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  1. TheRoyalWill

    Do you rather living alone or living in a town in minecraft?

    I like building in towns due to the overall effort of everyone combined to make the town look as nice as possible, and where you're done everyone has the same satisfaction and everyone can team up and explore together!
  2. TheRoyalWill

    Question Game

    What If I'm incarcerated right now!?!?!?!
  3. TheRoyalWill

    If you could annoy the MC community in 1 sentence

    "This Game looks so old, why are the graphics so bad? Why cant i break this grey block with my hand???"
  4. TheRoyalWill

    Favorite sports?

    My Favorite sport would have to be Rugby. I've been playing it for 4 years now, if you think Footballs a man's sport just you tube some hit sticks of rugby
  5. TheRoyalWill

    whats your favorite minecraft mob

    I would have to say Shulkers, cause who doesn't like zero gravity...(Until you realize how high you've gotten and fall to your death)
  6. TheRoyalWill

    Ideas for Shrek inspired swamp build

    Big Giant sculpture of Shrek, make Shrek hollow on the inside with a maze inside of him. Going from one floor to the next, and at the end of the maze you have 1 sign reading..."Ogres..have..layers"
  7. TheRoyalWill

    Build Inspiration

    I get my inspiration from other video games actually! Builds from the Elder Scroll series, and the Far Cry series are actually a tough challenge, but very rewarding and awesome structures.
  8. TheRoyalWill

    Favorite game and series?

    Favorite game would most likely have to be Skyrim.. But my Favorite series is definitely Halo ( Don't hate cause of 4, and 5)
  9. TheRoyalWill

    What's the best thing you've ever built on Minecraft?

    On Xbox 360 I made a world consisting of a 500x350 block Castle, including a roller-coaster going literally around the whole map, Underwater PVP Arena, and a Dwarven-like city in the side of a mountain side!