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  1. Kaddaschatzi

    SkyzorY's Whitelist Application

    Welcome to the forums
  2. Kaddaschatzi

    TheSuperDuper7's Whitelist Application

    Welcome to the forums
  3. Kaddaschatzi

    Minecraft update 1.13

    The new water physics are going to be amazing in my opinion. There's just so much potential for underwater builds now. Can't wait to try all of it when the update drops.
  4. Kaddaschatzi

    What is your favorite Netflix show?

    I honestly have too many shows i love Most of them aren't on Netflix though or only were for a short time... One of the shows I am watching right now is Patrick Melrose (also not on Netflix) and I gotta say it is absolutely brilliant To answer your question though one of the Netflix shows I watched and enjoyed was Mindhunter. Can't wait for the second season
  5. Kaddaschatzi

    What is it you love most about minecraft?

    I love the infinite possibilities of the game. There are no limits to what you can build which for me always offers a new challenge. :3
  6. Now that you have declared war let me just say I am more than happy to oblige. I will have my revenge. Maybe not today or tomorrow but one day you will log on and know that the debt is paid.
  7. Kaddaschatzi


    There is no specific area dedicated to wither killing or a limit on how many withers can be killed. However summoning withers should be done somewhere where it won't hurt other players or destroy builds.
  8. Kaddaschatzi

    What is your favorite book?

    I remember when i first read the third book I didnt eat, drink or sleep until I was done with it. Those were the best 28 hours of my life followed by probably the worst one waiting for the pizza I ordered...
  9. Kaddaschatzi

    I'm Back

    Sure you are still welcome Just join us anytime on the server or on discord.
  10. Kaddaschatzi

    What is your favorite book?

    @TheSteelNinja14 what is it about? im currently looking for something new to read :3
  11. Kaddaschatzi

    What is your favorite book?

    For me it would either be the 'A song of ice and fire' series by George R.R. Martin or the 'Eagles of the Empire' series by Simon Scarrow.
  12. Kaddaschatzi

    Gaming District Build Competition

    Gaming District Build Competition! Febuary 5th - Febuary 19th Location: Gaming district at Spawn ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is a new game master in town! (Yes Pie I'm stealing your job....) The last build competition ended about a month ago, which means a new one is long overdue at this point. For Febuary's build competition we have decided to focus on one of the most neglected districts around spawn: The Gaming District! Whether you build something redstoney, aesthetically pleasing or a combination of both does not matter. The winner will be whoever creates the most original and fun experience in the gaming district. However, there can't be a fair competition without a few rules: Builds may be any size, as long as it is less than 70x70 blocks. (Height does not matter.) Builds must be constructed in the gaming district. (If you do not know where that is located feel free to ask either me, @EarthCube or any other member of the Ministry of the Interior.) There may only be one entry per person and one person per entry. (You can build more games if you like, but you can only enter one build into the competition.) Any designs (redstone or otherwise) that are directly copied or based on designs that can be found on YouTube or the test server must be visibly marked as such and the creator of the design must agree to its use. Builds must be lit up! Judges are not liable for any damages done by creepers. Anyone found in violation of these rules will be disqualified after one warning . Builds will be judged by a panel of three judges (@Kaddaschatzi, @EarthCube, @Pandeoo) based on: The Exterior: 3 Points: Build blends in with the environment. There is a clear effort visible to make the game not only functional but also pretty. The techniques used are applied correctly and in the right places. 2 Points: Build shows efforts to create an exterior. There is no open redstone or abrupt terraforming. There is an abrupt change between the build and the environment. There is little effort to make it blend in with the environment. 1 Point: Build sticks out like a sore thumb. Redstone is exposed. There is little to no effort visible to make the build fit in with the surrounding area. The Game: 3 Points: The game has a clear goal which is explained and obvious from the description. It is possible to win (or finish) the game. The redstone used creates little lag (it does not impact the game) and is easy to operate. 2 Points: The game lacks a clear goal. The explanation given is brief and does not answer what the purpose of the game is. The redstone used is complicated to operate and does not work reliably. 1 Point: The game cannot be described as a game. There are no rules (or a description). It is not possible to finish the game. The redstone used can not be operated from the game lobby and it barely functions Creativity: 3 Points: The entry is original. It inspires the player to play it over and over again. It does not get boring after the first try. 2 Points: The entry is creative even though the idea is not new. The player is inspired to play it more than once. 1 Point: The entry is neither creative nor original. The design can be found everywhere on YouTube, and it is not fun to play after the first try. Judge's personal opinion: 1 - 3 Points (based on the experience while play testing the game). Monday, Febuary 19th will be the last day to work on the entries. Judging will begin on Tuesday. The winners will be annouced the following weekend. Now to answer the question everyone is dieing to ask. What are the prizes going to be? Well it will be worth it! 1st place: 64 Diamond blocks, 1 beacon 2nd place: 32 Diamond blocks, 32 shulker shells 3rd place: 16 Diamond blocks, 1 enchanted elytra On behalf of the judges I wish everyone the best of luck with this competition. We are excited to see what you can come up with! If you should have any questions please DM either @Kaddaschatzi or @EarthCube on discord or right here on the Forums. To sign up for the competition please answer on this post.
  13. Gaming District Build Competition Sign-Ups! Read about the competition HERE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To sign up for the Build Competition please answer this post. Please inlcude an answer to the following questions in your post: IGN Coordinates of your entry (x/y/z) Context: What is the max size of the plots? When are entries due by? How many people are allowed to work on the build?
  14. Kaddaschatzi

    How many years have you guys been playing games?

    And again please do not double post.