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  1. Landonson223

    Do you rather living alone or living in a town in minecraft?

    I love to live in a good community, but I like to start my place by myself, just because I find it annoying when people but in on me building.
  2. Landonson223

    Time You've been playing Minecraft

    God, there's alot more people around my time than i would've thought on this server, this place got the OG's. I'm gonna like this server.
  3. Landonson223

    Favorite Music? Artist? Song?

    My favorite music is kind of against the grain, because I don't really like all of the trending artists right now, but I like Rock music, some Acoustic/Indie, and occasionally i'll listen to some dubstep.
  4. Landonson223

    Favorite Thing to Build in Minecraft?

    My favorite things to build in minecraft, used to be a grand castle, but I've been finding more fun in building a fortress or a castle with a small town inside of it or outside of the walls. It's more challenging than a grand castle, that would be the reason why I believe I like it more.
  5. Landonson223

    Favorite sports?

    My favorite sport would be Basketball, then barely right behind it, Football. I've been following the NBA playoffs this whole year, and my thoughts for finals would definitely be Cavs vs Warriors, Lebron just can't be stopped right now, and the Warriors team is just going on a tear. I believe that the cavs will win in 6 or 7, just because of how well Lebron is playing right now, nobody can stop him, non-stop scoring 35ish points a game. Warriors could have a chance to beat them though, I'm not quite sure yet.
  6. Landonson223

    What's the best thing you've ever built on Minecraft?

    The best build I ever made, would most likely be the Castle that I made on a modded server just for me and my friends, It took around a week or two to make. That was back in Tekkit, the good ol' days but my new PC sadly can't run modded minecraft too well.
  7. Landonson223

    What other games do you play??

    I try to play a large variety of games. On my PC I play mincraft (obviously), the Sid Meir's Civilization series. Then on my Console I play FPS such as: Rainbow Six Siege, Black Ops 2 & 3, then if you consider Fallout 4 to be a FPS, that too. Finally, I play the NBA 2K series on my console also.
  8. Landonson223

    Favorite game and series?

    My favorite game ever, would probably be a tie between Rainbow Six Siege and Civilization V. But as a game series I like Sid Meir's Civilization wayyyyyy more.