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  1. I know how to play the piano, and a bit of violin, but I haven't played an actual instrument in a while. (i need to get back to it)
  2. Why am i angry while screaming?
  3. I hope it goes well
  4. Hope ye enjoy the redstone
  5. GG Mi'lady stark, A most glorious win you have earned in the battle of the builds
  6. The damned descent?
  7. 10/10 great avatar (reminds me of Watson lol)
  8. If money wasn't a thing, and I'm able to go ham, I'd buy myself a rather large island (and then declare it to be it's own country to name it ilia lol)
  9. I've been playing minecraft since 1.6 was released
  10. I'll glad donate as much Redstone as ye need for this
  11. Welp i've added some changes to the design: Here are some designs for the smaller towers What do Ye think? http://imgur.com/a/WWxRa http://imgur.com/TteUVR6
  12. Thanks for posting this man
  13. single tall Minecraft flowers, just because they can look very nice in a build, and then you can put them in pots I completely forgot D: eat 1 jalapeno or drink a whole bottle of salad dressing sauce
  14. Damm man! It's a shame, but hopefully you'll be able to get to the next UHC. I'll team with polarlyfe now (We discussed it before i decided on teaming with him)
  15. Bioshock games for me