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  1. Looting III AFKable Witch Farm

    Yeah the potion usage would be inefficient, but that has been accounted for as well. To minimize potion usage without harming rates, we used an iron pressure plate to temporarily store a few witches in "batches" before dropping down to be killed (releasing them when the entity count gets to a suitable amount). This makes it so that the player isn't just spamming potions on just a few witches. Using this strategy doesn't significantly harm rates, as even the most efficient (theoretically 100% efficient where witches spawn and die instantly) single witch hut will never fill the mob cap due to the low amount of spawning spaces available. Reaching an appropriate "batch" with this setup isn't all that difficult, as the elevator used is capable of elevating a potentially infinite amount of mobs per elevation. The only thing barring any high amount of spawns is, once again, the low amount of spawning spaces in any single witch hut design (189 to be exact).
  2. Looting III AFKable Witch Farm

    Yeah we accounted for that as well - the magma block that they drop on (after a fall height that takes them down to 1 hp) forces them to sip on a fire resistance potion - rather than a healing potion. This small difference makes it so that you throw a lethal potion of harming while they sip on a useless fire res potion, rather than potentially living after sipping a healing potion
  3. Here's a project that Dauntless and I have been working on for two weeks now: An AFK-able witch farm that supports the looting III effect. Shown below is the full farm after I built it up on the main server: Since you cannot hold down your mouse button to kill witches with a looting sword while being AFK (without some kind of macro), we used a method involving harming potions.The way it works to support a looting sword while still being fully AFK-able is from a concept shown by one of ilmango's older videos (which was only supported in 1.9) and is now broken. Here's the basic principle (mostly designed/compacted by dauntless): -The player sits at the AFK spot holding right click -Witches drop down a shaft with 1 hp in front of the player -A potion of harming is dispensed to the player -A looting sword is then dispensed to the player while the potion is in mid-air -The witches are killed by the potion of harming and grant increased drops due to the player holding a looting sword -A piston pushes you over so that you're now looking at an item frame -The player places the sword in the item frame (since he's still holding right click while AFK) -You get pushed back to the original location -A snowball is shot at the item frame, removing it, and it gets sent back to a dropper to be re-used again -After that, the whole process repeats (shown below) and every 3rd rotation, Dauntless' potion brewer will automatically brew 3 additional potions of harming to refill the dropper. To allow this farm to be as efficient as possible on harming potion usage, witches are 'stored' above the AFK spot (shown below) and are dropped down in batches controlled by an iron pressure plate. The pressure plate can be configured to drop them down in batches of 11, 21, or 31. The 3 increments (11, 21, or 31) are interchangeable and we take the lower end if there are many people online (taking up the mob cap in their area) or the higher end if the mob cap is ever raised or if there are no other players in the area. Other notes about the farm: -A necessary feature of this farm is the witch elevator (the big tube from the lower end to the AFK area above). This allows the player to AFK exactly 128 blocks above any space that a spawned witch will occupy. Doing this removes the need to do any caving or lighting up the surrounding area, as nothing will spawn past 128 blocks of the player. However by doing this, I needed a very fast way to get the witches to me before they despawn. In most circumstances, a mob will not despawn for 30 seconds after it spawns (as long as there is a player within 128 block of it). After 30 seconds, there is a .00125% chance it will despawn every tick (or 20 times per second). So to ensure that the witches do not despawn before they even get to me, I dropped them all down into a large 7-wide water stream (rather than spending extra time to condense them into a 1x1 area) and sent them up on a 7x1 slime block elevator. On their way up, they pass by the player, refreshing that 30 second timer, and are then condensed into a 1x1 area before killed. -The splash potions of harming are expensive to make, but luckily the witches drop most of the ingredients: gunpowder, bottles, spider eyes, and glowstone dust. The only thing missing is fermented spider eyes. -Also included in the build is a mini snowball farm with snowmen. The drops from that are taken straight to the dispenser that fires the snowballs at the sword in the item frame. -Dauntless was kind enough to setup the compacted logic (because ***** observers amiright?) behind the potion/sword/piston/snowball circuit as well as the automatic potion brewer. Like always, you can see the farm on the test server at -581, -1300
  4. Semi-AFK Cooked Beef/Leather Farm

    @Luvion you're welcome, hope you enjoy it
  5. Semi-Tileable Shulker Storage Design

    @Luvion For my redstone designing process, i usually think about what I want it to do at the end and work backwards to implement it. So this wasn't all that complicated. None of the circuits used are all too foreign to me, it was really just making 2 or 3 of them work together
  6. Time for a new redstone creation: A semi-afk cow farm Unfortunately, you can't make a fully afk-able cow farm, as it requires a player to feed the cows wheat. However, with this farm, all you need to do is hold right click with wheat in your hand and go AFK. Even if you run out of wheat in your inventory, this system will also dispense fresh wheat from a storage and recycle any that are not picked up Also, as this is a build that involves entities being loaded and created, I ensured that it is as server friendly as possible and used no circuits that are prone to unnecessary lag. To do this I used a comparator timer rather than hopper clocks (but mostly because hopper clocks are unreliable and are prone to break when in lazy chunks), item elevators with zero redstone and torches, droppers placed above exposed hoppers to prevent regular checks for items above, and jack o' lanterns to remove light updates caused by torches and pistons pushing blocks. If you're interested in building this, you can find it at -414, -1339 on the test server.
  7. Semi-Tileable Shulker Storage Design

    @RashE (IrashiHeart) I'll take that as a compliment, thnx @EmmJea Yeah I have recently started a new and more practical method of designing redstone on our test server. Using cobble or stone brick is just the best way to go because that is what I will be placing the redstone components on when recreating it on the main server. This makes it much much easier to use a shematica blueprint. It also helps others who don' t know much about redstone if they take a schematica of it. For example if someone else tries taking a schematica blueprint of it, they can more easily spot their mistakes if the only red-colored blocks are coming from errors - rather than their use of a different block that the redstone sits on. Also, update: Dauntless found it is possible to make this fully tileable and made a design for that. So. GG @DauntlessFive513
  8. Finally finished my own working design of a shulker storage system after finding that Ilmango's recent design does not work reliably: Ilmango's recent tileable storage design is what prompted me to make my own. Dauntless found that the design is not very friendly on some servers as it constantly broke shulker boxes prematurely. This new design has shown to be 100% reliable with no need to micromanage which cells are running out of shulker boxes (as the previous design will break in that scenario). In the version shown, I have 14 cells built up (to sort 14 different items) each capable of storing 350,000 items - however it can be built using more or less sorting cells For anyone interested in building this, you can take a look or schematica it on the test server at -520, -1450
  9. AMAZING Topic! Click here for more!

    NGL, I'd suck some mad D for dat reset tho. Feel free to discuss your thoughts! -MasterOfClickBait
  10. Impromptu Council Nominations (Round 2!) Discussion

    I too nominate the Daunt of the Less, number five-hundred and thirteen
  11. All the redstone builds I've designed lately

    Not yet, but that's not a bad idea!
  12. Hey everyone! Just thought that since I've been MIA on the main server for a while, I'd show you guys what I've been up to on test (I'm not dead). [spoiler=AFK Dark Oak Tree Farm] This one is by FAR my favorite build in a while. Designing this one was painful, but worth it. The one thing difficult about this build (and any Dark Oak tree farm) is getting, on average, at least 4 saplings returned to the user after every tree growth. This is hard to achieve because you need to crush over 80 leaf blocks (5% drop chance) to achieve this goal - and some dark oak growths don't even yield 80 leaves (75-90-ish per tree). My method of leaf crushing however, destroys every possible leaf block (a feat I've seen no one else on YT accomplish). To do this, I used five 2-way slimeblock flying machines powered by observer inputs. The logs are then converted from a 2x2x7 structure into a stream of 1x1x1 cubes for easy processing into a TNT blast chamber (making this fully AFK-able). -Credit to Syb for helping me grow well over 2000 trees using command blocks to test all possible growth patterns -Credit to Dauntless for his log converter prototype and for figuring out how to get that last damn leaf block crushed =D
  13. Everneth's Fifth Council Nomination

    Nominating Dauntless
  14. Residential District Build Competition Sign-Ups!

    Morgoth_LotR (Daddy) 30 x 30 x (no height limit) Surprised you all, didn't I? DADDY LEAVES HIS CASTLE TO SPANK SOME KIDS
  15. This thread is currently a placeholder for notes regarding Dauntless and Morgoth's Fully Automated Casino, (also known as FaCasino - or FAC) and will be edited during our grand opening. This will contain information regarding procedure for purchasing and redeeming Tolkiens (the primary currency used in the casino), casino games and how to play them, win rates, change logs, and more. This post will eventually become extremely lengthy, so each section will be divided into spoilers and nested spoilers. Please stay posted for future updates for FACASINO!