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  1. I'm trusting that many of us have played Minecraft for a long time. We all know what the game is about and what you can do with it, and we all have a pretty good idea of what different things the game has to offer- dragons, the undead, ancient ruins and thriving NPC villages. But has anybody else wondered into the lore of the game, perhaps where it all came from? I've thought about the topic a few times, trying to come up with stories and trying to figure out why there are zombies, where the Player came from, anything I could to come up with some deeper history to Minecraft (that really wasn't meant to be there in the first place, but darn it, it's fun to think about anyway). So what's your story? How do you think the Minecraft world and its dimensions came to be? Why are the dead walking? How does it all fit together?
  2. Tex

    Why the Disorder?

    See, even that is, to me, a touch more ordered than what has happened. I can't really see any logic behind what currently goes on other than roads spring up between wherever players set up their shops. Unless I'm missing an actual structure that's already there?
  3. One thing I've noticed in the several map iterations I've played on (more like two, probably) is that the spawn city, with its shops and player houses, never has any real order. It's all dirt roads that lead every which way, and shops laid out in a big confusing maze. Has anybody ever considered/wanted an organized street system wherever spawn city is built, or do we just prefer this way? Don't get me wrong, the way it has been done looks very unique and allows for a wide range of creativity in shops, but I feel like it could be done just as well with a few streets too.
  4. January 24th A new day has dawned. When I awoke this morning, in the middle of town, without a clue as to where I could be or what I was doing, I remembered it. The place I had come from, the memories of the days past, and the events that lead me to now... I came from the bar, obviously. But what a night! It has robbed me of all my memories! I know who I am, I know what I stand for... but it is the details in specificity that elude me. I don't remember my home, my peoples, my history. However, if there is one thing that I know, one thing that I am good at... it is starting again. Afresh. Anew. Another descriptor. Immediately I went to a shop and purchased a map. Was my old life a dream? Nothing was familiar. No landmarks, no towns, no outposts. All I saw was mystery, and new beginnings. I decided I was to start a new life to the south- far from the city, and in the middle of a place that would become my home. Even if it were not a dream, I knew I must have it back. Fort Dragonheart. It must rise again. It must, for I am the last hope for the villages of Everneth. I must make a home... and I must gather a flock.
  5. The Overworld is a land of wonder, danger, excitement, and boundless opportunity. It is filled with soaring mountains, cavernous depths, and expansive oceans. From peaceful wild animals roaming the plains and forests to the undead lurking in every dark corner of the world, one group of docile life forms stands taller than all the rest. I am, of course, talking about the peaceful Villagers. The villages lay spread out across the land of Everneth, just sitting there, open and exposed. In many cases, unlit. During my travels, I have encountered villages with houses blocked with stone bricks. The villagers were helplessly trapped inside by some unknown person or persons. I decided that I had had enough. For many years, I made it my mission to protect villagers, because they were simply defenseless. I built walls, lamp posts, new homes and churches, and received nothing in reward but food and a bed for the night. It was a service, an honor. Now, I'm bringing my mission to the people of Everneth. The Dragonhearted is a guild independent of the factions and national interests dominating the land. Politics does not exist within areas protected by the Dragonhearted. The guild does not seek to assert power over other citizens of Everneth, nor their individual factions and governments. The Dragonhearted exist for one purpose only: To be the first and last line of defense for the peaceful villagers of Everneth. The guild is guided by six tenets that every member is expected to follow: Protect without hesitation. Uphold freedom and stop oppression. Enhance, not interfere. Create safety, not chaos. Co-exist, not conquer. Uphold these tenets for villagers and fellow knights. The Dragonhearted guild is based from my personal home town of Fort Dragonheart. The tenets and member list are visible in Dragonheart Keep, where guild business is conducted. The guild is home to a communal crafting and storage area that members are free to exchange items in and use as a safe haven on their travels. In exchange for these rewards, members of the guild are sworn to protect villagers and their homes wherever they may be, and establish peaceful trading and rest stops for adventurers passing through. Those wishing to join the Dragonhearted may contact me through PM, posting in this thread, or by messaging me while I am online on the server. Thanks for reading!
  6. My two biggest genres include country and rock- I'm more into the hair bands and glam rock and that sort of thing. As a Wyoming boy, though, I love me some Chris LeDoux.
  7. Tex

    Favorite Hobby

    As often, video games have to dominate the top spot. However, I have hobbies including learning, teaching, and driving. Winter's been fun for vehicles, let's just leave it at that.
  8. Greetings, Knights of the Dragonhearted! This thread is for all the new members to introduce themselves to one another. I am Knight-Commander Tex, founder of the guild. I started the guild as a way to unify my playstyle in MC, and want to spread the idea as a fun way to play the game with other people.
  9. I am returning to Everneth after a hiatus, and I will be reforming the Dragonhearted. More to come in the future.
  10. Tex

    What is your meaning of life?

    Live how you want to live, and don't listen to others when they try to govern your life. Don't discriminate because your ideas differ from somebody else's. If it does not affect you, what right do you have to interfere? That's pretty much what I live by. I don't think it encompasses my entire belief system, but it's pretty close. Thinking how I think (and everybody thinking the way they think) affects how I feel about controversial topics, what clothes to wear, and how to act. It's the same thing for everybody else. If I want to grow up dreaming to be a person who builds and races cars, then I do that. If somebody else thinks I'd be better off as a teacher, or a judge, or a police officer, or something else- oh well. My life, not yours, and I do what makes me happy.
  11. Tex

    Rate the avatar above

    6/10 because it's your name, but it's also cropped out a bit.