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  1. AMAZING Topic! Click here for more!

    NGL, I'd suck some mad D for dat reset tho. Feel free to discuss your thoughts! -MasterOfClickBait
  2. Impromptu Council Nominations (Round 2!) Discussion

    I too nominate the Daunt of the Less, number five-hundred and thirteen
  3. All the redstone builds I've designed lately

    Not yet, but that's not a bad idea!
  4. Hey everyone! Just thought that since I've been MIA on the main server for a while, I'd show you guys what I've been up to on test (I'm not dead). [spoiler=AFK Dark Oak Tree Farm] This one is by FAR my favorite build in a while. Designing this one was painful, but worth it. The one thing difficult about this build (and any Dark Oak tree farm) is getting, on average, at least 4 saplings returned to the user after every tree growth. This is hard to achieve because you need to crush over 80 leaf blocks (5% drop chance) to achieve this goal - and some dark oak growths don't even yield 80 leaves (75-90-ish per tree). My method of leaf crushing however, destroys every possible leaf block (a feat I've seen no one else on YT accomplish). To do this, I used five 2-way slimeblock flying machines powered by observer inputs. The logs are then converted from a 2x2x7 structure into a stream of 1x1x1 cubes for easy processing into a TNT blast chamber (making this fully AFK-able). -Credit to Syb for helping me grow well over 2000 trees using command blocks to test all possible growth patterns -Credit to Dauntless for his log converter prototype and for figuring out how to get that last damn leaf block crushed =D
  5. Everneth's Fifth Council Nomination

    Nominating Dauntless
  6. Residential District Build Competition Sign-Ups!

    Morgoth_LotR (Daddy) 30 x 30 x (no height limit) Surprised you all, didn't I? DADDY LEAVES HIS CASTLE TO SPANK SOME KIDS
  7. This thread is currently a placeholder for notes regarding Dauntless and Morgoth's Fully Automated Casino, (also known as FaCasino - or FAC) and will be edited during our grand opening. This will contain information regarding procedure for purchasing and redeeming Tolkiens (the primary currency used in the casino), casino games and how to play them, win rates, change logs, and more. This post will eventually become extremely lengthy, so each section will be divided into spoilers and nested spoilers. Please stay posted for future updates for FACASINO!
  8. Mine and Remy's secret idea..

    Is the first word automated or automatic?
  9. 1.12 News Thread (SPOILER WARNING!)

    Lol so theres a bug in the new snapshot regarding parrots. They spawn under the same conditions as passive mobs (normal) but take up the hostile mob cap (odd) yet do not despawn like hostile mobs do (broken AF). This means that if you lived in a jungle, simply going to your base or AFKing there will eventually cause the server to crash due to the entity count always going up
  10. Build Inspiration

    Here's my process to building (and I think I mentioned this before): Need to make a good wall? Google wall designs and pick the blocks that you like, then pick the patterns you like, then pick the designs you like. Then simply add them all together to make something brand new Need to make a good entrance? Google the entrance type you wanna make and repeat what I mentioned above. Do the same for any other side of the building you're making (roof, courtyard, pillars, etc). You'll end up with something that is a compilation of things that you like, while being able to call it your own design
  11. 1.12 News Thread (SPOILER WARNING!)

    Let me know if they ever confirm if those new glossy blocks will actually not stick to slime blocks. This would be HUGE for the redstone community: moveable blocks that do not interact with slime. This will make compacting a whole lot easier, as well as make elevators work and look much better
  12. Best Redstone Farm?

    A diamond farm. Build a redstone casino. Farm your friends' diamonds. GG2EZ
  13. Best Enchanted BOOK shop!

    Yall be so immature. Pls.
  14. Best Enchanted BOOK shop!

    Warning: This post has immature content. Be advised. Hello everyone! Just wanted to advertise a new shop in the district: the Badass, Organized, and Overstocked Book Shop. Or B..B.S. for short. http://i.imgur.com/O9tLz0o.jpg' alt='URL>'> http://i.imgur.com/ld5LZl0.jpg' alt='URL>'> Need mending for that sweet pickaxe? Go to BOOBS Just enchanted some god armor but it didn't come out with unbreaking III? BOOBS is the answer. Tired of smelting cobblestone for smooth stone? BOOBS is has a silk(y) touch. Need Protection IV for your leather chaps? Protect yourself with BOOBS. Got a nice sword that needs Fire Aspect II? BOOBS will make your sword hot. Need a bookseller that doesn't combine books? Perfect, because BOOBS only sells RAW* and UNCOMBINED* books All chests are labeled with their respective prices. If you would like to make a purchase, place your payment inside the same chest you purchased from. Though some enchants are sell for a diamond, not all sell for a diamond. Please review the price before purchasing. Visit BOOBS today! *Raw/uncombined, meaning, all books sold have never been manually combined (which increases the exp that the user spends per book). All books are sold as-is/as-found, providing you with the lowest exp-costing enchants.
  15. Redstone Casino/Arcade

    Thank you guys Here's a progress update for what the front looks like: http://i.imgur.com/hZRu9a2.jpg' alt='URL>'> This is on test but I just built it on main, block by block.