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  1. It would be great if we had a chat plugin so that we join/leave a roleplay channel. No offense to the RPers but I end up turning off chat in Minecraft when the roleplay gets going non-stop because it's distracting and interferes with my gameplay.
  2. I was wondering why I was getting so many mobs last night! It was unreal just on the open ground around my place because I've got a few spots near me with some persistent lighting glitches that come back when you relog. They had been getting a few mobs in the daytime due to this, but no big deal. But last night the mob spawning rate was so high that these were chock full'o'mobs like a cursed earth spawner. Mostly creepers for some reason. So I had to finally stick some torches there to fix the lighting glitches.
  3. Hi Evernethians! I just wanted to share a little something I made for us all. I was looking for a safe place to mine Hardened Clay without ruining someone's build area or view. I found this spot waaaay out beyond all the Mesa Islands that's on the very edge of the map. I scoured this land mass and didn't find any claims, so I've claimed this area for shared mining use. A Public Access Tunnel to the mining area has been completed. It is in the Blue side of the Nether Hub, middle level. Here's a screenshot of the location:
  4. Howdy Peeps: What do you feel is the most under rated block in the game? Something not appreciated for what it can really do? Me first: Portal blocks!! I love them. I love the way they look when en masse. And the teleporting is great. When you do the setblock to place them, there's a field for the coords to teleport to and whether it is an exact or safe teleport. I really can't believe that more mapmakers and server creators don't use this block! It's only limitation is you can't TP between dimensions. I made a server for the 1.10 launch featuring a bunch of gateways and a central hub based on this block and it was so much fun. I can only think of one other time that I've even seen it implemented in a map, and I've never seen it used on a server. It's the same block that's in those little teleport things to the sky islands that you get from killing the dragon. When I used them I typically made like a 3x3 wall of them to walk through. Works for players, mobs, and items however it can be glitchy when you ride a horse through it. Still better than using command block to TP tho. If you want to see it in action you can check the old server preview video here (server no longer exists, so this is not an ad) ">
  5. Kwiz

    What's your favorite minecraft update

    I know this may sound lame... but when they added ravines it blew my mind. I made videos showing ravines I had found near each other... I made minecart tracks taking tours of ravines on the way to villages, and I remember it all so clearly. I guess it had to do with just the experience of the game at the time. I love the 'aha' moments in minecraft and when I first found a ravine, I didn't even know they had been added so I was very much aha. Man, I even remember the seed code of the world I was playing in at the time. Of course I've loved a lot since then, but that is a moment that really sticks in my memory.
  6. Kwiz


    My favorite TV show is slightly embarassing... it's really a guilty pleasure... Geordie Shore. If you are from the UK, I apologize. But for whatever reason, I just love watching this show. And weirdly, I'm able to watch new episodes on the MTV Australia website despite being from America. I have to turn off ad block for it to work, but then no ads play. At any rate, I both recommend and don't recommend this show due to horrid language, non stop drinking, and frequent nudity. Perhaps it's just cathartic for me and gets all the yelling and drinking out of my system. For those not familiar... it is a spin off of Jersey Shore which has been weirdly successful in the UK and is now in it's 14th SEASON not counting a bonus season. Yes, I know, this is clearly what's wrong with the world. It's just that it's wrong in all the right ways.
  7. I posted screenshots of how to get to that page on the whitelist application. I don't want to dupe that here, but basically you just click 'Apply Now' on the main page, then you are presented with the terms and conditions of the website. At the bottom of these is a link to the charter, and that is the charter page that lists Enderman. So if a new visitor is actually reading these things, they would first see the secret word as Enderman. Once you are in the website and can click the Charter link, you can see it says Slime there.
  8. Kwiz

    Double Blaze Spawner XP Farm

    Wow very nice. I tend to give up half way through clearing out the blaze spawn area so I haven't completed a properly functioning blaze spawner in ages...
  9. Kwiz

    1-UP Contest!

    They've added a new sport of Olympic Yelling in honor of me
  10. "Can I live with someone?" I cringe e'ry time.
  11. In my first whitelist application I found two different secret words and I was told I had the secret word wrong. I don't think I was believed when I said it there were two listed. So here's a screenshot of the other charter/rules page I saw that had Endeman listed. I think this should be fixed. https://s30.postimg.org/oal3go741/IMG_20170506_065823.jpg' alt='URL>'>
  12. Kwiz

    Do you Belive in Herobrine?

    I think it was Notch with his special backdoor but it seems he's over Minecraft now and so too with playing as Herobrine. However I suspect he will still on occasion log on to a random online server and make a perfect little pyramid or something before he goes to sleep. He said there was a secret in the game no one has ever discovered and the best secrets are disguised as jokes. ~
  13. Kwiz

    What other games do you play??

    My recent feed on Steam includes Stardew Valley, Cities Skylines, Polybridge, Anno2070, Banished, and Mini Metro.