time?

    1st- Lasagna 2nd- Sheperd's Pie 3rd- Mac n Cheese (the cheesy edges)
  2. IamSlylent1

    What's your dream vehicle?

    Well for me personally it was the Fast and Furious franchise that drew me towards the vehicle but other than that I just think its good looking.
  3. IamSlylent1

    UHC partner needed.

    These are my SkyWars statistics on CubeCraft P.M me if you are interested.
  4. IamSlylent1

    What's your dream vehicle?

    Right now i'd want a Nissan Skyline GTR (2002) That'd probably change in the future though
  5. IamSlylent1


    CW's The Flash, Its pretty good
  6. IamSlylent1

    Favorite sports?

    For me i'd say bmxing ive been riding since I was like 5 although its nothing professional I just freestyle (Fun fact I once did a front flip on a Bmx). Football (Soccer) Is a close second for me though (I've had some really embarrassing moments in it)
  7. I would want to be in one of Grian build swap videos, so I can cream him!
  8. IamSlylent1

    Favorite Minecraft Series?

    Yeah I agree but he doesn't play on there very much
  9. IamSlylent1

    Best Anime

    Naruto 4L <3
  10. IamSlylent1

    If you could wake up in someone else's body...

    Anyone who is very rich so I can blow their money on things I always wanted and live that lavish life
  11. IamSlylent1

    Favorite Minecraft Series?

    MindCrack when Etho was around
  12. IamSlylent1

    Pokemon or Digimon

    None of them never been a fan of using animals or what ever they are to fight battles.
  13. IamSlylent1

    Worst Addition to Minecraft in the past updates?

    I completely agree, it can be very annoying when building and I personally always have it off and will never put it on. ( Unless I have to climb a crap ton of stairs)
  14. IamSlylent1

    What Texture/Resource Pack?

    I'm more of a Medieval guy so John Smith 32x32 all the way.
  15. IamSlylent1

    Rate the avatar above

    8/10 Just cause its a gif with a guy dancing.