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  1. blimpe

    What's the best thing you've ever built on Minecraft?

    a vending machine that looked rachet with redstone showing :c
  2. I love these photos. What kind of graphics card do u have and what are you pc specs? What shaderpack is that and resourcepack?
  3. blimpe

    whats your favorite minecraft mob

    villagers since sometimes you can get something good out of them like emeralds
  4. blimpe

    Favorite game and series?

    oml pokemon soul silver
  5. blimpe

    N-Point Iron Farm

    How much iron per hour? Also wondering what resourcepack is that?
  6. blimpe

    Emerald City

    you should totally make a whole city out of emerald
  7. if i were on a survival server i would say this "who wants a free beacon"
  8. blimpe

    Dislikes about minecraft?

    the new music the cooldown on pvp. how the bow looks like the animation
  9. I like town more because everyone would be pretty much all be communicating and talking since people would be asking each other probably for supplies and stuff and some help on building their thing on whatever their making
  10. blimpe

    Double Blaze Spawner XP Farm

    how long did this take you to build?