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    Honest Applicants

    We value honesty very much so telling us if you have been banned before is way better than lying and us finding out about it. That said a lot of the denied applications are for inactivity (not being active on the forums for 7 days while pending) so they never actually made it to the voting phase.
  2. Kaddaschatzi

    Question vomit.

    The problem with that is that no member is required to join the discord server. We have some players who don't want or can't get discord so they wouldn't have been able to apply.
  3. Kaddaschatzi

    House Design

    That looks like a cool idea. I would probably build it on a beach or cliff cuz I love landscaping those
  4. Kaddaschatzi

    Build styles

    That honestly depends where you build! If you join the roleplay for example a medieval style would be good. However there isn't a theme at spawn. So you can basically build in whichever style you prefer in the housing/shopping district. Sometimes we have build competitions on the server for which there can be themes (not always the case tho). Oh and if you build with other peoe they might want you to build in a certain way. But in general there is no theme on the server
  5. Kaddaschatzi

    have enyone made a...

    Our end farm is a half flooded cave with an underwater tunnel leading to it 😛
  6. Kaddaschatzi

    Dog or cat?

    Depending on what breed your dog is they also leave fur everywhere... I personally prefer dogs I just wish mine would lose less hair...
  7. Kaddaschatzi

    is 1.13 a good update?

    I like the new update as well huge fan of the trident. Just sucks that the entire update is so buggy/not optimized very well...
  8. Kaddaschatzi

    Favorite block to build with

    Probably stone I know it's probably the most boring block in the entire game but it has a lot of different uses and combined with stone bricks it is pretty easy to build something decent looking.
  9. Kaddaschatzi

    what do u like in 1.13

    Definitely the possibility to build underwater! Just being able to build and detail underwater landscapes brings a whole new side to the game, which i personally can't wait to try on the server.
  10. Kaddaschatzi


    Its been a while but I'd say breaks I guess? For real though I've always loved just spending time with friends and fooling around. Granted, the teachers didn't always enjoy it quite as much as I did
  11. Kaddaschatzi

    Favorite marvel character??

    Mine would be Loki or Doctor Strange
  12. Kaddaschatzi

    What is your favorite animal\pet in minecraft?

    I love parrots! I have a sort of obsession with them so I don't really explore jungles anymore because i just can't stop collecting them once I've started
  13. Kaddaschatzi

    Texture Packs

    @RashE (IrashiHeart)whether the game looks the same or not is debatable and you know my opinion on that but I knew you wouldn't disappoint if I dragged you in here 😛
  14. Kaddaschatzi

    Texture Packs

    The Server itself doesn't have a custom texture pack, however I know that @RashE (IrashiHeart) has his own customized texture pack for the RP with customized weapons and armor. I'm sure he is more than happy to talk to you about that I myself use vanilla tweaks to get black nether brick but I try and keep the default textures mostly.
  15. Kaddaschatzi


    For me it's just really a breakfast thing to be honest
  16. Kaddaschatzi

    Season 4 Awards

    Season 4 Awards Traditionally we haven't seen monthly awards in several months and while this season draws to a close it is again time to honor the accomplishments of the citizens of this community. These awards aim to recognise our citizens for their hard work, service to the community and exceptional achievements in building, redstoning and PvP. While most awards are given out exclusively based on merit, the Companion of Everneth and Parliament Service Medal are time-based and are thus awarded automatically for being a citizen of Everneth for six months and completing a term on parliament, respectively. Other awards that are being given out this time are: Beer award: For committing the derpiest act for the given month (or in this case several months). Purple Heart of Dedication: Awarded to players who go the extra mile in helping new players transition into our community. Outstanding Build Medal: For completing a truly exceptional project or build on the server. Virtuous Medal: For significant contributions to public works and projects. Ministerial Excellence Medal: The equivalent of employee of the month or student of the month. The Ministerial Excellence medal is awarded to the top performer of all ministries. Order of Everneth Medal: This medal is awarded to members inducted into the Order. This award is the hardest to achieve and is Everneth's highest honor. Members of the order are knighted and respectable members of our community. So, without further ado, here are the awards for Season 4 (December-July), as per usual in order of precedence: Companion of Everneth SillyEmily, X_Master20, SoupsIsEz, Ploog, choocola, Thosmabubla, liddo, Demi_Goddess, RealQuin, Jake_Sawyer, FallenearthTV, medo_gamer2003, Bogart00, MarioStar621, Pikachu044, MinecraftGran, Soheen, LordGeokal, artichoke_cat, Alphawolf2350, Foximity, PseudoStorm, Temmies, Mthai93, MohaKA, Teagles_, ShawnTheSheep, Shawn_Turtle, Frn, Dave Tran, MintyToothpaste, ParkyParks, Savanni, MADelements, Bonii, Peeche, alligatoahFTW, LoneWolf, RashE, Vo1tz, DMiGaming, Arozica, owencr1, wubwubwub79, LuckyRabbitZ, BamboozledAgain, KingNicku, EmmJea, DanklyDavid, 3at_me, Aekuros, Rkji, Stoopidmunkey1o1, Boombayah, Pee_Sin, Crav, Luvion, TheSteelNinja14, Ebokk, Alosion, KGuida, TwoEdgedDeath, Danolicious, maddie, Teewie, USAWarrior, Wyrmnus, AbsurdoBurgo, NeoStar, Brun3o, Deathinmate, William_Lindstr, heuh, Vluxed, MakenziePK, Sybey, Alfrety, Beolyx, Spojinowski, Etalis, JackWagon_, 0zm0sis, SH4D0W, HiromiMC, miraxtseos, Sprngsteen, Rexel, goodjop, Birgutter, PrincessBubbles, iifallen, AverySD, Bzsears, wasilla, NikeNeonNitro, Cats, Hoodiey, boofsly Parliament Service Medal Puddles Beer Award Mr_Yogi_Bear - messing up the paths at spawn Purple Heart of Dedication RashE, QueenMunchii Outstanding Build Medal Faug_ - Faug_s Season 4 Base Puddles - The Mountain Build Kaddaschatzi - The Mountain Build Virtuous Medal QueenMunchii - Buckles Bay, Season 4 Spawn Puddles - Season 4 Spawn Kaddaschatzi - Season 4 Spawn Ministerial Excellence Medal FearlessPie - Rebooting Interior Kaddaschatzi - Season 4 Spawn Order of Everneth Medal Kaddaschatzi We would like to congratulate every recipient of these awards. They are all very well deserved. If you have been missed for Companion of Everneth please PM and it will be fixed ASAP. Regards, The Parliament of Everneth
  17. Kaddaschatzi

    Season 5 Base Update!

    I've already given you feedback on test so I'll keep this brief 😛 I still love the theme and structure of your build. The exteriors are interesting from every angle and your detailing fits the theme very well. However, in my opinion you should still add a trim of stone bricks around your roof to give it a bit more structure. 😛 Also fire breathing dog snake ftw! (should defo share a screenshot of it, it's beautiful)
  18. Kaddaschatzi

    Pudds & Kathis Season 4 Base

    Once upon a time, there was an idea. An idea to create a mountainous home which contained everything needed for a base and piles upon piles of film & TV references. After 1.5 months of planning it on the test server the design was finally finished, just in time for the start of season 4. It took around 5 months to finish it in survival, collecting and placing more than 70000 blocks of different stone variants. In the end we were very pleased with the result of our 147 x 142 x 126 build. The interiors of the mountain contain: an automatic sorting system an AFK wool farm & storage room fully automatic farms for melons, pumpkins, carrots, potatoes, wheat and beetroot a bakery a library, containing an enchanting area, book storage, and potion brewing area a villager trading area an auto smelter (with animation to show when it is running) around 30 movie & TV references (below you can see the Phantoms cave from Phantom of the Opera and the TARDIS from Doctor Who) More features that are included are semi-auto pig and cow farms, an auto-chicken farm, a concrete/sand colour changer and concrete converter, an auto cactus farm, a semi-auto cocoa bean farm, a bulk storage area for basic materials and a semi-auto nether wart farm. We didn’t include pictures for them because we didn’t want the post to get too long. If you would like to check them out for yourself feel free to swing by. The tunnel to the mountain can be found top of the purple wing in the nether hub and the coordinates for the mountain are x: -2200 z: -1500 in the overworld. If you want a tour, feel free to ping/DM @Kaddaschatzi or @Puddles on discord or the forums.
  19. Kaddaschatzi

    Pudds & Kathis Season 4 Base

    There is no lore to the mountain but if you want to read up on the rp lore i suggest you check out the roleplays Open World Forum.
  20. Kaddaschatzi

    Pudds & Kathis Season 4 Base

    Nope we are both not that much into lore. Only reason we ever actually join an rp is for the building and not for the story behind it. The mountain was just supposed to be our base and not an rp build so we didn't really feel the need to come up with anything. The first three pictures are with shaders that's why they look the way they do. Just thought it'd be nice to take some proper screenshots this time around to avoid another Kanada fiasco. The texture pack I'm using is vanilla tweaks. It changes a few things I never really liked about the default textures like the nether brick and water colour. It also turns down the sound of pistons and other redstone stuff. Without it I think the noise inside the mountain would have driven me mad by now.
  21. Kaddaschatzi

    Pudds & Kathis Season 4 Base

    Shhh we don't talk about the llama A.S.S.
  22. Kaddaschatzi

    Everneth's Eighth Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    I nominate Puddles
  23. Kaddaschatzi

    Minecraft update 1.13

    The new water physics are going to be amazing in my opinion. There's just so much potential for underwater builds now. Can't wait to try all of it when the update drops.
  24. Kaddaschatzi

    What is your favorite Netflix show?

    I honestly have too many shows i love Most of them aren't on Netflix though or only were for a short time... One of the shows I am watching right now is Patrick Melrose (also not on Netflix) and I gotta say it is absolutely brilliant To answer your question though one of the Netflix shows I watched and enjoyed was Mindhunter. Can't wait for the second season
  25. Kaddaschatzi

    What is it you love most about minecraft?

    I love the infinite possibilities of the game. There are no limits to what you can build which for me always offers a new challenge. :3