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  1. Kaddaschatzi

    Ultra Hardcore Season XI Signups

    Hello me please. :3
  2. Kaddaschatzi

    What's your favorite biome?

    For me it's probably all the biomes that have slightly odd grass colors so ju gle/mushroom island, mountains or savanna are my favorites :3
  3. Kaddaschatzi

    9th Term Awards

    9th Term Awards (October - December 2018) As per schedule it is again time to reward the members of this community for their outstanding achievements on the Season 5 map. In doing so we give out medals that aim to honor our citizens for their accomplishements. Even though some of them are time based most medals are meant to recognise players for their examplary efforts in building, redstoning and PvP as well as their commitment towards the community. Without citizens who put in hours upon hours of hard work this server wouldn't be what it is today. The awards that are being given out this time around are: Companion of Everneth: Awarded to members who have been a part of the Evernethian community for 6 months. Beer Award: For committing a truly derpy act on the Server. Purple Heart of Dedication: Awarded to players who go the extra mile in helping new players transition into our community. Outstanding Build Medal: For completing a truly exceptional project or build on the Server. Virtuous Medal: For significant contributions to public works and Projects. Ministerial Excellence Medal: The equivalent of employee of the month or student of the month. The Ministerial Excellence medal is awarded to the top performer of all ministries. These Awards are chosen from nominations within the Ministries. So without further ado, here are the awards for the 9th Term (October-December 2018). As per usual, listed in order of precedence; Companion of Everneth Warcries, Sarfnic, Kirtio0701, EmilyHie, Heavenlyshark, MikuChanAnime, Skyzor Beer Award boofsly - her skin choices Purple Heart of Dedication RashE_, Kordon_Luis Outstanding Build Medal 123koan - his underwater apartment complex Remy - Za'Hir Temple BaindR - Welkin (his base) Virtuous Medal Potatolab - for starting Ethensburg Beolyx - his contributions to ressources needed by the Interior Ministerial Excellence Medal Kaddaschatzi, Beolyx Congratulations to all of you. You are what helps this server to move forward and we would like to thank you for all your hard work. If you have been passed over for the Companion of Everneth Medal, please message any Staff Member and it will be fixed ASAP. Regards, The Parliament of Everneth
  4. Kaddaschatzi

    Everneth's Tenth Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    I would like to nominate Kordon_Luis because I know that he will be a good and fair staff member if he gets elected. I'd also like to take this opportunity to announce that I will not be running for reelection this time around. Thanks for all your support this last year. Be free my friends and go vote for someone else! 😛
  5. Kaddaschatzi

    Favorite Tv show and actor from the Show

    Joshua Sasse from Galavant! @Sybillian knows why Na fr tho its just super funny and a joy to watch when you're down :3
  6. Kaddaschatzi

    Secret Santa Signups 2018

    Santa me up pande!
  7. Kaddaschatzi

    Community Farms?

    There are in fact plans for a public iron farm just off the shore of the spawn island. It is currently being built by the ministry of the interior and should be finished in early January ish (I hope). Anyways as far as I know there are no plans for a wither skeleton farm at this point in time although if you would like to build one feel free to take that on I'm not sure using the fortress underneath the hub would be the best idea though because it is going to be impossible to spawn proof the hub so the rates might jot be too good. Otherwise if you need help with resources or building feel free to contact Int and we can probably help you out.
  8. Kaddaschatzi


    My native language is german as some of you might be able to tell from my IGN. Started learning english in 3rd grade and continued to have classes until my graduation. I did French for 7 years as well and yes @Beolyx it's horrible... or as the French would say: uhm horrible as well, I guess. I tried to learn Spanish for a year and a half but I failed pretty hard (I kept speaking French for some reason) so abc and I are probably on the same level. I sort of went crazy and decided to learn latin at University and it was probably the worst mistake I ever made. That said tho I do understand a lot of it wheen ist written down. All in all I like to say that I speak 3.75 languages cuz it would truly be a miracle if you manage to have a conversation with me in Spanish or Latin...
  9. Kaddaschatzi


    You should be able to joing test now and your alt is whitelisted as well
  10. Kaddaschatzi

    King's Cup II Signups

    i guess i'll join too
  11. Kaddaschatzi

    everneth musicians!

    I play the piano (haven't done so in a long time tho cause ours broke and we never got a new one....) and i sing :3 Dunno if that counts.... And I like all the musical songs :3
  12. Kaddaschatzi

    Building style

    I personally am really into doing landscaping and doing terrain. Just go es me time to relax. If I do build actual buildings though it's either modern or medieval. Did a lot of modern lately so I'm finally starting to get sorta good at it
  13. Kaddaschatzi

    Favourite aspect of 1.13.2

    I gotta say it's the different variants of trapdoors, pressure plates and buttons. It just adds so much detail to a lot of builds
  14. Everneth Spooktacular: Halloween Isle The days are growing shorter. The weather is growing colder. Strange things are happening. A few members of Everneth have noticed a grim and mystical island rise out of the ocean. Although originally barren, each day brings a swath of dastardly builds to the decomposing land. No one knows what it is for or why it is there. All that is known is that a few members of the Ministry of the Interior were spotted heading through the fog to the island. None returned. Now, on the 30th of October, the time is right to set forth to explore the isle. Only the bravest Evernethians will be able to face whatever challenges the island has to offer. What could possibly go wrong? That's right folks, it's Halloween! How better to celebrate than an island filled with Halloween fun? The Ministry of the Interior has been hard at work all October to bring you the best Halloween celebration you have ever experienced here on Everneth. Where is this amazingly sinister island you ask? Right at x=428, z=977. All it takes is a simple trip through hell to get there! Use the portal located at x=53, z=122, the tunnel for which is on the lower yellow level of the hub. Now let's get down to the ghastly thrills we have in store for you: Scavenger Haunt: Traverse around the isle and spawn searching for lost secrets. The clues will be hidden in a chest around the island and spawn. If you find one of these frightening haunts, follow the clue inside to take you to the next one. When you get to the end you may take ONE reward from the chest. This event begins on October 31st at 1pm EST when the first clue can be found in the [MOTD] message on the server and lasts until all the rewards are claimed. Get searching! The Amazing and Hair-Raising Maze: Oh dear, look at you. It appears you have wandered into our little maze. Good luck finding your way out of this one... oh! And say hello to our creepy little friends. The maze is located on the island at x=295, z=1110. If you are feeling brave, go ahead and enter. But be warned, this maze is spilling with hostiles perfectly happy to take your life on a Halloween night. If you make it to the center in one piece then you will be duly rewarded. (You may take items from ONE of the reward slots in the chest.) Obviously, cutting through walls and jumping on top of the maze is disallowed. It will be open from 1pm EST on October 31st to the same time on November 4th. Enjoy! The Deathly Survival Course: So you think you've got this island all figured out huh? It's no biggie for you, the MLG Pro. You think Mazes and Scavenger Hunts are easy mode? Well then you just try and survive this course. Diabolical puzzles, abominable parkour, and a cruel Escape Room are waiting. It will take everything in you to get out alive. If you do by some strange twist of fate make it out, you will be rewarded with riches. You may take the course on alone or in a group, but bear in mind that you may only do it once. The course will be open from 1pm EST on October 31st to 1pm EST on November 4th. Have fun! Trick or Treat: Tricks and Treats need to be finished by October 30th at midnight. Make sure to get these completed. You wouldn't want to leave your partner without a trick treat! If you need to look over the rules, click here. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the events, please contact a member of Interior. Now go out there and have a terrifying Halloween!
  15. Kaddaschatzi

    Everneth Spooktacular: Trick or Treat Sign Ups

    Sign Ups are now closed! You will get the names of your targets during the next few hours from me on discord or the forums. Let the games begin!