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  1. The council has received your declaration and deeply regrets that Heuvel has decided to abandon its newly found allies so swiftly. We wish to declare that any and all treaties made with Heuvel must be renegotiated, as the premise upon which they were signed is no longer met. Now I wish to speak to the people of Heuvel directly. You have lost a war but we welcomed you into the county and have given you a voice to shape the future of our cities together. I cannot accept that you would so blatantly double cross us without even consulting the council about it. You believed in our system just a few days ago. Now I merely ask that you recover from your delusions and try to find a peaceful solution to our situation for the benefit of all. Signed: Mr_Yogi_Bear, Hand of the Baron of Xana Pandeoo, Baron of Kanada, Kaddaschatzi, Countess of Xadel
  2. The formation of Xadel

    The war is over and thus there will be some changes to the political structures that have goverened our three glorious cities for so long. Heuvel, Xana and Kanada have decided to form a county that is to be known under the name of Xadel! This county shall be goverend by Kaddaschatzi, allowing Pandeoo to step up as Baron of Kanada. As to further pacts, it has been decided to include Heuvel in the defensive-offensive pact between Xana and Kanada to ensure protection during war. We hope that this alliance will be for the benefit of all. Our cities shall once again prosper under a new, joint leadership. Signed: Sh3mm, Representative of Heuvel Mr_Yogi_Bear, Hand of the Baron of Xana Pandeoo, Baron of Kanada Kaddaschatzi, Countess of Xadel
  3. Trade Agreement Heuvel - Kanada

    Negotiations between Heuvel and Kanada have come to a conclusion and we are happy to annouce that we have agreed to trade freely between our cities. Heuvel will trade its iron against the agricultural products produced in Kanada to further the economy and military of both cities. This agreement will stand for as long as both cities can profit from it and are not in open armed conflict. However if one cities wishes to suspend it they may do so if they annouce it one week prior to ending the agreement. The agreement has no set expiration date. Signed: Sh3mm, Representative of Heuvel Kaddaschatzi, Baroness of Kanada
  4. Everneth's Sixth Council Nomination

    I also nominate lopp for helping out with spawn. I think he will make a good and active baron.
  5. Murder Mystery Mansion

    This sounds like a lot of fun! If you need any resources I would be happy to help.
  6. Sky Island Build Competition Sign Ups

    I shall join again this time! Kaddaschatzi -750 140 50x50. Height is irrelevant as long as it stays above water The grass block has been banned from this competition. at least 100 blocks Yes I do.
  7. Mob Muesum

    If you need any help catching anyhing I'd be happy to help I have some experience with transporting mobs.
  8. Citizens beware! I, Kaddaschatzi, Baroness of Kanada do hereby declare war on the town of Heuvel! After negotiations with our neighbours have failed and we could not reach an agreement on forming a county I have conferred with my knights and we have come to the conclusion that we will take control of Heuvel by force. I will give Heuvel half an hour to surrender without a fight or I will lead my armies to their gates and crush them without mercy. I call upon my allies to join me in this struggle. Fight with me and we shall be victorious. Signed: Kaddaschatzi, Baroness of Kanada
  9. Trade Agreement Xana - Kanada

    Another treaty has been made between Xana and Kanada. To go along with our recent military treaty the cities have decided that they would greatly profit from forging a trade agreement. We have agreed to trade for as long as both cities can profit from it and there is no armed conflict between our cities. However if one city wishes to end trading they must annouce this one week prior to ending the agreement. This agreement has no set expiration date. Signed: Cookeh, Baron of Xana Kaddaschatzi, Baroness of Kanada
  10. Dear citizens, it is with great pleasure I announce that a treaty has been made between the cities of Kanada and Xana! After long and tiring negotiations we have agreed to aid each other in both defending our cities and waging war against our enemies. A treaty has been written up and signed by both barons. A copy will be displayed here for all to read. At Kanada, during the reign of Faceman; it is decided and finally agreed between the most noble Cookeh, Baron of Xana and Kaddaschatzi, Baroness of Kanada to aid each other in defence of the ancient rights and liberties of their cities, to fight for each other should any dire foes try to take their lands and to intervene in such actions that could be considered hostile towards either the ancient and mighty city of Xana or the most honorable city of Kanada. Shall at any time any of said most noble cities decide to take up arms and fight against their foes, the other city will join the struggle trusting that the cause for taking such action was honorable and just and represents the values and morals upon which this treaty was created. Signed: Cookeh, Baron of Xana Kaddaschatzi, Baroness of Kanada
  11. How did you find out about Minecraft?

    Oh I can barely remember how I found out about this game.... I think a friend showed me.
  12. Community Interest in Another Build Competition?

    I gotta disagree with you @Puddles. Unlimited blocks and flying is great but a building competition is about more than just making a nice build. Half the fun of it is actually building it in survival, having your landscape blown up a few times and not being sure if you are going to be able to finish. You have to blend it into the environment you are building it in, so that it looks like it belongs exactly where you built it. I do not think that this could be achieved in creative mode and on a flat world. So yeah please do another one and make sure I can do a lot of landscaping
  13. When Did You Join?

    I first started playing Minecraft back in 2012 after the 1.1 update. I've had some pretty long breaks because of school so I didn't get to play the versions of 1.6-1.8.8. My favourite update is the 1.9 update. I know that the changes that were made to the combat mechanics are kind of a controversy but in my opinion it added a lot to the gameplay and made it somewhat harder to survive. As for my least favourite update I can't really tell. It's not entire updates but more different aspects of some. For example I dislike that it is no longer possible to put mending and infinity on a bow. Another example would be the changes they made to the wool colours in 1.12 although I have already kind of gotten used to it.
  14. Looking for town owners for my new idea

    Can you not ask that question on the forums? I would be interested in your idea but i'm not a town owner.
  15. Does Anyone Watch These Shows?

    Yay I found someone who watches it I always thought I was alone.... So as we are both fans please tell me what you think about Stargate Atlantis and SGU. I quite enjoyed watching the first three seasons of Atlantis but I kinda miss a clear story arch in the last two... As for SGU I just watched the first few episodes and didn't understand the premise for the series at all so I just stopped watching it. And can ya please remove my previous post? I messed up and don't know how to delete it myself