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  1. Cool and Interesting seeds.

    Where do you find these mansion seeds?
  2. Favorite game and series?

    Probably would be PLAYERUNKOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS! wby
  3. What's your favorite minecraft update

    Ahhh 1.2 was my favorite!
  4. Some very pretty screenshots I took of the server with shaders!

    What shaders are these? Where can I download them?
  5. Favorite movies

    My favorite movie is probably Hell or high water. Has anyone ever heard of it?
  6. What's the best thing you've ever built on Minecraft?

    The best thing I have ever built is a bank, is there a bank in everneth?
  7. What's your Favorit Animal in Real Life

    My favorite animal is probably a dog because they are so loyal.
  8. Do you Belive in Herobrine?

    I don't believe in him. I am pretty sure he is just a huge stupid rumor.
  9. Cool and Interesting seeds.

    That seed is really cool, does anyone else have a cool seed I can check out?