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  1. LieutenantChip

    What other games do you play??

    I feel like my PC would be alright to handle it as it can handle most beefy games like COD or things like that.
  2. LieutenantChip

    What other games do you play??

    Sam8ddd I have Terraria I just never had a chance to actually get into the game. I use to play with an old friend and all we would do is get the basics done then just stop playing after that. And Tex, I have seen gameplays and heard from my friend (the one I was just talking about) that I would enjoy the game a lot. I just now need the money to buy the game
  3. LieutenantChip

    What other games do you play??

    I have always been interested in Skyrim but never actually got it and played it. I have also played Pokemon for my nostalgia needs
  4. LieutenantChip

    What other games do you play??

    Hey!! I was wondering what other games do you play besides Minecraft? (It can be on PC or console or any other gaming platforms) I just recently got an Xbox One S so I have been playing a lot on there. I play Battlefield 1 and 4. I also have Forza Horizon 3 (a racing game) and I have enjoyed playing those games. On PC I play The Forest and Sims 4. As you can tell I play a variation of genres lol.
  5. LieutenantChip


    OMG!! I LOVE watching the Flash, Arrow, and all the other DC comic shows. I really enjoy them and I am surprised someone else likes them too. I rarely ever find that someone likes those shows. I also enjoy watching Prison Break, Lie to Me (even though it was cancelled ) and any other Criminal/Detective type of shows.
  6. LieutenantChip

    Do you rather living alone or living in a town in minecraft?

    I have to agree with NeonNarwhal4. But, I am like 40% for living in a town, and 60%. I usually have BIG plans in mind when playing on a server so I usually just go alone and do what I have to do. I also have some trust issues but once I trust people I enjoy living in a town where you can see what everyone else is doing while still working on your own projects.
  7. LieutenantChip

    What style are you into???

    I think the 1.12 update is alright. All I care for is new blocks to build with in my modern builds . With that being said I usually go for a medieval style building. BUT when I feel risky I build modern houses/buildings.
  8. LieutenantChip

    What's your favorite minecraft update

    Honestly my favorite update would be I think 1.7 or 1.8. I really liked the new biomes they added. It added more blocks for me to build with and it made adventuring a lot more fun!
  9. LieutenantChip

    Favorite movies

    I also love the Star Wars trilogy!!! I cannot WAIT for the new movies to come out. Sooo... Jedi or Sith?? I would also say my favorite movie is Forrest Gump lol. Now for genre I would say I like action the most, then maybe Sci-fi.