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  1. Where Would You Go?

    I would go to Uk or Australia even though the got pretty dangerous animals there.
  2. Time You've been playing Minecraft

    I started playing the game when update 1.2.3 was out my brother showed it to me.. then I bought it on update 1.5.1 March 23 2013
  3. Favorite sports?

    My Favorite sports are Soccer and Tennis.. We play it alot in school and I'm preety good at it to
  4. They should remove the funktion to disable 1.9 pvp.
  5. Hey, Whats your favorite minecraft update so far includes 1.12. I know it's not released, it releases in about two weeks what I know. Personally it's 1.11.2 and 1.8... You can tell all your favorites if you have multiple. And why they are my favorite is that, shulkerboxes, elytras and slimeblocks.. And some other tings are in the update.. Pleased to hear your thoughts.
  6. Hey! I was just wondering what kind of animlas you guys like beacuse most of my friends like cats other like dogs, turtles, bunnys and so on. So I want to know what other pepole in the world like.. outside my friend list of course.. So tell me what animal you like.. I'd like to hear your answers. Tanks!
  7. Favorite Thing to Build in Minecraft?

    I like building Pixelart, houses, and many kinds of farms.. All from crop to animal/mob farms
  8. Games

    Steam games like Assassin's Creed, Rocket League, Terraria.. I'm waiting for summer sale and then I'm going to buy some other games

    I Like The Simpsons, The flash.. And som other shows. But my favorite right now is The Simpsons They have pretty good jokes in them
  10. whats your favorite minecraft mob

    Squids with there funny look
  11. What's the best thing you've ever built on Minecraft?

    The best thing i have buils is parbobly three really nice looking giant houses in creative on a flat world.. Then it all failed when i tried to build The Simpsons house.
  12. What style are you into???

    I think it's a good update..adding new mobs, and blocks. You can really make new types of build with these new blocks. I like buildning the old rustic typs of builds.. And one thing you forhot about the Shulkerbox color change..
  13. Do you Belive in Herobrine?

    Hey! Do you guys belive/ have belived in Herobrine? I certainly don't, I know it have said in two or tree updates that they removed Herobrine. One of my friends told me about his brother when he was playing Minecraft for the first time when it started to storm, and he closed down the game because he thought Herobrin was coming. About some myths.. 1. Do you think that playing Minecraft 3.00 Am is Herobrines time. That he will do some spooky stuff in your world? 2.All the videos on YouTube that they see Herobrine Tell me what you think. I really want to know your opinions. Tanks!
  14. I'd rather be in a town beacuse the more houses and other builds in a area looks nicer and you can get help of other pepole, you can borrow stuff and you are the whole time close to shops and other pepole
  15. Double Blaze Spawner XP Farm

    I think it's a really good idea, Like my self i make many mob farms ex. Zombie, Skelly, Spider, Enderman I have made a blaz farm ones but i was very slow... Hope its a comunity build