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  1. Ultra Hardcore Season IX Signups

    Please sign me up
  2. Apply to join the Kingdom of Kingstone!

    Can I join, LOL, I am a respected knight looking to battle dragons and legends for fame
  3. Secret Santa Signups 2017!

    Sign me up please
  4. Everneth's Seventh Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    I would like to nominate Javious Good luck you all
  5. This is too funny :)

    So i was building a ghast farm on the nether roof and I happened to hit a pigman , the platform I was building was huge so I had about 60 Pigmen hunting me and so I got killed . This is what happened when I came back and I had to kill a pigman again, but not that mad because this is soo funny, He was wearing full prot armoran elytra and all my pro gear XD. Has this happened to you to ?
  6. Ultra Hardcore Season VI Signups

    I sign up Idk with who I can team with tought ..
  7. LOL I was making my ghast farm and some pigmen happend to kill me and this is the result If you look real close you can also see it's wearing my Elytra.
  8. So when im on the server nothing works. I can't open chests , ride animals, , break blocks, place blocks and when I do something every 10 seconds or so I get tp to the place I was in for 20 seconds ago. How do I fix this? Also all other servers work perfectly fine for me.
  9. Favorite Music? Artist? Song?

    Just good remixes, bass boosted songs no artists really but NCS is good on spotify and YT
  10. 1-UP Contest!

    i went home
  11. What's your favorite minecraft update

    1.11.2 Because shulker boxer are OP, soo many items in an enderchest and flying with the rockets is soososososo munch better than the punch bow
  12. It can be your internet, it is to slow so minecraft thinks that servers are offline, ( only servers hosted close to you will open )
  13. What's the best thing you've ever built on Minecraft?

    I have built many great things in Minecraft. On survival, creative and multiplayer, but the best thing i have EVER built is probably my Mega jungle village with villagers in it.
  14. The graphics sucks! Lol that's what i hear
  15. Do you Belive in Herobrine?

    Lol i don't think anyone but 8 year olds belive in herobrine, also the myth is kind of old.