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  1. What is your meaning of life?

    Live how you want to live, and don't listen to others when they try to govern your life. Don't discriminate because your ideas differ from somebody else's. If it does not affect you, what right do you have to interfere? That's pretty much what I live by. I don't think it encompasses my entire belief system, but it's pretty close. Thinking how I think (and everybody thinking the way they think) affects how I feel about controversial topics, what clothes to wear, and how to act. It's the same thing for everybody else. If I want to grow up dreaming to be a person who builds and races cars, then I do that. If somebody else thinks I'd be better off as a teacher, or a judge, or a police officer, or something else- oh well. My life, not yours, and I do what makes me happy.
  2. Rate the avatar above

    6/10 because it's your name, but it's also cropped out a bit.
  3. Minecraft

    We mostly hang out and survive in Minecraft. The server is extremely vanilla (I think there were only like 3 plugins or something absurdly low like that). I'm not sure what the policy is on client-side mods, or if it's even possible. Refer to answer 1. Ohhhhhh boy are there large structures. One user is building an enormous tree that's several weeks in the making so far if I understand correctly. There is one mega-castle that I know of being built, and I have my own pretty big castle that houses my faction. You also might notice, if you do end up getting whitelisted, a very large artful statue. There's plenty of impressive builds to go around.
  4. Tell me about you

    Well, my real name is Max for start, not a lot of people here know it. I have a YouTube channel that I plan on doing some Minecraft stuff on once I can figure out how to record decent screen capture footage. FRAPS records a black screen and I can't seem to get above potato quality with OBS, and paying for something else is something I'd like to avoid for now if possible. You might know that I'm the founder of the Dragonhearted, and there's a link in my signature to explain it all. Basically, I'm a part of the roleplay but I am not involved in politics or national stuff, because my faction isn't a nation, it's more of a guild. Um.... Never dig straight down. Did that just the other day by accident and fell into a ravine on singleplayer. And boy, that was an adventure trying to get all my stuff back and not die over and over (and over) again.
  5. I'm gonna assume that I can't buy a thing and then sell it to get more things. If I can only buy one thing.... I'd have to buy a good vehicle. There's so much one can do with the right vehicle, and having one like I picture would be great for road trips, look awesome, and, most importantly, look good while blasting music.
  6. I need neighbors, new players very welcome!

    Once I'm finished with a few current projects, I know just the spot where I can come and be a neighbor too.
  7. school

    Good luck with your exams.
  8. The Dragonhearted are more than happy to act as third party. If both sides agree, I can begin collecting information and drafting a treaty forthwith. In addition, Dragonheart Keep is an ample location for a meeting, with plenty of space, and the construction of a stable coming soon.
  9. Cant log in ?

    Does that mean End reset or is it just a random dragon thing?
  10. Suggestion: The End

    If there is ever a vote or something to reset the End, even if I've never gone before, I would vote in favor of a reset.
  11. Favorite Music? Artist? Song?

    I actually have an incredibly wide range of music tastes. I have organized my music into playlists by decade, with larger categories for 40's and before, as well as 90's to the present day. I also have a master playlist that houses all of my songs in one place, mostly for bragging rights at this point, because it has 1,350+ songs in it so far that I've handpicked and liked. I don't usually follow particular artists for all of their music, instead I just pick songs that I like. In that sense, I only really enjoy maybe 5-15% of what an artist puts out... I just listen to a lot of artists.
  12. Get to know each other

    Outside of Minecraft, I'm currently working a part-time job and want to try and expand my YouTube repertoire. I'm gonna be recording some sound tests tomorrow, and need to schedule a time with a friend of mine to film a proper intro that'll look sweet.
  13. Server

    My experience on the server has been simply fantastic so far. Nowhere else have I found a community of Minecraft players that were as numerous AND as friendly as this community has been. The builds I've seen are extraordinary, and even as it is a very vanilla survival experience, there is already a good economy system going, and even roleplay and lore. It's one of the best servers I've come across.